Empowering the eclipsed seeds of feminine through the visions of Kasturba Gandhi

03 Jan 2020

The day we will come across the genuine understanding of the transformation with which the world is suffering then the best things which has to inhabited must be related to the very pristine core and therein starts a new chapter where we can understand the basic resolution of being relentless in every being. Making a supreme connection with self require the will to be patient enough with the dealings of today and that truly lies in the beautiful creation of being a feminine in every human being.

The more we can indulge into the basic understanding of it, the more we can see the lying approach where the duct gets open in the wisdom. It must be the perseverance, purity, power of love and patience in the feminine core of Kasturba Gandhi which rules over the quotes of Mahatma, who has quoted it as “Man can never be a woman’s equal in the spirit of selfless service with which nature has endowed her”.

The reluctance of a human in understanding the basic spirit of self is more accustomed by the generic words dedicated to service by Mahatma which says that If a human has to grow then he must engage himself in the very basic principle of service towards others. Which, in turn, is basically a reckoned method to learn the new and unlearn the old by connecting with others which is the core reason to increase the strength of togetherness in every being.

To bring these principles into actions we need to delve into the core understanding of lying dormancy in each of us by giving spark to every essence of self acceptance because here only lies the very epitome of love and it will perish in our lives once we become contended in every situation.

The way feminine traits of Ba-Kasturba Gandhi enlightened the mind of Mahatma during the course of freedom movement through her actions as full of gentleness ,empathy and sensitivity.The same way we all should be in the conditions of introspection where lack of self esteem must not be subjugated by the intention of jealousy or lack of self worth must not be inhabited by the unduly visions of lethargic actions full of hatred and anger.We need to remind ourselves that love ,peace are the basic character of every being and here only lies the actual power of understanding the actual truth and to unleash the optimistic beginnings in the globalized arena of civilization.

With the way hustles of our day today life is creating a situation of rat race life, we are no more in our senses to understand the basic truth of being a human and here in this 150th anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi and Kasturba Gandhi,Gandhi Smriti and Darshan Samiti requests all to let us enlarge our myopic visions based on hatred to the far sighted understanding of being one with the self and therein connected with the truth of togetherness to attain the power of being whole.

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