15 Citizen Ideas that Shaped the Rail Budget 2016-17

25 Feb 2016


Citizen participation plays a vital role in a vibrant democracy. Continuing its efforts to encourage citizen participation in governance, MyGov, in association with Ministry of Railways, invited ideas to be incorporated in the rail budget for the second consecutive year. The discussion received numerous innovative ideas. Some of the ideas were reflected in the budget proposal presented by the Railway Minister Shri. Suresh Prabhu on Thursday, 25th February 2016. MyGov appreciates the contribution of all the citizens who participated in this discussion.

Suggestion 1: International technological solutions

“We should adopt new international technologies like China” – Venkati, Vizag(AP)

Government Budget Proposal

“In line with international best practices, we will rely on technological solutions for project management and monitoring”.

Suggestion 2: Reduction in tools weight

“Minimize or eliminate over load of tool kits of gang men”—Jana Basha Shaik, Hyderabad

 Government Budget Proposal

“We will also reduce the weight of the tools carried by the gang men while patrolling on foot through value engineering.”

Suggestion 3: Fully unreserved coaches

“A train with fully unreserved coaches should be introduced” – Sundararaj Sigamani, Tamil Nadu

 Government Budget Proposal

“We propose to introduce the Antyodaya Express, a long-distance, fully unreserved, superfast train service, for the common man to be operated on dense routes.”

Suggestion 4: Startup collaboration

“Railways can involve startup firms to promote travel by Railways to the various tourist spots”- Sriram Venkatanarasimhan, Tamil Nadu

Government Budget Proposal

“We are setting aside a sum of Rs. 50 crore for providing innovation grants to employees, startups and growth oriented small businesses to support internal and external innovation.”

Suggestion 5: Radio networks inside trains

“All India Radio RCA jack will be provided to every berth”- Rahul Morje, Mumbai

Government Budget Proposal

“We propose to invite FM Radio stations for providing train borne entertainment by installing PA systems in trains”

Suggestion 6: Training for railway staff

“Try to have special training courses for Railway staff” – Piyush Gupta, Meerut

Government Budget Proposal

“Training in yoga will be imparted to our staff, especially from RPF.”

Suggestion 7:  Storage facilities at freight terminals for farmers

“I think the Government should focus on Freight and logistics. This will help our farmers in storing and moving heavy commodities from their farms to the cities” Anil Shringi, Mumbai

Government Budget Proposal

“Encourage development of cold storage facilities on vacant land near freight terminals. Local farmers and fisherman would be given preferential usage of the facility.”

Suggestion 8: Travel insurance

“Provide insurance system for the traveller, such that he can be safeguardedand given another travel option” – Dharmesh Purohit, Gujarat

Government Budget Proposal

“To minimize the financial loss to passengers from such events, we are working with insurance companies to offer optional travel insurance for rail journeys at the time of booking.”

Suggestion 9: Local cuisine in trains

“’Ek Bharat Shreshta Bharat’ special trains be introduced. History, culture, rich heritage of India be depicted. Most popular food and cuisine of different states be served to the tourists and visitors”- Rajkaran Singh Bhatti, Chandigarh

Government Budget Proposal

“Local cuisine of choice will be made available to passengers.”

Suggestion 10: Plantations on tracks for revenue generation

“Indian Railways has more than 1,00,000 acres of land (approx.) which needs to be properly utilised for generating income. Land can be diverted towards plantations/income generating green cover enhancing activities”- Rajkaran Singh Bhatti, Chandigarh

Government Budget Proposal

“Indian Railways has huge tracts of land available adjacent to its rail network. We will lease out this space to promote horticulture and tree plantation.”

Suggestion 11: Mobile application for grievance redressal

“Make a railway application, at least for complaints” – Amit Gupta

Government Budget Proposal

“A mobile application to redress Railway related complaints is also being developed.”

Suggestion 12: Tourist circuit trains

“A fully air-conditioned service (preferably a daily express throughout the year or at least on the Suvidha pattern during peak/summer/winter seasons) having no stops en-route on the lines of a Shatabdi Express or Bharat Darshan or State Tirth Yatra Train or Hindu Circuit Train or Charter Train (spiritual tour with all inclusive package – confirmed rail reservation” – K Balasubramanian, Chennai

Government Budget Proposal

“We will be partnering with the State Governments for operating tourist circuit trains and explore the possibility of a revenue sharing model.”

Suggestion 13: RORO Train services

“More number of RORO Train Services must be available to more cities.This will reduce the CO2 emission and increase the revenue”- Sooraj T, Kerala

Government Budget Proposal

“A full-fledged market study is being undertaken and detailed supply and demand scenarios, service level and infrastructure requirements will be assessed so that an action plan to re-capture that traffic through either containerization or new delivery models e.g., Roll-on Roll-off (RORO), will be developed and implemented”

Suggestion 14:  Toilets for loco-pilots

“Railways should take steps to provide toilets in train engines as well” –  Apurva Rai, Noida

Government Budget Proposal

“We will also provide toilets and air-conditioning in cabs for our loco pilots.”

Suggestion 15:  On board entertainment

“On board entertainment facilities should be available” – Saurabh Sinha, Delhi

Government Budget Proposal

“Railways will offer on-board services such as entertainment, Wi-Fi, etc. through one service provider for ensuring accountability and improved customer satisfaction.”

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  • Jalpa Dave - 7 years ago

    Lastly, try keeping points system if railway tickets booked by passenger by using irctc website. This will encourage passengers to use Indian railway. Request to cut down various agencies involved while booking a railway ticket.

  • Jalpa Dave - 7 years ago

    Can we assign fine system on the train for people spitting or littering in the train. There should be closed dustbins in every compartment for people to throw rubbish there. If possible have net windows so that people can not throw rubbish outside window nor can spit outside. This will help in keeping country clean too.

  • Jalpa Dave - 7 years ago

    Is it possible can we have a uniform given to all railways staff to identify them as onboard staff and can approach them on requirement.
    If possible please regularly pint the trains inside & outside to give it fresh look.
    Please have the train name printed on the train compartments to identify them even from far.

  • Jalpa Dave - 7 years ago

    Automatically alot lower berth for senior citizen while the ticket is being booked. While always a lot an upper / middle berths for other age groups in same compartment.
    Please have a balanced train fee in comparison with flights so that there are more train commuters at the same this can provide govt enough money to pull out cost & pay decent salary to the staff so that they do not ask for tips from passengers. Cancellation charges need to be made considerate.

  • Jalpa Dave - 7 years ago

    Sir, in addition to all the above suggestions, I hereby would request you to have cleaner and hygienic toilets in second class compartments (rather all compartments) of the long journey trains. Also the blankets provided should be sent for laundry wash along with the bedsheets that are given during long journey trains (a/c compartment).

  • balasubramaniam_7 - 7 years ago

    I am happy and proud to be a indian good and nice to see that people are constantly involved in all such activities

  • Abhijith Shastry - 7 years ago

    Congratulations to the Railway Minister and the Govt. of India for successfully laying out initiatives to consider citizen’s ideas in the current budget. Most of these are really practical and effective. Also please consider few more ideas, as I’m sure there were many ideas in the portal that seemed more effective and useful in addition to the 15 above.

    Abhijith Shastry

  • DIBYAJYOTI GOGOI - 7 years ago

    1.There is the need of increase in the number of unreserved coach in the super fast train.
    2.Security system inside the train should be effective to get rid of thief.
    3.Proper cleaning and water facilities should be there in each coach of the train.
    4.Increase in the number of Tatkal ticket for AC tier.
    5.Super fast AC express from south to till the Dibrugarh of north east.

  • Tirthankar Bhowmick - 7 years ago

    I am afraid that there is nothing planned to improve the safety and security of passengers. Or empowering the police. The unreserved trains will promote more gundagardi of coolies. I tried the railway emergency line recently and it was so hard to reach. When I reached and complained about the miscreants destroying railway property, I was asked to contact the enquiry number!

    Its easy to make new plans as it fills many pockets, hard to execute.

  • Anurag Shukla - 7 years ago

    Suggestions 7 & 10 are real very good.Suggestion No. 10 can also be true for road & Canals.