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Chandigarh Revised Smart City Proposal

05 Apr 2016


The Municipal Corporation Chandigarh is pleased to inform you that our city has been selected under Fast Track Cities for Smart City Mission under the Ministry of Urban Development (MoUD). In this phase, our city will compete with 23 other cities, enhance our Smart City proposal and become eligible for funding on accelerated basis in 2016-17. The city needs to refine its vision, mission and a proposal based upon suggestions received from panel of expert and MoUD. After taking into consideration the comments received from panel of experts and MoUD, talking to stakeholders, conducting assessment of previously submitted SCP, necessary refinements and enhancement to the Chandigarh Smart City Proposal have been made and is hereby put up for citizen comments and endorsements.

Chandigarh – Revised Smart City Plan

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  • Chitra_19 - 3 years ago

    One big hope is that the services extended by the employees and officers sitting in government offices complement these new reforms.

  • Dinesh Kumar_176 - 3 years ago

    Smart City proposal is for our benefit. This is good

  • Dilraj Kaur_1 - 3 years ago

    Our city is known for vast open spaces, with new facelifts and plazas it will even more attractive.

  • kapish_2 - 3 years ago

    Rising traffic congestions and parking issues bother us all. Let’s think smart!

  • Kunal Deep Singh - 3 years ago

    IT infrastructure is going to be the backbone of Smart Chandigarh. So a bright future growth awaits in this sector for the youth.

  • Iqbal Singh_2 - 3 years ago

    Just the solar powered smart street lighting, will make so much of difference. And that’s just the beginning.

  • deepak_387 - 3 years ago

    The city’s transportation will also be friendly for the disabled.

  • Bineet Kaur - 3 years ago

    The new direction of economic and commercial growth, shall truly stop the youth from migrating to metro cities.

  • Aditya Babbar - 3 years ago

    Chandigarh shall be the first model city for others to emulate.

  • Rajeev_45 - 3 years ago

    Area based development: the plan is great