CM Helpline 1905: A Direct Medium between Citizens and State Government

18 Apr 2022

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CM Helpline 1905: A Direct Medium between Citizens and State Government

Chief Minister’s (CM) Helpline with short code Number ‘1905’ has been launched statewide by Hon’ble Chief Minister on 6th September, 2021 to receive and fast track addressal of citizens Grievances.

Under CM Helpline service, citizen are able to make call to ‘1905’ to lodge their grievances to the public authorities on any subject related to service delivery. The grievances of the citizen are being recorded by the call takers at CM Helpline and the same are transferred to the concerned Department(s). Addressals of the grievances are being arranged by the Concerned Department and the resolution reports are being updated back to the CM Helpline. Complainant are being called and confirmed by CM Helpline regarding the redressal of the grievance. If the complainant is not satisfied with the resolution, grievances can be sent back to concerned Department to take necessary action within stipulated time.

In case of any emergency call, CM Helpline will transfer the call immediately to the Emergency Response Support System 112 (ERSS). CM helpline provides information regarding different schemes and new initiatives of the State Government to the citizens. CM helpline also provides the citizens with the opportunity to ask questions, to collect information, submit suggestions/feedback for the Government to improve, and receive and respond to latest announcements from the Government.

  1. How one can contact CM Helpline?

Ans. Dial 1905 from your phone.

  1. Is there any time limit to contact CM Helpline?

Ans. CM Helpline is operational 24×7 basis .

  1. What type of information can we get from CM Helpline?

Ans. From CM Helpline one can get information related to Tripura State Government Schemes & Activities.

  1. What type of complaints can be registered in CM Helpline?

Ans. One can register issues he/she is facing related to delivery of Government services, related to public infrastructure e.g broken streetlights, open manholes, water logging etc. However, one can also register request for development of new public infrastructure and made suggestions as well.

  1. How one can check status of his/her grievance registered in CM Helpline?

Ans. One can visit CM Helpline official website ( & click on the link “Check status of your query on CM Helpline”. He/she can enter event id or mobile number from which the grievance was raised to check the status.

  1. Is there any facility of social media where citizen can share the grievances?

Ans. Yes, CM Helpline has a whatsapp number (6033374544) where one can share his/her grievances.

  1. In which language can I submit grievances?

Ans. One can submit the grievances in Bengali, Kokborok, English and Hindi.

  1. Can I share supporting documents/photos/video with the grievances?

Ans. Yes, one can share document/photos/videos through CM Helpline whatsapp number (6033374544).

  1. After closing a grievance, can it be re-opened ?

Ans. Yes, if complainer/caller is not satisfied with the service provided to him, then he/she can make call to the helpline again, mention the old grievance ID and may ask to reopen the grievance.

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