Motivating Youth to become the Brand Ambassadors of New India

25 Sep 2020

Youths are the backbone of a community. They are the promising dreamers possessing incredible potentials that could be transformed into a tangible accomplishment. Encouraging them with constructive motivation can extend hope and could illuminate their future outlook towards the world.

However, most young people are prone to get demotivated these days due to mental pressures relating to society, academic and personal issues etc. Younger folks can easily be entangled within fears that can shatter their future. This is one of the main reasons behind the youth not being sometimes bold enough to take on new ventures.

Keeping the present scenario in mind, it is important to understand that motivation serves as a universal force for self-realization, and it is considered as one of the most essential factors for achieving a successful life for an individual. Motivation is also one of the key elements for igniting self-determination and self-belief. Enabling youngsters to recognize failure as a lesson instead of a setback is extremely important. Life itself is vibrant and constantly changing, and comes with its unpredictability. Acknowledging failure as one of the means for change and success could encourage youth to learn from their own mistakes and stand on their own feet.

Unemployment plagues a country’s growth. Most of the unemployed population are dealing with crisis due to lack of inspiration, motivation and ambition, unsatisfied salaries, disinterested jobs, wrong career path, family pressures etc.

In today‘s world, many young adults are not ready to put in the amount of hard work it takes to succeed in life. More and more teens and young adults with great potential are performing relatively little to tap into their abilities and talents. Rather than persevering to hold on to their ambitions, a section of the young population may never aspire or attempt to reach their true potential without self-belief and motivation. When young adults are not motivated, they may get caught into an entanglement of negativity, low self-esteem, lack of hope and no drive to succeed. Youngsters that are not motivated can plunge into a life of apathy.

Youth needs to consistently motivated to have high ambitions and perseverance for the same.

Without Motivation, there is No Ambition

Ambition is more prominent in a set of few people who do not permit any obstructions in the path of their constantly evolving plan of action and yet it can be formulated and cultivated in anyone with strong desire to succeed.

When young people don’t see the connection between what they learn and what they love to do, it’s hard to be motivated. Motivation can be implied in many impressions, from conversations about their skills, interests, and what can be achieved, to the introduction of activities which will nurture their raw abilities.

Parents, teachers and other mentors in a person’s life can help motivate and encourage them by providing them with opportunities and understanding the alternative paths that can be chosen according to their skills and interests.

Motivating the Unmotivated

Motivation can come in diverse forms. Here are a few ways you can motivate the youth to dream big and reach for their goal.

1. Responsible Parenting

Every responsible parent strives to commit everything within their capability and more to ensure their child has the right tools and education available to them for a promising and fulfilled life ahead. However, some parents tend to put too much pressure and expectations on their child.

Forcing a child to walk on their parents’ footsteps or compelling them to fulfil the dreams deemed ideal by their parents can be disheartening for those children who dreams of their own. Lack of support for one’s dream and ambition can drastically discourage and depress them and can further negatively impact your child.

Hence, motivation is required to fuel the passion in youths by accentuating their varying dormant capacities, skills and ambitions; creating opportunities and facilitating knowledge of the path they should follow.

2. Helping youth set goals

Many teens and young adults don’t perceive education as relevant until they set a goal in mind. Challenging young people to dream, set goals and achieve, can build self-worth in them and help them see how education is a means to get them to their desired goal.

Motivation and ambition in young people can be stimulated in the smallest of ways. Showing an inspiring television programme or conversing about what they enjoy and how they wish to accomplish their dreams etc. can set their thoughts toward the right path with some focus.

Providing youth with the chance to speak their mind and listening to who they want to be and what they hope to achieve, can truly stimulate their self-esteem and self-belief. Self-belief allows a person to keep proceeding when the going gets rough, or to choose another destination with enthusiasm. After all, it is all about focus, dedication and the ambition to reach for the top.

3. Mentoring Youth and Building Trust

Most young people are rebellious and do not care what you think until they realize that you care. An extensively large population of teens and young-adults just want to be heard. But due to extreme noises in families and other social pressures, their voices and choices are usually left unheard.

In this regard, a role model or a good mentor can help to guide young people in the right direction as they move forward in life. A family member, a coach, a teacher or any other trusted adult with a good rapport can be a mentor to a young individual. Most youngsters’ personality are inspired by their parents, teachers, coaches or their surroundings, etc. While they probably won’t make a living from listening to other’s advice, they certainly will be motivated to try their best.

A good mentor can invoke self-belief in youths, by instructing them in a recreational and approachable manner, all the while pushing them forward, without pressurizing them.

4. Providing Opportunities

People with self-belief and motivation can overlook rejections and setbacks because they are confident enough to still believe they have something worthwhile to offer.Motivation can be promoted in young people when they are provided with the opportunities to reach their true potential.

Most children are not always informed or aware of all the opportunities open to them. It is the responsibility of a parent, teacher or a mentor, to guide them in a path that may bring about positive experiences. Forcing a child into pursuing something they don’t want to do is barely productive because there will be little to no motivation in them to achieve excellence in a field that they are disinterested in.

Extracurricular interests, like sports, music, drama or other activities can motivate a youngster as well as prioritize their all-round development. As an act of encouragement, you can provide guidance to a youth by realizing their strengths and suggesting activities that they might like to try. Everyone has their natural strengths that can prosper when directed in the right direction.

 5. Instilling Self-Determination and Self-Belief

Motivation helps young people to disregard societal, financial, political and other personal forces by building confidence and a sense of belief that their opinions and choices matter; that their life is worth living and they can achieve extraordinary feats. For any person to be motivated, they must first possess an element of self-belief.

Unfortunately, not many young people believe in themselves. During difficulties, they tend to lose their courage and turn to give up their hopes and dreams. However, self-belief can be nurtured in children as they grow up. Parents and other responsible guides can help to instill self-belief during the developmental stages of a child.

In conclusion

Today‘s youth are smarter and sharper but lacks motivation and determination. They should be stimulated to never fear failure and encourage them to take up new challenges.  Often, fear of failure prevents us from attempting something different or venturing on to a new project that might put us at the pinnacle of success.

Almost every individual can do something great and important in their life. Change is elusive until one comes to a point of realization of the raw potential and opportunities. It’s a matter of self-realization on how one can change their life around.  The youth of today should not be bound by the mediocrity drawn from social pressure or any other trivial circumstances.

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