Celebrating three years of Mann Ki Baat

28 Sep 2017

In 2014, Prime Minister Narendra Modi set a new precedent with the launch of Mann Ki Baat. An initiative with a far reaching impact, Mann Ki Baat can be considered to be one of the first steps the Prime Minister took towards the vision of participatory governance. A medium through which the Prime Minister can reach out to the nation and a platform that enables citizens to reach out to the Prime Minister.  It is a definitive step towards furthering the cause of Jan Bhagidari.

Mann Ki Baat gives citizens an opportunity to share their ideas and suggestions through MyGov, letters, the PM’s app as well as calls recorded through IVRS. Since its inception, it has seen many ideas in the form of  1.5 lakh + comments  and over 6 lakh calls from across the country. The first episode which aired on 3rd October, 2014 established the initiative as a means of communication between the Prime Minister and the citizens.

The impact of Mann Ki Baat can be fathomed through the response and enthusiasm of the people. Cutting across the length and breadth of the country, the views voiced in Mann Ki Baat have become citizen-led mass movements and have inspired people to participate in nation building with their ideas. Be it the Prime Minister’s initiative of ‘Selfie with daughter’ or his encouragement to use Khadi products, citizens have supported his vision with their participation. Through Mann Ki Baat, the Prime Minister has appreciated, urged, encouraged and inspired citizens to participate with their innovative ideas and suggestions. During one of the Mann Ki Baat sessions, the Prime Minister took the opportunity to applaud Indian women who have led the way in sports and also appreciated the efforts of the citizens towards Swachh Bharat.

In the words of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, When you give your opinion, it means that you are concerned with national issues and this is a strength of the nation. I welcome You.” In a diverse country such as India, reaching the Prime Minister is a difficult task. Never before has an Indian Prime Minister opened so many avenues for citizens to reach him and never before have citizens enthusiastically shared their nation-building ideas with the nation-builders. Driving social change through their suggestions, the citizens ideas reach millions through the voice of the Prime Minister.

Be it the school that dug 250 small trenches to save rainwater or the resolve of a 16 year old girl who launched Satyagraha against her own family for a toilet – citizens today are inspiring a ‘New India’ through Mann Ki Baat.

What makes Mann Ki Baat special and significant is its relevance. The Prime Minister addresses issues that are on the minds of every Indian citizen – from exams to festivals, from the pressing issue of drugs to farmer welfare. Mann Ki Baat not only conveys the Prime Minister’s thoughts on various subjects but also assures citizens that their ideas are being heard.

Mann Ki Baat is a medium where no idea is big or small, all ideas hold equal importance and the Prime Minister is in tune with the pulse of the nation. Whether a citizen has suggestions on water conservation, environment or a question on exam related stress – the Prime Minister has addressed it all through Mann Ki Baat.

As the initiative completes 3 successful years, it can serve as a reminder to all citizens to contribute with their ideas and suggestions, because every voice matters. Citizen ideas are the pillars of the nation’s growth, their suggestions, concerns and thoughts make the crux of participatory governance and Mann Ki Baat serves as the perfect catalyst.

Citizens who have contributed to Mann Ki Baat


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