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MyGov contributor on MyGov experience and the opportunity to Meet the Prime Minister on 1st July, 2015

26 Jul 2015

MyGov contributor on MyGov experience and the opportunity to Meet the Prime Minister on 1st July, 2015

Deeksha Katyal, New Delhi

Our country is very diverse and versatile and that practically is the essence and beauty of the country. However, having travelled the world, I came to realise that we are different from other countries in one more way . We all are more aware of the political issues of the country and are politically opinionated. Be it the “Chaupals” or the “ Boardroom discussions”, one will always see people discussing the flaws in the government setup and what more can be done to address these issues by the government .

Probably, inception of happened keeping in view the same idea. For once, all of us besides our backgrounds, besides the age, besides the cultural differences and besides the hierarchy, could participate in the governance of the country. One could contribute in multitude and varied areas depending on the field of interest. ”Contribute rather than condemn” seemed to be idea and I took this opportunity to contribute in a field I had experience and expertise in. I suggested the use of real time networks for “ Ganga Action Plan” and linking it up with Geographical Information System(GIS) to demarcate the vulnerable zones in Ganga.

I observed that numerous people were giving varied suggestions at and majority of ideas seemed wonderful. Not for a while, did I think that someone, somewhere will do the daunting task of going through all these ideas, screen them and read them . So, when I received a call from MyGov people informing me that my contributions were found worthy of consideration and thus I will be able to meet the Honourable Prime Minister in person , my first reaction was of complete disbelief .

And then I lived the dream on 1st July , 2015. I heard the true Icon, Mr. Narendra Modi, talk and shook hands with him. His motivating words will inspire me for years to come. My dream materialised because of the admirable efforts put in by the team of Understanding that this might be a moment which we will cherish for our lifetime, they comforted and prepared us . All of them , with their modest and humble behaviour, made the journey worth thousand memories .

Being an Erasmus Mundus fellow, I celebrated the meeting by spreading a word about and the photographs amongst my international peer group. I received numerous congratulatory messages commending the work that the govt is doing by evolving this mode of “participatory development” and it changed the perception of “India” for them. Many of them wished that the same could be duplicated in their countries.

As I revisit the experience in my mind, I end up thinking “What will the country look like if all 125 crores of us put at least one idea through to make it a better country?”… Won’t our never ending grudge against the government end as we will be the one governing. Thus, I urge all to participate in this revolution wherein not only our vote but our opinion also counts. Let’s make India the India we wish to see and live in…..

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  • satya singh_3 - 4 years ago

    गाँव के बारे में भी सोचो सर

  • Rakesh pandey - 4 years ago

    nice sir

  • sankalp gupta - 5 years ago

    Congratulations… Its really encouraging. Please let us aware with your work done on

  • Abhishek Bhatt - 5 years ago

    I am writing this to raised one IDEA which will help us to save Water and Environment.

    Actually water which already has been used by Industrial plants/Factory/Mills water flowing in drainage are getting waste.

    We can use that water after purifying for Gardening, Farming, and artificial lakes etc.
    By this we can save drinkable water and utilize lot of water after purification. It will save our Environment too.

  • Anoop Singh_10 - 5 years ago

    hello sir
    our education system is only read theory and put your knowledge in written exam . basically we are ‘rttu tota’. i know written exam is vary important .But many student are poor in written and they are expert in practically so if they can achieve any degree in only based on practical exam then they can grow . in our education system 20 marks of practical and 80 marks of theory . Sir until a student do not have knowledge of practically . he is foolish device .

  • Deepak gupta_44 - 5 years ago

    We want bullet train.

  • Abhishek Raval - 5 years ago

    Ms. Deeksha Katyal,

    Nice idea! Please elaborate and explain how the real time networks and GIS help? Appreciate your thoughts on how more citizens can participate and contribute to Good that you shared your experience with your peers. Some of them will thus contribute to Keep it up!

  • ARVIND RATWAYA - 5 years ago

    Very well said. Congratulations for this achievement.

    Such initiatives by Government will truly inspire the citizens to utilize their energy for the betterment of the mankind.

  • Rupesh Pandey_2 - 5 years ago

    Great, what suggestion you had given ?

  • Atul Kumar Srivastava - 5 years ago

    Well Said

    • Harish Chander Azad - 5 years ago

      On 15th of August 2015, you should speak on what actually has been done by your Govt.Public does not want to listen election speech.

  • Sanjeev Arora - 5 years ago

    Deeksha, I am not sure of 125 cr people, but even if 1% of that think in this manner, our country will transform. Congrats and well written.

  • Sarthak gupta_2 - 5 years ago

    Govt. Should use the Ldr sensors for the street lights by which when there will be sunlight street lights will automatically switch off and on darkness automatically on. Will save the electricity