Chief Minister’s Young Professionals for Development Programme

12 Dec 2022

CMYPDP-Chief Minister’s Young Professionals for Development Programme

CMYPDP is a flagship program of the Government of Madhya Pradesh that aims to bring together a diverse group of competent young professionals for developmental processes in the district, block, and rural areas. Each district of the State is home to 52 CM Fellows and the responsibility of planning & carrying out CMYPDP is given to AIGGPA (Atal Bihari Institute of Good Governance and Policy Analysis), an autonomous think tank of the Madhya Pradesh Government.

Sushasan Samagam 2022 marks the completion of one year of CMYPDP with the agenda of integrated efforts across the development arch and a collaborative platform to discover and join end-to-end development processes in Madhya Pradesh.

The conclave will be held in Bhopal on 13th December 2022 which includes a series of sessions on significant topics about enhancing good governance at the grass root level with collaboration in diverse areas.

The conclave aims to bring young minds from various State and National-level fellowships under one roof in order to foster synergies and projectized ideas for improved district-level execution of successful interventions in order to facilitate the effective implementation of solutions at the grassroots levels based on the experiences of young professionals deployed throughout the State. The conclave will promote partnerships for research & development with academic institutes, think tanks, foundations, etc. to facilitate the exchange of knowledge.

The main focus areas of CMYPDP are Identification & assessment, strengthening governance at grass-root levels, showcasing impact achieved by CM fellows, and forming & strengthening partnerships. The key themes of the conclave include strengthening scheme delivery systems, social development through grass-root convergence, governance best practices for cross-learning and cohesive growth, technology & innovation-which are confounding pillars of data governance, and the role of social media in enabling resilient service delivery & community awareness.

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