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मेरी सरकार के साथ चलें स्वच्छ भारत की ओर

24 Nov 2015


प्रधानमंत्री श्री नरेंद्र मोदी द्वारा 2 अक्टूबर 2014 को ‘स्वच्छ भारत अभियान’ की सफल शुरुआत के बाद, भारतीय नागरिक सफाई गतिविधियों की पोस्टिंग के माध्यम से स्वच्छता अभियान के विभिन्न पहलुओं पर अपने अनुभवों और विचारों को साझा करके मेरी सरकार में अपना योगदान दे रहें है। इस संबंध में नागरिकों से बडी संख्या में सुझाव प्राप्त हुए है और भारत को स्वच्छ बनाने की दिशा में पहले चरण का आरंभ हुआ है। कुछ महत्वपूर्ण सुझावों का उल्लेख नीचे किया जा रहा हैं –

1. VISHAL MAHAJAN: “How about launching a #Cleanindiachallenge? #Icebucketchallenge is trending on Facebook. It got necessary publicity when Bill Gates took it. He forwarded it to Ryan Seacrest, Chris Anderson and Elon Musk. I think PM Modiji should create a similar frenzy with cleaning a road for 30 minutes, without a fanfare and just a cameraman and upload his effort on Facebook. Then he should challenge Ratan Tataji, Barkha Datt and Nitin GadkariJi. This will display how serious Modiji is about cleanliness.”

2. SATYAVRAT CHARURVEDI: “An app that allows people to click and upload picture of unattended garbage and leaking sewage, the uploaded picture can be tagged to the location using maps or an address can be written. Google maps app can be used for it. This data can be provided to the municipal corporation and a time limit should be given to them to attend to it. An overall heat map of all complaints should be made available to help in planning, executing and scrutinizing waste management.”

3. BHOOMA KUMARI (In reference to : Help in improving the cleanliness standards by visiting a mid-day meal kitchen Task)”Compiled two reports on the mid-day meal kitchens in Tamil Nadu” sites/ default/files/ static_uploads/ 4be8b270f290de7 0fd094474d470c346 .pdf sites/ default/files/ static_uploads/ 5b1dc754d4e36c419 d4bb6d83c6ffc19. pdf

4. RAMPRASAD R (In reference to : Help in improving the cleanliness standards by visiting a mid-day meal kitchen Task) “Visited Akshaya Patra kitchen by Iskcon few months back, the sentence ‘cleanliness leads to godliness’ reflects here. The environment is so clean that you never find any unclean state, all members wear caps and mouth masks, outside members are strictly prohibited, the method of cooking is very systematic, and the food is static and has rich nutritional value, Akshaya Patra has an endless success story .there is security and taste check for every stock that is served, hope its implemented all over India.” sites/ default/ files/ static_uploads / task_post_media/ c064765124cfdd4b9 8bfc47ce3b3c9e5. jpg

5. ALOKESH SHARMA (In reference to : Help in improving the cleanliness standards by visiting a mid-day meal kitchen Task): “Visited a kitchen of a primary school in Anwarpura, Gujarat. I have attached a PDF file as my report. The report includes pictures, present scenario and suggestion.” sites/ default/files/ static_uploads/ a15d4be1decd0c a6211b7f362cabee75. pdf

6. DIPTI KOTHARI (In reference to identifying- Global best practices for cleaner and greener planet): “10 practices followed by Singapore.” sites/ default/files/ static_uploads/ e443b101fa731f02 7c362bd8da183203. pdf

7. BRIJESH RAJPUT (In reference to identifying- Global best practices for cleaner and greener planet): “I have been to Germany few times. I was impressed by their bin system of waste disposal. Attached pdf explains the different types of bins. These bins are placed almost everywhere and maintained very well. Also would like to mention the refund for recyclable bottles. Whenever you buy bottles 10-25 cents are charged which is refundable at any grocery store. They have dedicated stations outside grocery store for this. Attached are the pictures.” sites/ default/files/ static_uploads/ c279808d8d4a2f 6f8a3afed517a6dc98. pdf sites/ default/files/ static_uploads/ cfa62604eb0733 4f9f287164f6f100eb.pdf

8. ANAGHA GHALWADKAR (In reference to identifying- Global best practices for cleaner and greener planet): “I am living in France from last one year, I am greatly impressed by some of the routine practices carefully followed by citizens as well as by government. I am sending some of these:” sites/ default/files/ static_uploads/ e2a52b25dc2a3224 e32f8944cde25f8a. pdf

9. R KAMATH (In reference to identifying- Global best practices for cleaner and greener planet): “The task of identifying ‘10 Best Global Practices’ commonly followed abroad, which have made a difference in the living standards of their citizens & have improved their cleanliness standards, has been elaborated through a PPT presentation. All these practices can be followed in India and it has been presented how…! The main theme of the task has been, 10 BEST PRACTICES, 10 DIFFERENT LOCATIONS & 10 SLOGANS TO MAKE IT WORK IN INDIA, & TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE OUR INCREDIBLE INDIA CLEANER & GREENER!” sites/ default/files/ static_uploads/ 89227de80d5e44c 51084816c1cbd8f1e. pdf

आप भी के माध्यम से स्वच्छ भारत अभियान का हिस्सा बन सकते है, अपनी सफाई गतिविधि की सफाई से ‘पहले’ और सफाई के ‘बाद’ की स्थिति को प्रदशित करते हुए फोटो या वीडियों पोस्ट करें, इस अभियान के स्थायी प्रभाव के लिए सफाई से जुडें किस्सें को साझा करें औऱ दोस्तों और परिवार के सदस्यों को नामित करें।

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  • Hitendra Shah - 4 years ago

    all the new infra projects like metro, monorail, flyovers are done hurriedly, inaugurated but never fully complete, like even the painting too is not done, thereby first its gives a very bad picture of the city & secondly the life span of the structure is reduced. Such huge projects by reputed companies like L & T remains uncompleted & even unpainted, even the surroundings of the project is damaged & never to maintain or bring to liveable shape is not done

  • Hitendra Shah - 4 years ago


  • Manoj Bhatt - 4 years ago

    In this context I believe government should make this an issue of emergent national importance and execute a PAN India plan involving children in schools and colleges. They should be given hands on training apart from theoretical knowledge on this subject. Only when we are able to sensitize and inculcate environment consciousness among the young students they will create a multiplier effect and become the environment conscious future generation. We cannot bask in the glory of toilets constructed

  • Anirban Sadhu - 4 years ago

    Provide more number of dustbins under the seats in reserved compartments of trains. Enforce TTEs of trains to fine passengers not using dustbins. Regularly audit the records of TTEs

  • Sudhir Kumar Raut - 4 years ago

    Unless the unbriddled use of poly bags is controlled, Swatchh Bharat is not possible.

  • sandeep shukla - 4 years ago

    माननीय प्रधानमंत्री जी
    हम अपने मंदिर के पुजारियों को ये सिखाने में असफल रहे है की उनको अपने मंदिर परिसर में डस्टबिन भी रखनी चाहिए. पालीथीन में प्रसाद ला के चढाने वाले को रोकना चाहिए. एक चम्मच गंगा जल का सेवन हम सब को नियमित करना चाहिए. बच्चे के जन्मदिन पर उसे किसी नदी में स्नान करवानी चाहिए. छोटी नदियों में नौका विहार भी किया जाना चाहिए. बच्चों को उनके क्षेत्र की नदियों के दर्शन और उनको पाठ्य पुस्तकों में जोड़ा जाना चाहिए. जब तक नदी हमारे जीवन से जुड़ेगी नही तब तक नैया पार कैसे जाएगी

  • Neel Kaila - 4 years ago

    Swachh Bharat Abhiyan (Clean India Mission)

    I have a suggestion which I believe is a win-win solution for Government of India (GOI) and its people.There are an estimated 1.5 million beggars in India.The GOI must now formulate a plan to eradicate beggary and give all able bodied beggars a job to be a part of cleaning up the nation. This will give our underprivilaged fellow citizens a sense of belonging to the nation, dignity of life and a better future for their children.

  • Atit_Shah - 4 years ago

    I live in ahmedabad city of Gujarat.
    I Would Like to Complain about an incident regarding Swachch Bharat,today whwn i was travelling in an AMTS Bus No. 136 from Paldi at noon,i noticed the Bus was Very Dirty and a number of Waste Material were left uncleaned which gave foul smell to visitors,With all due Respect,i would like to ask PM Sir And those associated with this campaign that if Govt Properties would be in such dreadful state then what can we expect?
    Yours Faithful Indian Cititzen

  • Pariksheet Phuley - 4 years ago

    Its really a great initiative, I would like to suggest one more idea.
    Can we have Toilets on All The Petrol Pumps through out the country? Its already there but not uniform. We have to have uniform toilets (with same pattern) so that every citizen (Urban\Rural) anywhere in the country will know how to keep it clean. It can be implemented by Petrol companies and all the public toilet can be replaced. Motoring and control can also be easy. It would be more like Rest Area’s in USA.

  • Kamal Gupta_19 - 5 years ago

    Swatch bharat abhiyan is very good initiative and supported by Almost every citizen who aware about its benefits, but it is required to assign responsibility of govt. Official. As they demotivate us this happen with us 3 days before.

  • Sudhanshu Mishra_17 - 5 years ago

    Pranam Sir,
    I m Sudhanshu Mishra from bareilly
    Swacch Bharat mission has been spread in all over India. I would like to request you one thing. If me as an individual walking on the street and eating some snacks. And I know that I should not throw the wrapper of that snack on street. But due to lack of the dustbin on the road, I used to throw that kind of garbage on street. So please kindly arrange the dustbin on every 10-20 metres of the road on a public place.This will be a revolutionary ste

  • SHIVANSHU GUPTA_9 - 5 years ago

    GARBAGE PROBLEM IN DELHI has recently witnessed a lot of criticism, doctors are on strike leaving the patients in bad condition and many more protests and related organisations. I doesn’t want in to know who is actual responsible for all this menace (State or Central Government or Public). But my ideas to tackle the problem are:
    1)A round table like conference which involves State and Central Officials and local Welfare Society Heads
    2)An Internet based payment for Workers,Doctors,Teachers,etc

  • Ashish_400 - 5 years ago

    Clean India Mission campaign is about proliferating Purity of Mind, Body & Soul in addition to cleaning Garbage of the city.

    It’s about propagating purity of thoughts that mitigates social evils like Hatred, Child abuse, Rape / Prostitution, Corruption / Tax evasion, Theft etc.

  • Vivek Sood_3 - 5 years ago

    Respected Sir, Another suggestion is give latest equipment for Cleaning to the crew. These quite inexpensive now a days and give respect to our Hygiene task force. They use to work with hands, no proper tool, Simple broom is not enough. Give respect to Hygiene staff and pay them well. He should be paid on the basis of area covered or sq. mtr basis. He should be given salary better than drivers or security people say Rs 15000/- per month + bonus+ security benefits. Reward well.

  • Vivek Sood_3 - 5 years ago

    Respected sir, Major problem around cleanliness is plastic base pouches/wrappers littered around on road and public places. As a first step we should start initiatives to remove plastic base litter which can be compacted and recycled. By putting levi/cess on the co’s who uses plastic as packaging material should fund this litter removal projects. Professional cleaning agencies should be engaged in to clean by using latest tools. This will generate value added employment in the country.

  • PUNIT VASHISTH - 5 years ago

    We are not hitting the root cause of unclean India. Plastic is one of the major cause of unclean cities and towns. The life time of plastic products is very high. The plastic bags and products are in market as they are very cheap. If government imposes heavy taxes on the products and they become costlier to other alternatives, the shopkeepers and people will automatically reduce plastic consumption. More over, the main plastic raw material industry should be decommissioned in a phased manner.

  • SANDIP GOKHALE - 5 years ago

    Authorities should take strong actions for spitting on roads.

  • shabbir tapiya - 5 years ago


  • VIJAY PATEL - 5 years ago

    Tourist Bus operator must have garbage bin in their buses and also inform all tourist travelling about garbage disposal at sight seeing places and not to litter from moving bus.
    Or else the bus operator & tourist both will be fined like other countries. If we can follow rules there why can we not follow in our own country?

  • VIJAY PATEL - 5 years ago

    because most of the waste is made by Shopkeepers, Hawkers, tourist travelling in private & state transport buses.

    1.SHOPS:Compulsory Waste Bins to be kept and all day waste to be handed to Municipal garbage collection van. Surprise check by higher authority at regular intervals to check if rules implemented, if not to fine to be imposed on the shop.
    2.HAWKERS: On selling any item inform/educate buyer to throw waste in garbage bins

  • VIJAY PATEL - 5 years ago

    Make all Corporator’s & their party workers visit their respective area at least once in a weekly/bi-weekly/fortnight/month to check and educate shopkeepers, societies to follow cleanliness and take note of the problems faced by their area residents, shopkeepers etc. I have not seen any corporator in my life except at time of election.

  • Janaky V S - 5 years ago

    A very serious note is that even if people want to keep their place clean, there are no (i mean not few but simply no) dustbins available on the roads. Simple if I am buying a chocolate for my kid. After she eats that there is no option for me to drop that in a dustbin properly. How may of us will take the pain to carry the chocolate paper to home and dispose it properly. The major step that we need to take is that we need to place the dustbin every nook and corner of the cities or villages.

  • Abhilash Puppala - 5 years ago

    Sir I have many more ideas to support and encourage ur government.Trust me we can make a change together.Will wait for ur reply on thz topic and see wht to discus more ty.

  • Abhilash Puppala - 5 years ago

    Sir Mr.Modi ji,I have some things to discuss with u personally wich I cannot as I am an ordinary citizen of India.Sir first pf all for swatch Bharat andolan make sure u make it compulsory for every shop keeper to have a toilet inside his premises(if he wants the service can be charged according to what Sulab charges or can be given an exemption of tax.Sir by doing this we can see a change in drive for even the educated to increase their way of living.

  • DissapointedIndian - 5 years ago

    This is the cheap and ‘logical’ solution to Delhi’s air problem. Being from an IIT, i am surprised that AK ji has rather resorted to a failed formula in Beijing.

    Air-purifying billboard does the work of 1,200 trees-

  • Neerja Jha - 5 years ago

    Modiji, we just came back to India and stayed in many parts of India including Delhi, Rajasthan, Panjab, Banglore, bhopal and Bihar. Whole India looked like a trash! We live in US,after your election we thought will see a better india, clean India!! But it looked horrible!! friends and family US, AUST or Canada, everyone have the same feelings. Pathatic to see trashes around train tracks, all known monuments including TajMahal and Jaliyawala and everywhere. Delhi is just a trash! Make in India?

  • samrat mishra - 5 years ago

    Municipal Co. Vs Citizen, communication to help civic sense in habitants
    1. Municipal authorities to follow and impose the fines and penalties to all civil bodies and individuals not following the cleanliness and hygiene standards/ guidelines as per the existing by laws.
    2. All hawkers, kiosks owners selling eatables at road side should ensure to have atlease 80-100 lit dust bins with them.

  • samrat mishra - 5 years ago

    Municipal corporation Mobile application for Swacha Bharat.
    Citizen Vs Municipal Co. communication to help Municipal Corporation
    5. Feedback given by Citizen/ civil associations for a significant time should be used as one of the tool to rate performance of any Nagar Nigam Zone.

  • samrat mishra - 5 years ago

    Municipal corporation Mobile application for Swacha Bharat.
    Citizen Vs Municipal Co. communication to help Municipal Corporation
    3. In order to timely address the citizen complaint/ request made as given above a Swacha Bharat mobile application to be made, starting from each town.
    4. Mobile application should include all the areas which connect this part be it sewer lines, rain water harvesting, general cleaning etc of swach bharat.

  • samrat mishra - 5 years ago

    Municipal corporation Mobile application for Swacha Bharat.
    Citizen Vs Municipal Co. communication to help Municipal Corporation
    2. Local associations to be given a chance to give feedback on cleaning condition of their nagar nigam zone.
    Local associations will comprise of:
    Maintenance societies of colonies/township & commercial bodies, Industries, schools, colleges, universities etc.

  • samrat mishra - 5 years ago

    Municipal corporation Mobile application for Swacha Bharat.
    Citizen Vs Municipal Co. communication to help Municipal Corporation
    1. Garbage collection areas where Nagar Nigam has kept dustbins to be numbered. A display board displaying its assigned number along with the Tel number of concerned nagar nigam zone /mobile application details to be fixed there so that local associations/ citizens can make a complaint/request to clean/clear the bins timely.

  • Dharmendra Raghunath Gadaria - 5 years ago

    Dear Govt.

    1. Every Vehicle Should Fitted The Dust Collector Which Will Absorb All The Dust & exhaust of the vehicle from The Open Air And Of The Road Side sand etc. will perform dual tasking the rider will ride and the dust on the road side will be absorb by the vehicles.

    I Think citizen should follow the new governing ideas to improve our surroundings and not throw waste in the open. After all we keep our home clean so why not our India.

  • Dharmendra Raghunath Gadaria - 5 years ago

    Once More Time I Would Like To Comment :-

    The Govt. Should Start A Private Limited Company Under Every Municipality In India To Perform Succeed This Project. The Fund Provider Will Fund The Municipality And They Will Recruit More And More Campaigner To Fulfil This Project Also When This Project Will Start Up The Municipality Earn Money By Collecting All The Garbage Which Are Containing Value In Rs. Citizen Have Their Bank Account In Which The Amount Of The Garbage Credid In Every Month. Think

  • Dharmendra Raghunath Gadaria - 5 years ago

    Swachh Bharat Abhiyan Only Success On Below Points.

    1. Garbage Should Be Divided In Two Parts A) Plastic And Other Dry Waste B) Vegetables Waste Etc.
    2. This Plastics And Vegetables Would Recycle For The Further Use.
    3. Therefore it is worth To Pay Amount Of This Garbage.
    4. The Municipality should Start Door To Door Collection Of Waste By Paying The Containing Rs.Value Of The Garbage.
    5. Even People Once Start Earn By This Garbage They will collect all the garbage in the Container.

  • Aditya Maheshwari - 5 years ago

    Mr. Primeminister people have been asked to shell out their hard earned money in form of SBC due to inefficiency of municipal corporations(MC).Why should common man pay SBC on a/c of dishonest & poor working of the MCs.This double taxation is wrong as we are already paying tax for cleaning to MCs and now we will have pay SBC also.We should be exempted to pay cleaning tax to MCs.In my letter dt. 17/11/14 I had written about the poor working style of MCs.about which you must have thought something

  • Anshul Chourasia - 5 years ago

    I am happy with the initiative and the results, but not satisfied with idea of levying swachh bharat cess of 0.5% on service tax of 14% as it will pinch the service tax payers.
    Why can’t government allocate fund from their budget.

  • Deepanjan Bhattacharjee - 5 years ago

    I find that dustbins are very rare in the cities and towns. Unless we have sufficient dustbins, people will continue to throw garbage and waste on the roads. This issues has to be looked into seriously.

  • Ganesh Upadhyay_2 - 5 years ago

    A good initiative i appreciate but need more emphasis on small cities such as varanasi.Try to create more awareness in public by government official and others.

  • Sanjay kumar_247 - 5 years ago

    Cess for cleanliness is good. Gov. Should ensure that money collected is used for cleanliness and not as addition revenue available to government. You are burdening citizens, you should ensure enough confidence and believe among citizens that it is utilized for the purposes. Other wise it will harm more then doing good.

  • Manohar Chawla - 5 years ago

    Please declare (on trial basis) a national level fixed time (for half an hour) and day once in a fortnight, when everybody (or atleast one member from every family) will come out and do cleaning work atleast in his/her surroundings. This way whole India will be cleaned in half an hour. Also Unity will be strengthened among the neighbours. Use maximum of media to promote this type of idea. At a time so many Indians will come out and contribute for cleaning, a miracle will happen.

  • Kapil Chandrakant Bhingarde - 5 years ago

    I wish Gov to implement new rule for vehicles both public and private transport. There should be dustbin in each and every public transport vehicle, and also every car manufacturer should provide inbuild dustbin in their vehicle. This implementation will stop people throwing garbage on roads and help in keeping roads clean.

  • Girdhari Luthria - 5 years ago

    Swatch Bharat is well thought of campaign started by our beloved Prime Minister. Cleanliness leads 2 Healthy India. Lions Clubs International has been made the Ambassadors of Swatch Bharat Campaign. As Lion may I suggest, that Lions can make India Healthy also by teaching in class rooms and Digitally how 2 heal self for most of the health problems. Please visit, it has over 300 videos guiding, how 2 carryour treatment 4 various health problems. Contact us any difficulty

  • Utkarsh Sanadhya - 5 years ago

    To the Developing and soon to be developed nation Head,
    Sir I have always envisioned INDIA to be beautiful and clean.
    I am aware of all the initiatives taken by the government for a cleaner INDIA.
    I have a small IDEA to share which if implemented or executed can contribute towards Swachh Bharat

    • Utkarsh Sanadhya - 5 years ago

      Get the map of the city (something like google maps) and divide the entire area into blocks. The whole intent is to get all the house of the particular city/area. Order that number of dustbins as the number of houses (open up tender and give the contract to someone). Assign the pick up vans for all the areas. Use this dustbins for advertising. If something is reaching to each and everyone then people will easily throw up money to market their product which can cover up all the cost to implement

  • Ganesh Balegar - 5 years ago

    We are still suffering for make Bhaarat Clean. If we need dustbin to throw wastages we cannot find for many kilometres as well toilets. If mistakenly we found toilet, that’s not in the condition of usage. Most of the peoples are not using toilets or dustbins, due to non availability. This is the situation of metropolitan cities. Request to the Government please make the availability to keep my Bhaarat Clean.

  • AMIT KUMAR_623 - 5 years ago

    I think we must adopt micro level planning, instead of taking city or area as a whole we should plan at micro level, like to start up with we must plan for 1-2 wards and make them model wards so that others can be replicated with some adjustments.

  • Rajesh Kumar Jain - 5 years ago

    My suggestion to the PM sir is that we should think of using labour under MNREGA to work under this activity. The landscaping activities and cleaning may be done using the labour and the same will also provide continuous employment to them.

    Its also not possible for a city to get cleaned entirely at one go. Therefore, the some of street, Society, Locality etc. shall be developed as model in every city to provide encouragement to others to clean their area also.


    Appoint special people who are in civil dress at different place. They have special ID & permission of gov. they catch people who splits gutkha, masala & charge a fine & make them to clean their litter even rich people must clean & show this on TV. For rich more than money esteem is more imp. so if a person having car do so make his clean his litter, also make him clean road show this in media people will stop soon in month habbit. stalls of kutkha,pan must have pot to spill if not charge them


    If this things are implemented properly without corruption then with surity self dicipline and self responsibility will be developed in person and they will do right things.

    At present indian person mentality is ‘chalenga’ and people are not self relalized. They will not follow untill made compulsory and by force. Forced implementation is requied to make a habbit. once a habbit is formed they will obey them self but first we need to make them obey by force.


    For short period of time say six months arrange additional police in formal dress if required recruit new police persons at different places of city eg. mall, cinema hall, restaurant, parks, road side and let them keep watch on public and if any person is found throwing things or making place untidy let them hold that person and charge for their fault.


    Make compulsion to throw waste in dustbin by the public who go for food at lorrywala or restaurant or roadside stall. Charge the lorrywala and stall keeper with high amount say Rs 5000 or more if any public at his place do not obey. So that they keep place proper tidy. Also charge double from the public once a person has to pay a good amount he will never forget to throw garbage in dustbin.


    I am from Ahmedabad, Gujarat. this is my message to our PM shri Narendra Modi Sir. I think we must start with small things to reach big things. we are focusing on big things but we must also focus on small things and start with it.
    My first suggestion under "Swachh Bharat Abhiyan"…..
    1. Ahmedabad City and many such cities do not have proper dustbin facilities at regular interval on road side…….make it compulsory to have dustbins at regular intrvals of the city road by muncipal.

  • smita koppikar - 5 years ago

    Decentralised Solid Waste management is the need of the hour. Instituting this as individual society level is agnoisingly slow and painstaking. Government directives, and rewards and penalty system would help enfore this quickly. This is a win-win situation, with immense benefits for society, health, economy, uplift of the marginalised, and is the first of many steps towards a clean and green India. I would love to participate and advise as I have founded a citizen’s forum for this purpose.

  • Surendra jain_2 - 5 years ago

    It’s painful to see people seating along railways tracks and road sides to excrete in the big cities.. It’s most important to have toilets in the mega cities first.. In the villages, we use far farm lands but in the cities it’s disgusting to see these helpless people mostly in the morning

  • Dr Gadadhara Mohapatra - 5 years ago

    MDWS, GoI and IIPA mobilize senior experts and professionals in the field to share experience in a participatory manner involving discussions, case studies, and exercises and take away points.
    The main focus areas of these training programmes are such as: (i) An overview of SBM(G), (ii) Process of ODF (Open Defecation Fee) strategies, and (iii) Solid and Liquid Waste Management (SLWM) (iv) Identification of implementation issues;(v) Experience sharing and (vi) preparation of draft action plan.

  • Dr Gadadhara Mohapatra - 5 years ago

    Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation(MDWS), Government of India has recognized Indian Institute of Public Administration(IIPA), New Delhi as a Key Resource Centre(KRC) for conducting various kinds of capacity building and training programmes in the field of sanitation. As a KRC, IIPA has successfully conducted three ‘Capacity Building Programmes for District Collectors/ Deputy Commissioners on Sanitation Programme & Projects’ on February 23-24, March 12-13 & March 19-20, 2015.

    • Iswar Mohanty - 5 years ago

      It is good to know that IIPA as an autonomous institution of national eminence is selected as a Key Resource Centre under Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation, Govt. of India. Such training programs on sanitation and water related issues needs wider consultation by involving the rural and urban community, grass root organizations and PRIs at a wider scale. Sanitation programs should go beyond toilet promotion and focus on solid and liquid waste managements both in rural and urban areas.

  • vijay pratap singh_16 - 5 years ago

    हम सब ने अब ये ठाना हैं, भारत स्वच्छ बनाना है |

  • Akhil Singhal - 5 years ago

    As our PM is now an iconic figure for whole of the world, specially for our country so as a part of Swachh Bharat Initiative he must make an appeal to whole of the nation that "not to burst crackers on the occasion of Diwali". We all know pollution is a really big concern in our country and on Diwali we burst a lot of crackers which affects our environment very badly. Also the garbage which these crackers create is also a big issue n that will surely damage our Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.

  • Anushri Bhansali - 5 years ago

    PM Sir, I am student of 9th Standard and would like to greet you for the completion of one year of Swachch Bharat Abhiyaan. This has indeed created awareness among the citizens. For first few months it was carried out very efficiently but it has now reduced with time. I suggest 50 students from each school of each city in each state would be selected as volunteers per month to go to different places in their city and spread more awareness and encourage people.This will have continuous efforts.

  • Mithun_12 - 5 years ago

    My suggestion against swachhbharat :govt can use swachhbharat in school, college, and every govt office. Govt telling we clean India that impossibly because people need best knowledge but swachhbharat program. If govt can add one subject about all govt program in school, college, govt office and etc weekly 2hours give class about govt program. Student’s, govt staff, private company staff etc that people knowing about govt programThen that people going home tell about govt program in ourfamily

  • DIPANKAR ROY_2 - 5 years ago

    I have posted two steps toward our swachh abhiyan but due to limitation on 500 letters, I couldn’t explain the whole thinking of mine so please if any body get any sensce out of my thinking than please go through this post on FaceBook- link

  • DIPANKAR ROY_2 - 5 years ago

    2nd step-I studied in JNV HKD,Assam, where we already practiced Swachhata as a Competition among 4hostels, for which we all before throwing a piece of paper in the hostel we all think 1ST that this paper may be the reason to loose the competition. So from above experience there should be a completion on swachhata abhiyan on a regular basis separately organized as- Local authority to declare the cleanest society of the month, District auth-Town/City, State auth- District, and Central Auth- State

  • DIPANKAR ROY_2 - 5 years ago

    2 steps for Swachh Bharat:-The First step should be- Lets make the swachh mission in various segments, because a person from any of the part of the country is quite unable to think to be a part of swachh Bharat as it is macro task, so there should be some segments like-
    (A) Swachh Ghar, after achieving success move on to next level,
    (B) Swachh Angan,(C) Swachh Office/Dukan,(D) Swachh Local Society,(E) Swachh Town/City,(F) Swachh District,(G) Swachh State,(H) Then The Final Level Swachh Bharat

  • Jyoti_sharma - 5 years ago

    Last month I visited barela village near jabalpur there was no toilet in the village womens and girls have to go for toilet in the open. Please send some ngo or government agencies to help these people.

  • Adethya Radhakrishnan - 5 years ago

    Sir, first we need to classify the types of people who think about this mission 1.These people are really serious about the cleanliness in our country 2.They want cleanliness in our country but lack proper planning and methodology 3.These people also want cleanliness in our country but due to influences of wrong mindset people they feel that Swacch Bharat Mission is futile.4.These people think this mission is waste and on purpose dirty our country.If Govt and corporations plan properly we can!

  • sanjiv prasad - 5 years ago


  • Rahul Chaturvedi_3 - 5 years ago

    We will have to also think about having a clear waste management policy where it has to be decided that how we will handle the waste generated. I will rather go to suggest that to bring more focus we should initiate and have a full fledged ministry for managing waste across the country. I believe it is difficult to clean India until we have a clear cut waste management policy. Waste generation cannot stop but waste management can start.

  • Manish kapoor_4 - 5 years ago

    I travelling in trains and what I see that people are spitting outside the window of moving trains and throwing bottles and wastage as a result of which it gets to be hitted to the person sitting or standing or bypassing the gate of train… I reference to this I would like to give suggestion to our PM that please provide a DUSTBIN in every train every coach … So that this problem gets minimised and it is also 1 step to swatch bharat abhiyaan … I will be very thankfull to you…

  • Devinder Kaur - 5 years ago

    Hi Team,

    Please note for swatch Bharat success. We need to adopt a 360 degree . And one such angle I feel we are not looking at is having stray dogs on roads which are also cause of garbage not being in its place instead all over the road .

    I would request you to look into this matter as these dogs are also carry diseases and also dangerous .


  • Kavita Verma - 5 years ago

    Before the next Gandhi Jayanti, can we start the use of machines for cleaning roads, like its done at some railway stations – in offices the use of vacuum cleaners should be insisted upon. The use of a broom for sweeping is not very effective and healthy, as it only displaces dust and causes dust particles to swirl around. Vacuum cleaning, is a quick, very effective, and healthy option to the use of a broom. So for the next year, we can see vacuum cleaners instead of the traditional broom !!

  • Shivani_30 - 5 years ago

    PM sir I have a thot that for cleanliness we should get a registered authority card like aadhar card so that we can catch individual and charge them for spoiling Mumbai and give them a challan. Please look into this matter and try to issue such card and make all this online process asap.

  • Madhukar Gupta Advocate - 5 years ago

    If the SWAKSHHTA movement is also linked with a way earnings from the wastage for the ground field workers then it will have more effective impact. A mini green waste equipment for converting such green waste into compost fertiliser be provided at NAGAR nigam, Nagar Panchyat & Nagar Palika level on the concept of Basic Cost Sharing basis. By doing so ground field workers shall take more interest due earning effect. .. Cont in next blog.

  • Patel Neel Vasantbhai - 5 years ago


  • Patel Neel Vasantbhai - 5 years ago
    My Facebook Post on Februaru 13,2015 Friday depicting my dedication, support and responsibility towards SWACHH BHARAT. Thanks.

  • Patel Neel Vasantbhai - 5 years ago

    Nowadays, Clean India mission is going on. So, just one line,I want to say that…..
    ~ "People say Charity begins at Home , but I say “Cleanliness begins from Home.”

  • SUNDARRAJAN V - 5 years ago

    Dear Modi Ji,
    I seen in one of foreign country that they have city county which will control the entire city including cleaning, maintaining gardens, keep the city clean everything. Every where i can see one person always on the job to watch. If anybody commit mistake they will be charged immediately or Prison for one whole day.we need to implement to make clean india. Because we indians following the rules when we are in foreign countries and not in india.

  • Pravin_30 - 5 years ago

    Cleanliness is next to Godliness” teaches us to keep our surroundings clean and green. Efforts to make my city a clean city will be seriously endless. I can make every possible effort to make my city a clean and green city. I can surely visit several barren lands and try to grow some plants and trees. I would frequently report the media about the efforts done to make my city – a clean and green city so that I can spread awareness.

  • sushil kabra - 5 years ago

    As a first step, each district collector and SP must be asked to adopt the district bus-stand and district hospital respectively. They must be made personally responsible for the cleanliness of them. Both places are utterly neglected ones. In a similar fashion, they can ask their subordinates to adopt different public spaces. It will percolate down the level a message that Govt means business.

    Even the ambassadors nominated should also adopt at least one public space of their choice….

  • AnjaniKumar Tatavarti - 5 years ago

    Respected PM Sir,As per the current scenario in our country, i am feeling that the other meaning of Swacha Bharat which is clean india from farmers. Because no govt neither central nor state seems taking care about them. Farmers’ suicides are increasing in our country like never before. Please stop touring foreign countries for some time and tour our entire nation like the way you did for election campaign and give them assurance. GM foods are no good for our country as they kill people slowly.

  • Punit Kumar Pandey - 5 years ago

    Dear sir,
    Please develop infrastructure for the swatch bhatarat.
    I never seen dust bin in railway (sleeper). When i asked attendent where is dust bin. He directly told me here is window. I never expected this answer from anyone. When i ask my friend that dont through packets on road, they always used to say "tera modi fan hone se nahi chalega, ja k modi ko bol pahle road pe dust bin lagayega"

  • Roshan Mandal - 5 years ago

    Respected Prime Minister,
    Very sad to see dirt every where in Indian cities.
    Clean India will not succeed unless we involve local police stations,Muncipality and citizens and to establish a effect mechanism to
    coordinate with citizens(specially sr citizens) to police stations can have the authority to check unclean ness and can put a hefty fine on those who is responsible for dirt.
    In fact on the road even in capital every body has encroached it gives a very wrong impression to forgn pp

  • Vinod_78 - 5 years ago

    The Govt(State) should make amends to cancel contracts of those contractors providing bad facilities(Roads, Public Toilets ,Parks etc) and looting peoples hard earned money.For this Central Govt should initiate a talk process with each State Govt to have accountability.The central Govt should monitor this.It would be helpful if a web page is out which provides the initiatives taken by each Govt and Progress made in providing better facilities to the citizens of this country.

  • Pratiksha Sahu - 5 years ago

    Respected Prime Minister Sir,
    Kindly direct the railway mangement to provide dustbins in sleeper class in trains. People have to helplessly throw all the trash ..through the windows..making the surroundings filthy.

  • Laxman Bilandani - 5 years ago

    Swachhta Abhiyan was launched with great fanfare but was not taken up seriously by Govt.deptts/state Govts.
    It can only be successful if only Municipal Corporations/Muncipalities are involved as they have all the basic tools like tractors,collecting and digging equipments and human resources who know the job perfectly.
    They only should be involved actively to succesfully implement the scheme. And for thier active involvement state govts/central govt. should link thier finances with cleanliness

  • Bhavna Bhagdev - 5 years ago

    We have to promote Waste Management with Swachh Bharat mission
    From that we can success in our Swatch Bharat mission, and use the waste to create energy and many more useful things by recycling the same.

  • PERAM SAI VINAY KUMAR - 5 years ago

    The primary concern should be on taking the swach Bharat into the people and then comes to bringing in people to actually put into action. One such big platform where the campaign would be campaigned easily is by conducting the campaigns in events which are largely held like Ganesh immersion, dussehra and some religious festivals which would even facilitate getting the big aspiration into common people. Cleanliness should first be imparted on a cause of self-benefit and then to societal level

  • jagdish kumar bansal - 5 years ago

    1.The vision of Prime Minister(India) of sawachh bharat is great vision but the authorities(including public) responsible for implimentation have no keen interest practically.On ground some represent them for saphhai only to come in picture. Real position of saphhai abhian may be seen asides railway tracks(which is one of the examples) if we travel from Rohtak to Delhi by rail. 2.Ours is a posh colony named Bharat nagar Bathinda(punjab)but made dirty look by making garbbage dump aside the road.

  • Nitin Saluja - 5 years ago

    Bharat Mata ki, Jai.
    Firstly I must congrats BJP Govt. and Respected PM, Mr. Narendra Modi Ji for Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan.
    What I have observed and felt as citizen of India is sometime we throw garbage around public places because of lack of dustbin in there.
    Secondly, As human being/Indian we are not habitual for keeping public places clean so let’s make every last Saturday of every month as Clean neighbourhood day.

  • SHRIGANESH KAMATH - 5 years ago

    Sir , we came to know that fisheries had come down because of polluted water from ganesh chaturti. We must know this festival was started by king shivaji and then lokamanya tilak to gather people and bring patriotism through this festival by bringing 1 god to 1 city. Now every household is celebrating and after this water is polluted which affects swach bharath mission,fisheries and also ground water pollution spreading govt. must consider this and bring some changes in comming year

  • Sudhir Kumar_54 - 5 years ago

    I would like to suggest you why don’t you take over Connaught place and run this cleanliness drive properly.As I am noticing Connaught place since last 20 years there are so many things which have done for beatification of the area but nothing is 100% not even 70% are displaying on ground. •There are very critical issues like.Encroachment is on peak by street hawkers. •The people who take drugs are very dangerous and scary.Baggers are spreading their families nonstop and they are encroaching

  • Ankit mittal - 5 years ago

    AAP NE JO 2 OCTOBER KO CLEAN INDIA SWACH BHARAT ABHIYAN CHLAYA WO BAHUT ACHA BUT I REQUEST AAPSE JAB TRAIN STATION PAR JAATI HAI OR LHADI HOTI TU WAHA PAR LOG latrin ka use karte hai jisse station bahut ganda hota Or Koi Bahar ka aakar agar ye dikhata tu hmare SWACH baharat sapna adhura sa lagta jab wo kahta Dirty place So Plzzz aap station jab train khadi hoti hai tu aap Sabhi train k coach se ek pipe system jod jaana chaiye jisse saari latrin peshaab train k nicche store phir Usse machine se

  • Varun Jindal_1 - 5 years ago

    Dear Sir,for the clean Bharat, We need to put the dustbin at every corner & crowd filled place. In fact I can’t even see the dustbin in the Delhi & NCR region. How to make the Bharat clean. We are also using the maximum of the plastic begs & open toilet. all products coming in the plastic packing. Which is not good for the cleanliness of the country. Plz put the dustbin across the country & stop use of the plastic begs. Also use no paper for any process of the central & state govt. Thanks you.

  • somesh lal - 5 years ago

    I feel main hurdle for Clean India is Broom (Jhadu). We need to remove Jhadu across India from Public Cleaning area and we have to shift on Machine cleaning.
    Example: On road of Delhi, we can find every morning sweeper putting Jhadu every day, they collect dust , garbage at every 2 meter remain there for hours and days. it get spread again. It will be better, we give contract to 3rd party for long term cleaning and maintenance, Vaccum sweeping machine will be used and get dust free.

  • Rajendra Singh Bisht - 5 years ago

    PM sir I would like to suggest you regarding develop of clean India. Sir keep dustbin each and every place like bus stop/ stands,chat shops, parks, gali muhallas. A heavy amts wiil expence from govt treasury so Make the design of dustbin as Ad items. Sir aajkal Jo dikhta hai wahi bikta hai.Ad will displayed in dustbin and make design of dustbin according Ad.the expence of making charge of dustbin paid by Ad Companies and also paid the charge of Ad to govt.

  • Nilam singh - 5 years ago

    Respected PM Sir.I have small suggestion why not we put Big Garbage box so that garbage will not spread everywhere and more idea you can take the way it works in Jamshedpur where Tata make sure that their town is clean.
    I have another suggestion where we can reuse garbage so that garbage taker will get further work and for that I would request please check web site which can help you to get more idea.

  • MADHANKUMAR V - 5 years ago

    Respected PM,

    Being a citizen of our INDIA, I would like to share my thoughts on making the nation clean by effective waste management.We can utilise garbage waste which upon closed decomposition by bacterial activities can produce bio gas.This bio gas can be provided to all our citizens on a low cost basis compared to LPG.On the other hand this results in effective waste management as we produce green energy from the waste. All corporations and municipalities can be engaged into this model.

  • rajeev kumar - 5 years ago

    Street Vendor in general and food stall in particular are responsible for major filth on urban street. Sensitise vendors about cleanness and made the accountable for the act of their customer too. Even reward them for the cleanness at municipality level and show them "Lalan Dhaba" of London fame type documentry.

  • Dinesh Bhatt - 5 years ago

    Not only collection but execute the garbage in profitable way may one of the solution

  • Rahul Kumar gupta_6 - 5 years ago

    Sir,we the people of India progressing towards a goal to have a swacch Bharat.but one big obstacle coming is lack of dustbin at public places so that if one tries to through wasteproduct it cannot find dustbins.Mr PM you can appeal to high profile and financiallystrong Indians to donate as much of dustbins.infact there is a huge marketing potential lies in it. In every dustbins we can put a company’s add below well it can contribute little to swacch Bharat mission and to manage dustbins as well

  • mahaveer singh dawan - 5 years ago

    y to wait only for PM call to us? y v like foreign compare to our nation?y not we do clean our nation. we do not need to do this in large amount. just try to keep clean your area where u live and also aware the people for this program. this is not BJP program pl also keep this is in mind. i am not writer so i do not know how to express the words,..but what i came in my mind i posting here. i hope we will do some good for our nation. pl come together ….jay hind

  • mahaveer singh dawan - 5 years ago

    hi everyone.In starting Swachh India was launch with lots of expectation but now what is status now? is it loosing program of our PM? or it is loosing activity or response of our to our nations. we should understand this PM will not come to clean every where and this is his not duty.His work was to aware us , and what we are doing? we can easily criticize the govt but before that we should think how true we are for our work.y v waiting only fr PM.this clean india is for cm and do this.

  • Devarsh Gadhia - 5 years ago

    Respected PM Sir,
    I have a proposal that we can create an mobile app and which can have GPS location involved.
    We click any photo using that Application and with that photo ( mobile no, GPS loaction and comments and added info) would be sent to the nearest municipality ward and they’ll have to take the strict action again the dirt of that area. This can be used in case of extra rain water , garbage collection dept, etc. we can make some more features added to it and can this app more precise.

  • Prateek bindal - 5 years ago

    Respected modi ji
    To fulfill our dream of clean India i am having an idea by which we can make people feel what wrong they are doing.
    We have a group in Chandigarh which goes in the market and make people aware about clenaer India but in very UNIQUE way.
    When any of the person litters someting we simply CLAP FOR HIM .And one person from our group throw the litter in the dustbin.
    Our group name is VIRAL CLAPS
    Hope you like our way to deal with litterbugs

  • Vivek Chopra - 5 years ago

    Respected Prime Minister Sir, one effort which can really make our streets and city look beautiful is by banning bill posting on walls,poles, Pillars etc. I feel that its very important that this should be banned as any infrastructure development starts looking dirty after the bills are posted on them and the moment they start coming off naturally it leaves dirt and torn papers everywhere. The stain of the glue used to paste those bills post permanently puts dirty spots on our infrastructure.

  • vinod_27 - 5 years ago

    Respected PM
    your initiative for cleaning india is must needed one . I want to draw your kind attention towards the worst conditions around railway tracks in every city including national capital . Railway journey to all destinations give us feeling to feel shame for us . foreign travellers use railway to reach thier destinations . I have question what we are presenting to them who come with lots of hopes here? I m a soldier of this nation and i travel places often and i m worried…

  • sudhakar choudhari - 5 years ago

    We were in UK for company assignment. We never thought to spit or throw garbage anywhere. We have also taught my child to take care of cleanliness. This moreover a chain reaction. If we educate peoples imporrance of cleanliness they do understand however the garbage managemnet system should be very strong. In UK its very efficient. In India because of weather garbage decomposition starts quickly hence it should be much more efficient. Also we need to reduce waste at source itself.

  • JITENDER BHADANA - 5 years ago

    First shot of Faridabad as Smart City-

  • JITENDER BHADANA - 5 years ago

    This is how Faridabad municipality is preparing to become a smart city.

    Kudos to Modi ji jo in sabko jhel rahe hain.

  • jitendra shewale - 5 years ago

    sir kya aap sachamuch sochate hain mera bharat mahan bane ha agar aap sochate ho to aapko aisa karnahi hoga ki ek desh ek rule lana hi hoga jis kathanayise aap gaye huye hain us kathnayi ko main janta hu aap ek bar prayas to karke dekho lekin aap aisa nahi karenge q ki aise karnese vote pe asar ho sakta hain lekin ek bar karke to dekho shurvat aarakshan se karo aur samapt ham do hamare do pe karo tabhi mera desh mahan banega nahi to mera bhi sapna aur tumhara bhi sapna kabhi pura nahi hoga thx

  • jitendra shewale - 5 years ago

    Dear Sir,
    aapne digital india ki bat ki man ko chu gayi per aap jab swachh bharat ki bat karte ho tabhi man dukh hota hain kya e aapka swachh bharat ka nirnay pakka hain agar hain to main aaj aapse kuch kahena chahata hu to dekhiye kya aaj hardik patel jo aandola gujarat me chala raha hain ooske piche mujhe 100% guarantee hain ki aap hi hain mujhe malum hain aaj hardik ne mang ki kal maharashtra me maratha log bhi karenge q nahi kar sakte iske liye aapko aarakshan band karna hoga continue…

  • Ankit Tiwari - 5 years ago

    Hello Sir,
    I want to suggest something and think this is very important to make our India clean….
    When ever i go to market and buy some eatables, after eating..when i try to find dustbin to throw the wrapper..this feels like this is the most difficult task one can do.

    "My suggestion is that Can’t every shopkeeper put dustbin in-front of their shop"…

  • Pratyush Kapoor - 5 years ago

    I m from Jammu, J&K….Here, people dont care about garbage. They simply throw it on the roads. Also, Municipal Corporation sweepers dont clean it and just put it on the streets which make difficult to walk on streets…So i request to Shri Narendra Modi ji to plzzz check about all the states and make a control on state governments so that they must care about their states. A simple idea is that u can give any temptaion to state gov. And make our states cleaner..!!!!!! Jai Hind

  • rohit yadav_30 - 5 years ago

    Dear Mr. PM,its really very important decision to promote Cleanliness in our country but for this to work properly,Govt should arrange substantial amount of bins at roadside ,park or any other public place.

  • Chhiti Pandey - 5 years ago

    Oh Boy I dont know where to start on this topic but needs a great job on cleanliness. Its really dirty and so much pollution. Something needs to be done. I am not sure if it makes any sense but why do we have have houses? why not apartments? I loved Apartment system in Singapore, takes little land, has many ammenities, has a community, has its own garbage disposal system and people have a certain amount of space and thats it. It was so cool and you can have parking space and greenery everywhere

  • rushikesh balu yadav - 5 years ago

    Build the toilets and public places digitally such that it will be a clean.
    Use embedded systems in public areas to clean up.
    In many cases people do not use water and in washrooms and toilets,so why we not make it automatic??

  • rohit chettri - 5 years ago

    Hon’ble sir,
    With due respect and humble submission, I Rohit chettri r/o sikkim, India, would like to share my thoughts for making a successful impact of swachh Bharat abhiyaan.For the success of the mission it is must that each and every "SHOPS" in our country should have ‘Dustbin’ and this should be made mandatory. Hope this decision makes a great impact & its practice will be adopted very soon.
    Thanks for your anticipation.

  • rohit chettri - 5 years ago

    Hon’ble sir,
    With due respect and humble submission, I Rohit chettri r/o sikkim, India, would like to share my thoughts for making swachh Bharat abhiyaan.For the success of the mission it is must that each and every "SHOPS" in our country should have ‘Dustbin’ and this should be made mandatory. Hope this decision makes a great impact & its practice will be adopted very soon.
    Thanks for your anticipation.

  • deepan ghosh - 5 years ago

    Dear PM,

    My birth place is Varanasi and I am currently working at Mysore .
    Everyone is aware of the difference between the ratings of the two cities.
    Varanasi is really in a pathetic situation.
    My parents live in Dafi , Varanasi.
    The situation out there is so bad that it can cause an epidemic to spread there any day.

    Please help the area.

  • Fateh Singh - 5 years ago

    I would like to forward my suggestions for making effective Swachh Bharat Abhiyan( Clean India )
    1. For Government and private sector
    (i) Head of department make two member’s team for checking neatness and cleanness of the office premises and issue coupons of Rs 10, if they find the individual employees area dirty ask them to clean the area if not cleaning. recover cleaning charge from them by charging Rs10

  • Tarun Navlani - 5 years ago

    Advertisement strategy for Swatchh Bharat mainly focuses on cleaning the garbage after it has been accumulated.As prevention is better than cure, ads should focus more on educating people to avoid throwing garbage at very first place. Similar to "no smoking ad" where pictures show tar being accumulated in lungs which makes a person sick, more effective ad is a scene where father throws garbage in open, his son passes from there after school, inhales the insects from that garbage and becomes ill.

  • Badal bhinde - 5 years ago

    Respected p.m.
    I think u should make the rules for swatcchta abhiyan. Like first u should start wiht gov offices,schools,hospitals,etc and there should be team of NGOs who will keep eye on it and if they find any gov department is not clean according to rule they can take action against the department head.the action/punishment should be also in favour of this abhiyan such as the department head who is to be punished should have to do swachta and should support it for a month.

  • GOKUL K_2 - 5 years ago

    The people will think only if there is profit. Why don’t the government buy the segregated waste from the house holders at a least reasonable & affordable price, so that the people will really think about it and the payable amount can be adjusted to their tax annually, without paying by hand and even the poor people (those who are not having anything) will also put their effort towards collecting garbage disposed in the road side/any vacant places.

  • Abhishek Pratap Singh_5 - 5 years ago


    Even the markets in big cities have only 1 or 2 dustbins which are already overloaded.
    Many times I have experienced to tolerate for carrying an empty bottle/packet for a long time just because i want them in a dustbin instead of throwing anywhere.
    We need at least 1 dustbin after every 500 meters or max 1 km. More dustbins will be required in the market areas.

    Secondly, spitting of gutha/pan masala should be fined everywhere as done in Mumbai.

    This will surely help a lot.

  • ravivama - 5 years ago

    all panchayath under recruiting the post of safety officer or clean officer .that officeres work is cleaning the give the information to public about toilet,waste managmaent etc.

  • Deepanshu_7 - 5 years ago

    In regard to what Vishal Mahajan has suggested and our PM initiated a invite and participate movement for Swachh bharat abhiyaan.

    I suggest why not we invite people with us to take a locality, a gali, a small park for the cleanliness objective; give ourselves a week time and make sure in the deadline we clean the locality, and then invite others to take initiative and choose themselves a gali and clean it. This would ensure that we see real results in the scheme and less photo opportunities

  • Deepika_22 - 5 years ago

    1) We have big displays on our roads while driving about how many kilometers is the next main town, city etc.., and the directions to drive. On the same display we should also mention in how many kilometers we have a public toilet and a bin. By looking at this people are aware about it and they would not go ahead and dirty our cities.

    2) Also in our streets along with the main, street number etc.., we should also mention(in the form of a dustbin symbol) if that street has a bin.

  • Vinay Damodharan - 5 years ago

    A country’s face is by its cleanliness
    It’s our responsibility to make our society clean
    But for that there is no adequate.service.
    There should be dustbins and proper waste management
    A country’s development is measured in term of its sanitation and cleanliness

  • Jugal Kishore Agrawal - 5 years ago

    Dustbin plays a main role in cleanliness.
    It is symbol of civilization. It is effective and Cost effective well.
    There is no need to purchase heavy or automatic machines to clean cities.
    Please go through this link which is about dustbins.!41165&authkey=!AEgotpfFNy–tC0&ithint=file%2cdocx

  • Jugal Kishore Agrawal - 5 years ago

    In India, the Municipal Committee purchases heavy machines loaders, tractors, and big automatic dust bins. Big automatic loaders of heavy cost. It collects garbage from streets and collects at the corner of one street which never worthwhile even to pass from there. There almost 4 or 5 days they collect the garbage and one day a Loader and a Tractor comes to carry it. Up to that, It remains there and make the people of vicinity to accustomed to it.

  • yuvaraj annappa karoshi - 5 years ago

    most of the time we dont want to through things on road like plastic, paper etc. but we do it coz we dont find any dustbin ,if we ensure dustbin on roads at every 10 meters,we can reduce the dirt on road.
    it may seems not practical but we can do it with the help of shops along the roads through them we can implement this "DUSTBIN AT EVERY 10 METER IDEA"

  • Onkar naik - 5 years ago

    Now Ganesh votsav is coming near, all are interested in pop idols, big big madals, side by side competition. Always damages environment. By loud speaker, cracker, something should be done, like one city one mandal with clay idol.

  • Harsha Herebasur - 5 years ago

    This is not a new thing to be implemented, we can just replicate the policies which is used in other countries, however this needs responsibility.

    Use technology guys, this will change india. we run world’s technology, why we reject it within country.
    too many illiterate people within system, who like to drag things to their benefit.

  • Harsha Herebasur - 5 years ago

    There should be fine/credit mechanism for muncipalities to manage this.

    This includes the roadside contractors, who all the times dig up the road and make it a garbage. The issue here is with people who manage civic duties and are not bothered to treat it their home. The day when our people start thinking as a home (forced or voluntary) this wont resolve. we have got this a human tendency and addicted to it, it will take time, however stringent policies need to be implemented.

  • Harsha Herebasur - 5 years ago

    This is a very good thing, however this is still at a very high level and maybe applied only to certian times or area. This needs to be mandated with specific waste bins (seperation of rubbish) for each building, roadside, as much bins possible, please provide. If this privatised would be much better, since they would be under contract, with all due respect, government officials wont go that far in terms of cleaning, however they like to white clothes.

    Privatisation of this sector is needed.

  • pankaj saboo_1 - 5 years ago

    In continuation even for residences,apartments,bungalows and colonies the garbage bags can be distributed thru PDS system and made mandatory to dispose garbage in Garbage bags only.

    In turn all the corporation will save 30% labour and time for collection and disposable.

    Penalise the people who break rules.

    All garbage to be left outside the premises at a certain allotted time for collection for

    residential and commercial areas disposal only during night (10pm to !2 pm)

  • pankaj saboo_1 - 5 years ago

    I have few suggestions to make SWACH BHARAT ABHIYAN more successful and effective



  • Diwakar Ranjan - 5 years ago

    there is good initiative taken by government as Swachh Bharat.
    i just wanna suggest you, there is a lots of beggars in India. sometime people feel embarrassed to see them if in front of person able bodies. can we utilize this man power in Swachh Bharat. like we can server cap and dress to them so that it goes to public and ask them to have clean area.

  • Naveen Chakrawal - 5 years ago

    We must make a proper rule to punish such cases
    I think first such responsibility start in small portion to confer motion to this great mission as make responsible to issue it to head of police station and he ordered to his areas all shopkeepers that they are fully responsible to any case of it if rubbish spreadsahead your shops then you are responsible about it & you will punish
    in this mediocre things make strong this mission

  • shashank singh_7 - 5 years ago

    Respected sir the biggest problem related is no source of clean and durable energy, clean India is not just physically cleaning our roads but has a direct relation to the environment we are living in a polluted environment.I have for the past few years tried to put across a product which can lead to the demands put forth by the Hon’ble PM first of him providing Clean fuel to rural areas having the highest polluting rate in terms of domestic pollution and secondly would lead to a cleaner India

  • Hemant Sharma_9 - 5 years ago

    We have to start with bottom label like Parshad of locality….and further go up step by step.

  • Amit Gupta - 5 years ago

    I see many people post comment about interesting ideas. I think the biggest problem we have is with the officials who govern our city. The mayor and other city official are too busy with something that no one knows. The result is neglected city.
    I feel that a group of individuals should meet with these official and help them succeed by coming up with a plan on what needs to be done and how it needs to be done. a overhaul of process of everything that needs the city to run smooth is needed.

  • Shrinivas_5 - 5 years ago

    Please keep the momentum going on Swachh Bharat, by highlighting the side benefits of this program other than cleanliness and health. Building of toilets will also help
    – Control Spread of decease via Cow which eats feces
    – Reduce snake bite accidents in the night
    – When children control, causes stunt growth in them
    – Women safety, especially in the night
    – Women self-esteem improvement
    – Rural economy boost & employment
    Use MGNREGA to build toilets & build rural assets

  • Mahalingam_3 - 5 years ago

    Wine shops and close to urging the government to fight instead. Establishing a base of alcohol to alter mood. through there children .. Swach athma Swach Bharath

  • Bhaumik Jayesh Sadrani - 5 years ago

    Idea for Swach Bharat Abhiyan.
    A person throwing waste can be caught by a mobile phone. Which is a proof of person violating the law. And should be fined lets say Rs. 500/-
    So we can create a website for implementing Swach Bharat Abhiyan. Where photo or video of person throwing waste uploaded on the site should be set to trial and collect fine.
    Now The CATCH is half of the fine, i.e. Rs.250/- will be awarded to the person uploading the pic.
    Soon it will become a business. We can imagine rest

  • NUPUR GOGNA - 5 years ago

    I as a first step towards "clean India" have arranged for Vomit bags to be distributed by me to be used as "Spit Bags" to be used for Spitting and then to be thrown into a nearby dustbin. All PSU can help by starting distributing these bags with their Company Logo as CSR. I have requested India TV to Show this on their News Channel in the section "Mission Clean India". These Spit Bags is required to be made mandatory to be kept in all the vehicles and law to fine vehicles which do not posses.

  • Sriram Viswanathan - 5 years ago

    In Tamilnadu the main issue is liquor shops which are scattered around every corner in main areas though the rule is that these shops should not be near any temples,schools & hosp it is not getting followed. Even if public do protest on removing the shops no use of it. These shops throw all the garbage in the dust bins of residential area which cause in-hygiene problems. recently school children are getting corrupted by it. Swachh bharth should be started from this. Request you to look on it.

  • SANJAY GULATI_1 - 5 years ago

    I think it can go a long way to create swachhta by creating toilet facilities alongside all the toll bridges in India. during our recent drive from Himachal to Delhi, we must have crossed about 5/6 toll bridges, and during this journey of about 7 Hrs., we must have made 2/3 convenience stops. For us men it was not difficult, but there was no option for the ladies with us. It could be made mandatory to have toilet facilities alongside all toll bridges, and toll could be increased by a 1/2 rupees.

  • Rajeev Chandel - 5 years ago

    Dear Sir, the Himachal Govt. has banned use of polythene to protect environment. But what about the packings of products. Even stationery items like pens are poly packed. Whereas they can be packed in boxes. Plz issue guidelines to these companies. Even the cartons are now wrapped in poly skin packing. All these are useless and environment hazards.

  • Pushpa Rishikesh - 5 years ago

    I went to Kasi recently and was happy to see the cleanliness in ghats.About Vishwanath temple the milk used for abhishek can be collected and given to devotèes as teerth instead of wasting.The garlands,flowers,belpatha can be recycled to manure instead of throwing.In place of plastic tea glass kullad can be promoted.

  • BASANT SONI - 5 years ago

    Dear mr. PM, i am from bhopal. Here people took your clean india program seriously by clean all areas but produces air pollution by burning waste material. I think after some time you need to start clean air abhiyan. I personally request you to please guide people about this either on man ki baat or in your blog. Thank you.

  • Rupesh Lanjekar - 5 years ago

    Dear All,

    Me living in Mumbai, every day in front of me people throwing garbage and spits and every time I have to explain them don’t do that. While doing so, I had notice a common thing that was people and students carrying bags. If an campaign is carried out in very schools and collages that all student should have a A4 size laminated poster attached to the Bag with symbol of throwing garbage in dustbin and not spitting that will make a lot of difference and huge army will be setuped.

  • Abhinav Sambyal - 5 years ago

    I m Abhinav Sambyal from Jammu. The main problem our locality is facing is lack of dustbins In our town. It is hereby requested to install more dustbins I our town.

  • Shruti Inani - 5 years ago

    You can make people who are poor and unemployed to take up the waste and dust from home to home and to drop that on the placed reserved for this purpose so then they will be employed and the area will also be cleaned.

  • ANAND AGARWAL - 5 years ago

    We have more than 100 crore mobile users in the country. just putting an surcharge or Rs 10/- per user per month for "Swach Bhart" will give revenue of Rs 1000 crore to the government which can be utilised for development of cleanliness / sanitation system in the rural areas.

  • piyush patel - 5 years ago

    I am from Vadodara. here dogs and cows doing more dirtyness by spreading waste from corpotation dustbin and no body taking action against their owners. Please do this and remove cows, buffalos and dogs from roads and street.Many vehical accidents also done due to their walking on main roads.

  • TCS PRASAD - 5 years ago

    Garbage collection.sorting and recycling is a tremendous task which no govt can do efficiently& has to be privatised.Unfortunately,if any agency comes forward to take up this job,govt eyes it as a source of tax & gives limited incentives for limited periods.Let govt declare it as NO TAX on what ever revenue the agency generates by way of recycled secondaries like scrap, plastic seconds,mannures, power,glass grog etc.This will encourage private players & shall take away huge burden from govt.

  • TCS PRASAD - 5 years ago

    Worth appreciating all VIPs including PM have taken to streets for cleaning.But,is it the only way for cleaning our cities?Persons getting paid to do this job are absconding/taking their jobs casually & instead of forcing them to do their paid jobs,all VIPs are substituting them &covering their inefficiency.Our leaders are not paid to do this job.Instead of ensuring strict administration,we are taking the least resistant path. Easiest thing is to do yourselves,most difficult is getting it done

  • Manjunath K L - 5 years ago

    Swach Bharat is a very important and maiden program launched by ur govt. To promote this abhiyan,please launch a branded broom stick of good quality at a reasonable rate with a swach Bharath logo on it. Please don’t make it free just like numerous ‘Bhagyas’ of our state. I’m looking for such broom stick but not available here.

  • Ishwara Bhat - 5 years ago

    Dear Officials,

    Regarding Swachch Bharath, I have a proposal. I am suggesting a structure which will dramatically enhance the effectiveness of Swachch Bharath. Kindly read it and let me know if any clarifications required.

  • Rukmesh Bhatt - 5 years ago

    As my openion i am very favour with swach bharat abhiyaan and also want to do clear my bharat but i cannot coz of dustbin.
    Earliar I saw in news channel showing how lucknow’s people throewing garbage after eating our food but they dont think without dustbin we can not make place clear. At last set up dustbin in every places.. beacause I want to see my india very clean thanks pls sir read it

  • Saurabh Agrawal - 5 years ago

    Is It possible to make the process of cleaning India a money making program through a win win situation. How about govt giving maximum subsidies to open a new waste management plant? It will not only generate employment but will also force the owners of plant to get the waste collected from the city to generate profit from his outputs. At the same time it will also help to process the waste material properly instead of just shifting it from one corner of the city to another.

  • harikrishnan rathnaswami - 5 years ago

    Other dirty place is in Bangalore ( L R Bonde road, Kavalbyra sandra ), where the BMC trucks dump the garbages everyday on the roadside which is surrounded by Poorna smithi school, and residential houses. How can they be so careless dumping city garbages in a area where lots of school children walks and residential area is located. WHy nobody in this area nor the school management is not taking any agitation to bring this wrong practice to stop forever. I blame the political system

  • harikrishnan rathnaswami - 5 years ago

    I feel, the initiative is not going anywhere. There are two places I want to mention in Chennai where I live.
    The Vegetable & fruit shop ( KOvai pazhamudhir Nilayam) guys dump all waste to the road side ( which is a very busy road) and the workers relieve themselves on the roadside. COrporation also doesn’t clean it properly nor penalise them as the owner is a lawyer in Madras court. The initiative is not going anywhere . Can BJP cadres in Mandaveli area have a look at VK Iyer

  • Naveen Chauhan_1 - 5 years ago

    Please look into every station, every street and every corner. we need to implement clean India more strongly with some penalties on spreading waste here and there. we need to talk about more on Green Revolution

  • sumit kumar - 5 years ago

    Wastage problem can be solved if we start heavy fine system for all corporates, small scale industry, restaurants, shops which municipal corporation is not doing it. Should give more salary to the lower level people and motivate them with incentive for cleaning. Some where or the other every state municipal corp is not helping as i think they do not have better equipments nor manpower to support such high population of the country.

  • sumit kumar - 5 years ago

    India the biggest issue is that the plastic waste is increasing day by day. Requesting you to please mandate in very state to make roads with the Plastic waste only and it should be mandatory to use this technology which is made by Bangalore scientist. This will help in reducing the plastic waste which we find on every road of india. Please instruct the transport ministry to pass this rule,municipal corp which clean the city in every state can earn more with sell this plastic waste.

  • Hakim ansari - 5 years ago

    Ratlam station is in worst condition…there bathroom are worst…kindly do some thing

  • Ranajit Bhattacharyya - 5 years ago

    Quest for a clean India: where do we stand?

  • Vijay Dani - 5 years ago

    I am not in favour of typical Indian attitude "I will dirty the place and the government, NGO, volunteers will clean it up. We must educate our citizens to keep the public places clean by 4 methods- SAAM,DAAM,DANDA,BHED- Punish the offender severely when the first 3 fail. We recently saw the media report on Delhi politicians posing for Photo sessions when Delhi was a mess of worse order for 12 days

  • Pranav Mishra - 5 years ago

    मुझे आप के सामने यह विचार पेश करने के लिए एक अवसर प्रदान करें.

    सफाई रिवोल्यूशनरी
    प्रणव मिश्रा

  • Arvind Singh Rathore - 5 years ago

    Mr. PM sir I have lot of appreciation and gratitude for the efforts for the betterment of our motherland.
    I have few suggestions for mission clean india. They are following
    1) there should be enough garbage bins on all the railway stations, bus stands and other public places.
    2) there should be some mechanism of garbage storage in train coaches. Because of no garbage bins in coaches people throw it outside from the window making the surroundings of railway tracks dirty.
    3) enough toilets.

  • Gurcharan Dogra - 5 years ago

    Best example of clean India is R.S.S.B in Beas punjab. When you that place you can’t say it can exist in India. I think PM sir needs to visit that place for suggestion and their experience on cleanliness

  • Bhavik Patel - 5 years ago


  • Alka jitu soni - 5 years ago

    i have research so many places why our public thraw rubbis on public place or anywhere most of people ask for dustbin at every 1 km of all places it will give india atleast 50% cleanness and not told public forsly but it will done automaticly pls apply this suggestion as soon as possible it result 100% more ….

  • Aatish Bhatia - 5 years ago

    Suggestion for Swacch Bharat Nomination
    In Punjab we see a lot of cleanliness in gurudwara’s because all sikh people together join hands for it.
    Since our PM usually visits Golden Temple, if he will make 1 announcement from there that it is the wish of the guru’s who resided in Punjab that they want to see a clean punjab and thus contribute towards swacch bharat, i am sure the whole community will work towards it.
    Thank you.

  • chadra kusuma - 5 years ago sicere request to PMO Plz have a look about products what they r using inside
    media never informed us
    That Coke, Pepsi is in reality toilet cleaner ! it has been proved that it contains 21 types of different poisons ! And it’s sale is banned in the canteen of indian parliament ! But it is sold in whole country
    media never informed us
    That foreign companies selling health tonics like Boost
    Protin-ex., were tested in Delhi

  • chadra kusuma - 5 years ago sicere request to PMO Plz have a look about products what they r using inside like maggy noodles

    MEDIA will never inform you??
    That in a case in Chennai high court Fair & Lovely company accepted that the cream contains the oil from Pig fats
    media never informed us that Vicks is banned in how many countries of Europe ! There it has been declared as slow poison ! But in our country we see it’s advertising on TV whole day
    media never informed us that Lifebouy is neither bath soap

  • VINEETH KRISHNAN S - 5 years ago

    Everywhere we are seeing SWATCH BHARATH banners and posters. But to impliment this great idea we need to create awareness among people from Top to Bottom. I am seeing different types of people throwing waste in public places irrespective of their designation. This need to be arrested. We need to set up a civilian army to arrest this situation. Moreover the government should initiate a proper waste management system. We are collecting waste in a bin,then we are throwing it together in some place

  • SOURAV RANA - 5 years ago


  • umed milke - 5 years ago

    sir swachh bharat abhiyaan ke liye suzaav:
    har ek gaav me area wise 10 -20 logo ke group me hapte me kiman 1 baar apna area / colony swacchha karni chahie. isme har ek ward ka nagar sewak pudhakar leke unhone karana chahiye.

    thank you.

  • Sourabh Pande - 5 years ago

    India create serene and clean, so we will concentrate more and more of villages | and my honorable Minister Narendra Modi is my one small request, each of which may appoint a panchayat employee a clean campaign clean unemployed to work on the campaign, which has two advantages duty and will also clean all the village will also |
    Thanks ….

  • Sourabh Pande - 5 years ago

    kujyujky,yi,j nkgyumkbn myukjghj 56 mkjb

  • Tarun Sharma_11 - 5 years ago

    Dear Mr PM, A suggestion for our SWATCH BHARAT, as every corporate is these days into CSR(corporate social responsibility)scheme and is due to spend some money towards it. Why not make it mandatory to spend that money on making URINALS and RESTROOMS. Make a minimum of 5% of turnover or profit to be spend on it. What ever money spent should also attract some rebate in taxation. Any construction in rural India should be encouraged with extra rebate. Maintaining the construction should also be a

  • Aditya Kulshrestha - 5 years ago

    To make the Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan reach every household there should be an online portal where citizens can highlight areas which the local municipal corporation has neglected so far or if there are areas which require urgent attention. On this portal, the citizens should be able to post the address and pictures of the area in concern. The complaint should get directed to the local municipality and the action taken by the municipality can be updated on the portal.

  • vasanth kumar - 5 years ago

    Ask all the municipal councilor of BJP should take seriously there work for clean India mission & there work are else BJP will loose miserably in Karnataka,Take the serious concern

  • Hemanth Kumar Palli - 5 years ago

    We are not remembering that A group of Small things that makes a big thing….Clean India need to be Start not only cleaning from Streets…First we make Some rules regarding this, that’s makes Our Surroundings clean…..Foe Example 1)Daily We can see that All the public properties Dressed with Somebody’s Advertisements/publicity…Firstly we need to Ban such things Who stick notices on Public Properties … 2)Place Dustbins Where generally needs. by this we may helpful to who wants cleanness

  • AJEET AGARWAL - 5 years ago

    I request to govt. to add garbage boxes in every street so that people use them instead of throwing the same at open space which causes sickness etc. My suggestion for that they can collect some amount from respective street people for that I think no one will refuse in donating for this good cause.

  • sachin kumar - 5 years ago

    And this is the time we have to make it compulsory basic education for every child to develope their mind about cleanliness. Once our future of India our childs mean that than this will be our victory.

  • sachin kumar - 5 years ago

    We should make it compulsory for all shops and food corners especially fast food stalls near road and garden to keep a dust bin/ garbage bin for the collection of all waste caused at their shop and it should be their responsibility to ensure cleanliness around their shops. Then they can ask their customers to follow the same cleanliness . It will take some time to make a habit in every citizens ,, and sometimes we have to act hard too to force them to so this to make our India a clean country.

  • M satyanarayana_2 - 5 years ago

    Indian govt has taken good policy but this policy is not impalement in rural areas especially in villages because most of people they don’t have awareness in cleaning of they surrounds so they face a lot of problems and facing most of diocese’ please take action on that problem .and govt please make swatch youva barath teams in villages

  • Jainam shah - 5 years ago

    A competetion should be organized in which the city or a state should awarded prize for their notable contribution in swarcta abhiyan, and the most clean state of india. In this way the state government will regular takes part in this abhiyan and make it incredible for future’s indians.

    • cool_1 - 5 years ago

      happy for the GOVT actions to clean INDIA,we should take self initiatives not throwing garbage,4 wheelers when needed,but GOVT should take few more actions like developing MARKET yards,busstations,garbagebins in streets.cityIamtalkingabout isBANGALORE,we are loosing the garden city view due to garbage on roads.GOVT plz improve MADIWALA MARKET,majestic,take actions on who throw garbage on roads.can see many places with garbageDump,worried on city cleanliness

  • Jainam shah - 5 years ago

    Swarch bharat abhiyan should make an app so our members of this group and our other citizens can upload that pictures , so that the real image of some areas can come and by this awareness will come.

  • Jainam shah - 5 years ago

    Respected sir, I am suggesting that on civil session day all the civil employees should clean their area with their juniors and can make a cleaniness drive.

  • Balamurugan_7 - 5 years ago

    Keep Clean the Surrounding is important also reduce the wastage. Since day by day many metro cities the solid waste increasing. regarding this government should keep telling through the advertisement in television and radio on reduce waste and also rain water harvesting system should be implemented in every household also state govt not saving the water reservoir or cleaning it to save the water. Central should insist state gov on saving water for future needs to avoid Water War.

  • Balamurugan_7 - 5 years ago

    Dear Sir,

    Swachhbharat is not only for taking picture of cleaning by celebrities to post on social networks.
    I think Government should reach to the common people through advertisements in television and radio for which the television channel or radio should not get money for the advertisement. Corporate social responsibility. daily they telecast lots of advertisement which people watch so for countries concern they should telecast advertisement on clean India at peak times.

  • BOOSA SHASHIDAR - 5 years ago

    By cleaning only it’S not complete,in so many countries they are using different methods to use garbage buy not yet in India.When we utilize the garbage then only its aim completes. one of the great method is "land filling" method.
    We can observe in given below link.

  • Anoop Kodakkal Puthiyaveedu - 5 years ago

    I suggest to make swachhbharat as a subject in our education. Not just a chapter under any subject but a subject called swachhbharat or any name you give it. That subject should teach the basic practices and behaviour that an indian citizen should follow. Right from 1st std to colleges this should be a compulasory subject and there should be exams as well like any other subject. There should be lessons how a indian should be.This will be the way to future.

  • Anoop Kodakkal Puthiyaveedu - 5 years ago

    I suggest to make swachhbharat as a subject in our education. Not just a chapter under any subject but a subject called swachhbharat or any name you give it. That subject should teach the basic practices and behaviour that an indian citizen should follow. Right from 1st std to colleges this should be a compulasory subject and there should be exams as well like any other subject. There should be lessons how a indian should be.This will be the way to future.

  • Sachin Sharma_6 - 5 years ago

    we should ban poly thin,plastic and pharmacol in whole india,which are not good for our environment, if we do it then i think, we clean 40-50% without doing anything. and a powerful law should be make against those people who are involve in this,if we do it successfully than most of our work will complete.

  • jagdish mishra - 5 years ago

    eliminating street dogs could be a major task to achieve this mission

    • Neerja Jha - 5 years ago

      Eliminating street dogs, pigs, cows and animal waste on the streets specially nearby all tourist attractions!! India looks so dirty. Most dirtiest tourist destinations. People look very uncivilized. No civic sense at all!! Need to bring awareness among people and put fine on everything!! No municipal works at all. During my visit to India recently , travelled to many states and places, India is not shining at all. Garbage and dust everywhere!! Delhi dream of making-world city is just a trash!!!

  • Vikash Kumar Dudi - 5 years ago

    My request to government that update our school education system and city/village system which will include programs for peoples to learn the habit of using a dustbin at school and tv Programs. we will fix the responsibility for all retailed departments. firstly we have improve the clearance of office conditions. there in no dustbin in govt places.jab kuch hoga hi nahi to peoples kase motivate ho sakte hai. every village and city ke har entry par clean ki ek badi add ho and fine system bhi ho

  • Vikash Kumar Dudi - 5 years ago

    My request to government that update our school education system and city/village system which will include programs for peoples to learn the habit of using a dustbin at school and tv Programs. we will fix the responsibility for all retailed departments. firstly we have improve the clearance of office conditions. there in no dustbin in govt places.jab kuch hoga hi nahi to peoples kase motivate ho sakte hai. every village and city ke har entry par clean ki ek badi add ho and fine system bhi ho

  • Sudhakar Gokhale - 5 years ago

    The entire emphasis of the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan is on cleaning the dirt. Would it not be better to lay emphasis on NOT CREATING DIRT ? The Abhiyan should run thus :1. Pan Kha kar raste par mat thook0 2. Chana Chor Garam Kha kar kagaz raste par mat pheko Ghar zad kar kachara khidki se bahar mat feko etc.What the Abhiyan has contributed so far is numerous photographs in News Papers of leaders wielding the Zadoo. Kachara failane kee aadat jyon ki tyon banee hooi haye !

  • GAURAV GOEL - 5 years ago

    in kalka haryana no toielts , if toilets then no one enter in it Write a letter but none of them action taken on that please clean india no this is wasatge of time

  • Harshvardhan Tiwari - 5 years ago

    We should make Weekly Practice in Schools for student and Monthly Practice in schools with Parents.
    It can have some steps:
    1. Schools should cover 1.5km radius area under their supervision with Teachers, Students and Parents (which will make them self aware and responsible).
    2. Students should have weekly period of Swachh Mision in which they will clean school prescribed radius with their teachers.
    3. Parents will have a session monthly for the same.


  • nalinivenkat - 5 years ago

    For swach bharat, From evry street of village& cites should collect Garbage& to disposed in proper way by CORpor muncipal;ity or by PPP. Must ensure Garbage bin at evry street & tobe collected regularly.Should monitor every area & fine those who are using Garb.bin.Apart from garbage street dogs tobe abolished which affects cleanliness.Every school,it is essential tobring awreness of Swach bharat comparing place like singapore.Shpping centres shouldued carry bagof cloth or papers.

  • GAURANG KANSARA - 5 years ago


  • Sachin Gangadharswamy - 5 years ago

    We see plastic is one of the major contributor for the garbage in public places. We all had seen how best we can make use of plastics in building roads in Amir Khan’s Satyamev Jayathe. I recommend all governments(states and Central) should give the contract of constructing roads ONLY to those conractors who use this formula. Bringing in regulation around this area would eliminate the danger from plastic littering and also provides a quality roads across India.

  • Sourav Kumar Sahu - 5 years ago

    Let’s increase number of foreigners working in India. An increased number of foreigners in India will facilitate our citizens to have an global exposure, which will help us look at ourselves through others eyes. In short it will widen our vision and will boost our country’s biological diversity.

  • Sourav Kumar Sahu - 5 years ago

    I would request government to update our school education system which will include programs for kids to learn the habit of using a dustbin at school.

  • karnvir singh - 5 years ago

    Friends I have to say one thing that if foreign countries are clean and beautiful then why not we can convert our country into foreign country by cleaning .Please support us to express this world that Indians are bold and courageous.

  • shalini_5 - 5 years ago

    All the best to My govt. Let India rise and shine.