Citizen Suggestions on MyGov and Actual Rail Budget Proposals

27 Feb 2015

Rail Budget

MyGov brings to you some noteworthy ideas suggested by citizens over the last few months to “Indian Railways” group and which are also reflected in key commitments presented in the Railway Budget of 2015 presented on 26th February 2015 by Minister of Railways, Shri Suresh Prabhu.

Suggestion #1: Swachh Rail
“SWACHH INDIAN RAILWAYS – we should ensure that the existing coaches are maintained and cleaned to have a feel good experience for the travellers”

Government’s Budget Proposal

“We want to make Swachh Rail the driving force behind this Government’s flagship programme – Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. Hence, we now work on-Swachh Rail Swachh Bharat.”

Suggestion #2: Vacuum Toilets and Bio-Toilets for Railways
“We can have bio- toilets and the waste can be disposed off at designated stations only having facility to dispose-off the waste. “

Government’s Budget Proposal
“Bio-toilets are being fitted in coaches. So far we have replaced the existing toilets with 17,388 bio toilets. This year we intend to replace another 17,000 toilets. Research, Design and Standards Organisation (RDSO) has also been tasked with making available within a period of six months a design for vacuum toilets.”

Suggestion #3: Strengthening Research and Development
“Why can’t we have a “Research & Development” team in various railways zone and department who will work on various new ideas, innovations to improve our current services, infrastructure and technologies.”

Government’s Budget Proposal

“We need to invest in fundamental and applied research for seeking solutions to rail-specific issues. We intend to set up a technology portal to invite innovative technological solutions.”

Suggestion #4: Concessional e-tickets for differently-abled travellers
“Include disabled persons concession link in e-ticket website IRCTC.CO.IN to avoid physical hassles”

Government’s Budget Proposal

“For the differently-abled travellers, a special initiative is being launched whereby they can purchase concessional etickets after one-time registration”

Suggestion #5: Online payment for food
“Food payments should be allowed online like Rajdhani to curb corruption in pantry services. “

Government’s Budget Proposal

“Food can be ordered through the IRCTC website at the time of booking of tickets”

Suggestion #6:Working with private food chains

“Private companies can be roped in to provide food and other facilities”

Government’s Budget Proposal

We are working to integrate the best food chains in our country into this project. Depending on the response from our customers, the facility will be extended to cover more trains.

Suggestion #7: Digital Display Network

“Install Digital Display inside the every compartment, which can show at least the train speed, station name”

Government’s Budget Proposal

“A centrally managed Railway Display Network is expected to be introduced in over 2,000 stations over the next two years which will aid in providing information on train arrival/departure, reservations, general and emergency messages and also any other information of interest to citizens. This facility will promote “Digital India Campaign” and also unlock huge advertising revenue potential.”

Suggestion #8: Adarsh Railway Station and involvement of MPs and MLAs

“All MLAs, MPs should adopt 1 railway station as adarsh railway station.”

Government’s Budget Proposal

“So far, 1052 stations have been identified for upgradation of Passenger Amenities at Station under Adarsh station scheme….”

“..request all MPs to use part of their MPLAD funds in improving facilities at Railway stations.”

Suggestion #9: Consulting ISRO for Railway Safety and monitoring

” ISRO scientist can make a low level satellite with full package & service solution, to monitor send signal about rail traffic routes, climatic condition, with satellite mobile tower networking”

Government’s Budget Proposal

“In the short term, RDSO has been asked to develop a suitable device with reliable power supply system based on theft-proof panels/batteries in consultation with Indian Space Research Organization, using geo-spatial technology for providing audio-visual warning to road users at unmanned level crossings.”

Suggestion #10: Railway Safety with Railway Over Bridges and Railway Under Bridges

“Talking of construction of Railway Over Bridges (ROBs) and Railway Under Bridges (RUBs) at the Railway Unmanned / Manned Railway Level Crossings in the country.”

Government’s Budget Proposal
“Keeping in view the critical need to facilitate the construction of ROB/RUB’s, a web based application has been commissioned with user-friendly measures for online submission and approval of drawings within 60 days and an MOU has also been signed with the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways in this regard.”

MyGov thoroughly acknowledges the efforts of the citizens for their participation in the Indian Railways group. We look forward to your continued and proactive engagement!

Read the complete speech of Hon. Minister for Railways, Shri Suresh Prabhu here

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  • rajnikant choubey - 7 years ago

    माननीय रेल मंत्री जी को मेरा एक अहम सुझाव है कि एक नयी रेलगाड़ी इंटरसिटी एक्सप्रेस के रूप मे मुगलसराय से गोरखपुर तक चलाये जो बक्सर,आरा,पटना,हाजिपुर,मुजफ्फरपुर, मोतिहारी, बेतिया, नरकटियागंज,बगहा,वाल्मिकीनगर होते हुए गोरखपुर तक जाये।क्योकि ये रूट को जोड़ने वाले क्षेत्रो मे यात्री बहुत है एवं नया दीघा पुल बन जाने से ये संभव है।

  • rajnikant choubey - 7 years ago

    माननीय रेल मंत्री जी को मेरा एक अहम सुझाव है कि एक नयी रेलगाड़ी इंटरसिटी एक्सप्रेस के रूप मे मुगलसराय से गोरखपुर तक चलाये जो बक्सर,आरा,पटना,हाजिपुर,मुजफ्फरपुर, मोतिहारी, बेतिया, नरकटियागंज,बगहा,वाल्मिकीनगर होते हुए गोरखपुर तक जाये।क्योकि ये रूट को जोड़ने वाले क्षेत्रो मे यात्री बहुत है एवं नया दीघा पुल बन जाने से ये संभव है।
    शाहाबाद क्षेत्र के बहुत से लोग चंपारन क्षेत्र मे रहते है एवं चम्पारन क्षेत्र के लोग शाहाबाद क्षेत्र मे रहते है ।साथ मे पर्यटन को भी बढावा मिलेगा।वाल्मिकी नगर आदि पर्यटन के।

  • Rishabh Kohli - 8 years ago

    My mother was coming from Bombay to Allahabad, via Kolkata mail, scheduled to arrive on 8:30 PM, on 10/3/15.. The train reached Naini, a station on the outskirts of Allahabad, on 4:15 AM. Then it stood here for 2 hours!! Reached Allahabad on 6:30 AM around.. My request is please do something about so much delay in the trains.. When a train is arriving near some station, let it arrive first.. Don’t always give preference to VIP trains like Rajdhani!

  • Darshan Bharat Trivedi - 8 years ago

    2) Each railway station master should be held responsible for addressing any suggestions & complaints. I have my personal experience at Borivali station master. An arrangement of online logbook should be made at each stations wherein the reports (Open or Close) with Action taken goes to the Railway Ministry team every month. People are not interested in raising their voices for any suggestions / complaints just because there is no evaluation of their ideas. NOT ENOUGH SPACE TO WRITE HERE.

  • Darshan Bharat Trivedi - 8 years ago

    Shri Suresh Prabhu,
    I would come to my points straight.I reside in Mumbai and you are very well aware of the indiscipline & heavy rush in the Mumbai railways.
    1) Keep some bouncers on all the stations who would be in civil dress. These bouncers should be able to catch hold of people who spit in open on platforms/railway tracks and also who litter anything that is in their hand. These bouncers should have permit to beat such people. Only beating can now bring discipline in our people.

  • VIJAY KUMAR DUBEY - 8 years ago

    Respected Ministers and Officers

    I have a suggestion for Indian railway and gov must think for this to resolve the public problem during winter time because of fog which train gets late and it waste lot of time and money of public as well as gov and we always thing its a weather problem and we cant manage it. but we are wrong .
    i have an idea by which electrical and electronic experts can solve this issue. by creating a device which will works through satellite or other medium

  • - 8 years ago

    All MLAs, MPs should adopt 1 railway station as adarsh railway station of his Lok sabha or Vidhan Sabha area only,

  • - 8 years ago

    Increase general bogies in express trains for public not having reservation.

  • ABDUSAMED P T - 8 years ago

    3. Honorable Sir,
    This is a proposal to keep clean railway lines at stations, a curse and severe problem throughout especially at mornings. To the out let of the lavatory at boggy a mini tank can be fitted and night soil with water can be stored for a small period of half an hour to maximum 2 hours. At the outlet of the tank a governor fitted with fan which on a targeted speed of 30 to 60 Kms, will help to open and pump out the slurry only gaining the assigned speed possitively at outskirts.

  • Rajgopal - 8 years ago

    Coach Cleanliness should be undertaken at each stop by a dedicated group of cleaners, this can be privatised.

  • HARSHVARDHAN KUMAR - 8 years ago

    Glad to see that the government is including the suggestions of the citizens in the budget.Earlier leaders refrained from even showing their face after election but now the government is even including them in policy making.A positive change indeed!

  • RP Singh - 8 years ago

    Further no Rail coaches be manufactured like existing coaches.All the General bogies be made like Inter City trains with sitting seats only to provide more space of general class public. For reserve classes in Express & Mail trains coaches be provided like Rajdhani & Satabdi Express in near future and in a phased manner all existing coaches be replaced. Old out dated coaches be utilized in DMUs & local passenger trains.New tracks in future be constructed for high speed trains only.