Citizens share their ideas to tackle drug menace ahead of Mann Ki Baat Programme

10 Dec 2014


In the Mann Ki Baat episode broadcast on 2nd November, 2014, Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi had highlighted the issue of drug menace and said that he would talk about the subject in a subsequent radio programme. Citizens from across the country have posted their ideas on how the issue can be handled, the steps that can be taken to curb its widespread impact and have shared personal anecdotes as well. Some of the ideas posted are as following:

Arnab Nandy (Kolkata West Bengal): 2. Make Treatment Available on Request Like Any Other Health Service: Making treatment services widely available undermines the drug market and reduces the harms from drug abuse. Treatment needs to be defined broadly to not only include abstinence-based treatment but also easier access to methadone and other alternative maintenance drugs. 3. Prevent Drug Abuse By Investing in Indian Youth and Providing Them with Accurate Information: The most effective way to prevent adolescent drug abuse is to invest in youth and keep them interested and involved in life. Government should increase funding for after school programs, mentor programs, skills building/job training programs and summer job programs.

Ankush Mishra (Allahabad Uttar Pradesh): 1. More responsibility on part of medical retailers and stores to sell syringes 2.Selling of certain medical drugs on only on the prescription of doctor 3.Advertisement on TV, Radio 4.strict surveillance 5.Psychiatrist counselling of drug patients 6. Usage of models like Narconon like in US, Mexico 7. Let rehabilitated patients share their experience of how to fight & quit drugs.

Prakash Sharma (Kolkata West Bengal): Drugs Have Several Categories and Definition.Need to RE-DEFINE our Laws for all these categories.People take drugs in several situations and when there is demand there is supply.So we need to Eradicate the Demand Side first and simultaneously we should find the ways to eradicate the Supply Side. Middle East Countries have Stricter Laws.Various Medicine Components ( Chemicals Mix ) acts as Drugs to Many.Need to re-define Laws pertaining Chemical Usage and Distribution in INDIA.

Sudhakar Pathak (Kestopur West Bengal): Dear PM sir .. This article is about the anti-drug ad campaign. The phrase “Just Say No” first emerged when Nancy Reagan was visiting Longfellow Elementary School in Oakland, California, in 1982 and was asked by a schoolgirl what to do if she was offered drugs. The first lady responded by saying, “Just say no”. Just Say No club organizations within schools and school-run anti-drug programs soon became common, in which young people make pacts not to experiment with drugs I want this in india

Narayana Prasad: The govt should provide helpline for children who wish to complain about peddlers/friends who are likely drug addicted, anonymously without having to go to police station and reveal identity. The special force should keep in mind that they should track the peddler without the knowledge of the addict and peddler and track and catch and immediately take legal action

Kishan Vasekar: Suggested steps..1.Group of parents /volunteers to be trained across the cities and empowered to interact with Govt, police etc.2.Thse volunteers along with expert group to identify and help young drug addicts.3.Drug abuse can be eliminated if the supplies are totally cut off.Separate machinery to be set up..Youngsters to be trained in Yoga , Meditation and celebrities who have come out of such problems or wish to contribute .I am 61 and ready to volunteer.Dhanywad

Sunil Anand (New Delhi Delhi (NCT)): ECHO India is working with NIMHANS, Bangalore for treating drug addiction and mental illnesses. NIMHANS-ECHO ( uses technology to get patients, in rural and under served areas, treatment of their addiction by their local doctors at the patients place of residence. ECHO model moves knowledge and not patients to deliver healthcare .NIMHANS runs this program very successfully and now has upto 40 clinicians logged in at a time to treat patients.

Prahalad Rajagopalan Palakkad (Kerala): Sir, in my home state of Kerala there are two very good initiatives of the Government of Kerala. One is ‘Clean Campus – Safe Campus’ campaign launched jointly by Home and Education Departments to wean the students and youngsters away from the influence of drugs and substance abuse. This initiative is being implemented through the School Vigilance Committees and Student Police Cadets. The brand ambassador of this Initiative is film star Mammootty. The second one is ‘Addicted to Life’, a social-media, anti-drug campaign aimed at creating awareness about the menace of drug and alcohol addiction lauched by the Government of Kerala with the backing of the Excise Department and the Kerala State Beverages Corporation. This initiative was also a huge success.

Raghunandan KV: Understand Combat Methamphetamine Act (CMEA) from US. Learn how they tackle drugs menace. Prescription drugs are abused. Learn how USA controls prescription drugs. Drug diversion is a big issue. Over prescribing by MDs. Narcotics bureau must be efficient ethical and corruption free. They should not harass businesses. Only then drugs menace will be eradicated. If govt depts do not have integrity in what they do, problems will not be solved. Narcotics dept must be clean and must mean business. Learn

Abhishek Pareek (Ajmer Rajasthan): आदरणीय प्रधानमंत्री जी नशा मुक्त भारत के सूझाव स्वीकारने हेतू ,धन्यवाद ,महोदय जी राष्ट्रीय स्तर पर नशेडी व नशे के सौदागरो के बारे मे नागरिक सरकार को सूचित कर सके इस हेतू एक. कॉल सेंटर स्थापित किया जाना चाहिये तथा झोला झाप डा. और अन्य कोई भी व्यक्ती जो नशे का प्रचार प्रत्यक्ष या अप्रत्यक्ष रूप से कर रहे है उनको गैर जमानती दण्ड दिया जाना चाहिये !

Ajith Shankar (Thuckalay Tamil Nadu): for medical drugs addiction on the counter availability of addictive drugs in medical shops has to be stopped… without doctors prescription these drugs should not be given.. although the rules in India says so practically no pharmacy follows this.. also a prescription should have a time limit.. many patients use prescriptions that where given even before 5 yrs to buy drugs now… this situation has to be changed.. pharmacies promoting this attitude should be stripped off licence

Prabhat Chand (Bangalore Karnataka): Addiction is a serious public health concern. There is a lack of trained service providers both for prevention and treatment. Centre for Addiction Medicine, NIMHANS Bangalore, believes that the best answer lies in capacity-building through use of modern technology. NIMHANS ECHO, has initiated a free “virtual” knowledge-network based interactive training program with the objective of transferring the skills, wisdom and knowledge to health professionals/counselors in this area.

Girish Bhamre (Ahmedabad Gujarat): Solutions 1.Administrative measures for effective implementation of laws. 2. Set up periodical mandatory medical check up for drug intake at colleges and companies. 3. Identify vulnerable groups and educate them. 4. Include drug abuse related topics in school curriculum at appropriate age. 5. Build more rehabilitation centres and create support groups like Alcoholic anonymous. 6.Special helpline for drug abuse victims. 7. Use of media role models to promote awareness.

Gaurav Harish (New Delhi Delhi (NCT)): a STF should be made consisting of former drug addicts , Current drug addicts( who are struggling to lose this habit ) & state level govt officials should be made to first identify the source of drugs, identify the peer group that is encouraging drug addiction. making drug addicts realize that there are better ways to lead a life than do drugs

Rekha Prahalad (Hyderabad Telangana): I feel the Government as well as private bodies should tackle this on war footing like it is done for Aids or any other infectious disease as I feel it is spreading like wild fire. we start from grass root level:- identify the drug abuser(rehab) –> family (counseling)—>locality and neighborhood (vigil and alertness)–> by this point will reach the supplier who is supplying for money nab them. by using all the government tools and mechanization and strict law we can all wipe out this menace

Tarun Kumar (Pune Maharashtra): Regional Sports or Activity: Lack of physical activities is the prime reason. Regional organizations which are into Sports or regional activities like Gatkha in Punjab, Kerela Martial arts should be promoted.made. Such clubs for children/youth, which will involve them to churn their energy in doing good to their body and keep a natural check on their addiction. On similar lines we should have sport bodies for National competitions in school/colleges to instill positive spirit in the youth,

Shruthy VS (Parippally Kerala): Sir,first of all we need to create awareness about the dangers of drug addiction ,through mass media and public campaigns.second and most important is DEADDICTION PROGRAMME involving medical psychological intervention to stop this menance.Along with campaigns projecting the dangers of drug addiction we can give a national toll free number giving sugessions and list of deaddiction centers in the callers locality.before doing this we need trained personnels at the primary health centre to aiims..

Ram Prasad (Bangalore Karnataka): Seek help from NGO’s and Doctors/counselors Formulate self-help groups who can contribute at block level, city level, state and national level. PM to give a call to the nation for self-declaration of drug addiction. Establish a help line. People can give a missed call to this line and government officials /police special force to go to the caller, register his name in confidentiality and issue a pardon note

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  • Ajay Chaurasia - 8 years ago

    Respected Sir,
    I would like to share with you an very very important program for Disease or patient.
    sir please make a setup with Tollfree the tollfree no appoint a well knowledgeable and experienced Doctor. people From India anybody can call and they have to ask their problems. the problems are like if a child suffering for heavy disease. and they suggest where patient can get right hospital for that particular disease. because no body can give a exact and right place or solution

  • maya bhatt - 8 years ago

    There is no such things,
    No employment chances…
    No earning and helping others…
    Where ————————————————————–
    Current population of india in 2015 is estimated to be 1.28 billion that is equal to-1283112876.
    Currently there are about 51 birth in india in a minute.
    72.2% of the population lives in some 638000 villages.
    40% of the whole population of india is unemployed

  • Chandra Bhushan Chakraborty - 8 years ago

    We may need to look at a holistic solution to the rising drug menace in India .1)Speedy justice:We have enough laws, only issue is sending a strong message to the guilty by prompt justice; 2)Spreading awareness : Most children are caught unaware when they are faced with a situation wherein they are offered drugs. Discussions at home , media and school will prepare many potential victims to deal with this better. 3)Supporting victims: we need to ensure abuse victims are given the moral support.

  • Sandeep Agrawal - 8 years ago

    Dear Sir, I think crimes are inter-related because money generated from one crime gets invested for committing more crimes. Everyday a lot of private cars are being stolen from Delhi NCR region and everyone says that these stolen cars are sold in parts openly in Meerut….The question is-if everyone knows this is happening, do we not have army who can bust such stolen car racket of Meerut and nearby places? Respected Sir, please pay attention to this…

  • Sardar Gurmeet - 8 years ago

    Dear Sir, Good evening…, Hear In Hyderabad we are seeing heavy circulation of duplicate currency. it is a issue of concern. request to please take care.

  • ARVIND YADAV - 8 years ago

    dear sir,
    i would like to inform you that in my village(pipli chak,tehsil-bilari, dist-moradabad, up) no any officer reached to take a survey of loss of crops.after a long wait farmer is compel to cut their crop.then in this case the farmers will get their losses or sir please help them to survival.sir anndata is in problem.your MP is in the comfort zone in my area.send him to meet the farmers.

  • vishal gupta - 8 years ago

    I feel People in India feel depressed, and get attracted towards DRUGS.So if the Governemnt on the basis of adhar card information can come to know the people who dont have any work and let them involve in some work. Drug Maneace will go.

  • Krishnamoorthi - 8 years ago

    Greetings! I wish for the great initiative of I hear a lot about "Make in India". Yes, make in India is a good theme. But care must be taken for NOT disturbing the nature and agriculture. Kindly look at the below about China (English subtitle is there). This is about "Under the Dome – Investigating China’s Smog". Pls watch it and plan accordingly.

  • mani jana - 8 years ago

    excellent speech I am convinced whether the farmers and confusing politician will allow people to be convinced pass the bill in combind sitting of the parliment dont compromise with corrupted parties like admk, mullaym and laalu

  • rahul saini - 8 years ago

    there has been havoc kind of situation in both the houses on land bill. I want to suggest something, the main point that has been arisen about farms land. If we can do farming and other developmental work on the same land i.e if we do farming of vegetables and other thing on ground floor by poly house farming with the inclusion of same farmer and other developmental work above it. It can become new financial model and can become a milestone in our development. icant explain it here as of limited