Farmers of Himachal making a Difference

20 Jun 2020

6.82 lakh quintal peas and other off season vegetables sent to neighbouring states during lockdown.

Facilitating farmers is among the foremost priorities of the State Government. Several schemes have been launched by the Government for the welfare of the farmers and to prevent them from economic loss also farmers of Himachal are making a huge contribution by maintaining the supply of vegetables within the state and out side

Supply Chain of vegetables did not break even in lockdown, also farmers got good cost of their produce.

About 6.82 lakh quintal peas, cauliflower and other off season vegetables have been sent to neighbouring states despite of lockdown. State Agriculture Department played a vital role in maintaining communications with the neighbouring states, sending and marketing of vegetables. As a result of this, farmers were able to get a good cost of their produce.

Kisan Rath Mobile app helped farmers in transporting their produce:

In the wake of corona pandemic, for smooth transportation of farm produce, Kisan Rath Mobile app was also launched. Information of five lakh trucks and 20 thousand tankers were also made available with the help of this app to facilitate farmers and traders, so that the farmers and traders could easily transport their produce and various other vegetables to markets of the State and outside the State.
About 35164 quintal seeds of rice, maize, sorghum, bajra and other such seeds were made available at subsidised rate through Agriculture Distribution Centres. As per the requirement of the farmers the continuous supply of seeds were being made available through Agriculture Department, so that no inconvenience is caused to the farmers. Besides this, 11315 quintal vegetables seeds were also made available in different districts.

60 market yards and 41 collection centres established by State Government:

In order to facilitate farmers, the State Government was providing plant protection products and agricultural tools at subsidized rates to the farmers for smooth conduct of farming. For facilitating the farmers, a dedicated room for farmers has also been established by Agriculture Department.

As many as 60 market yards and 41 collection centres established by State Government in the state for import and export of agricultural products of farmers were regularly functional, so that farmers could sell their produce easily. There was no dearth of fruits and vegetables in the state, as the agriculture market yards and agriculture collection centres were regularly functional and during this period of corona pandemic the farmers were saved from economic losses.

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