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13 Jan 2015


After successful launch of the Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan on 2nd October, 2014 by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, citizens have been proactively contributing to MyGov by posting their cleanliness activities as well as sharing their experiences and ideas on various aspects of the Mission. Concerned citizens poured in a large number of suggestions and undertook tasks to initiate their first step towards making a Clean India. Some of the innovative action-worthy suggestions are mentioned below:-

1. VISHAL MAHAJAN: “How about launching a #Cleanindiachallenge? #Icebucketchallenge is trending on Facebook. It got necessary publicity when Bill Gates took it. He forwarded it to Ryan Seacrest, Chris Anderson and Elon Musk. I think PM Modiji should create a similar frenzy with cleaning a road for 30 minutes, without a fanfare and just a cameraman and upload his effort on Facebook. Then he should challenge Ratan Tataji, Barkha Datt and Nitin GadkariJi. This will display how serious Modiji is about cleanliness.”

2. SATYAVRAT CHARURVEDI: “An app that allows people to click and upload picture of unattended garbage and leaking sewage, the uploaded picture can be tagged to the location using maps or an address can be written. Google maps app can be used for it. This data can be provided to the municipal corporation and a time limit should be given to them to attend to it. An overall heat map of all complaints should be made available to help in planning, executing and scrutinizing waste management.”

3. BHOOMA KUMARI (In reference to : Help in improving the cleanliness standards by visiting a mid-day meal kitchen Task)”Compiled two reports on the mid-day meal kitchens in Tamil Nadu” sites/ default/files/ static_uploads/ 4be8b270f290de7 0fd094474d470c346 .pdf sites/ default/files/ static_uploads/ 5b1dc754d4e36c419 d4bb6d83c6ffc19. pdf

4. RAMPRASAD R (In reference to : Help in improving the cleanliness standards by visiting a mid-day meal kitchen Task) “Visited Akshaya Patra kitchen by Iskcon few months back, the sentence ‘cleanliness leads to godliness’ reflects here. The environment is so clean that you never find any unclean state, all members wear caps and mouth masks, outside members are strictly prohibited, the method of cooking is very systematic, and the food is static and has rich nutritional value, Akshaya Patra has an endless success story .there is security and taste check for every stock that is served, hope its implemented all over India.” default/ files/ static_uploads/ c064765124cfdd4b98b fc47ce3b3c9e5.jpg

5. ALOKESH SHARMA (In reference to : Help in improving the cleanliness standards by visiting a mid-day meal kitchen Task): “Visited a kitchen of a primary school in Anwarpura, Gujarat. I have attached a PDF file as my report. The report includes pictures, present scenario and suggestion.” sites/ default/files/ static_uploads/ a15d4be1decd0c a6211b7f362cabee75. pdf

6. DIPTI KOTHARI (In reference to identifying- Global best practices for cleaner and greener planet): “10 practices followed by Singapore.” sites/ default/files/ static_uploads/ e443b101fa731f02 7c362bd8da183203. pdf

7. BRIJESH RAJPUT (In reference to identifying- Global best practices for cleaner and greener planet): “I have been to Germany few times. I was impressed by their bin system of waste disposal. Attached pdf explains the different types of bins. These bins are placed almost everywhere and maintained very well. Also would like to mention the refund for recyclable bottles. Whenever you buy bottles 10-25 cents are charged which is refundable at any grocery store. They have dedicated stations outside grocery store for this. Attached are the pictures.” sites/ default/files/ static_uploads/ c279808d8d4a2f 6f8a3afed517a6dc98. pdf sites/ default/files/ static_uploads/ cfa62604eb0733 4f9f287164f6f100eb.pdf

8. ANAGHA GHALWADKAR (In reference to identifying- Global best practices for cleaner and greener planet): “I am living in France from last one year, I am greatly impressed by some of the routine practices carefully followed by citizens as well as by government. I am sending some of these:” sites/ default/files/ static_uploads/ e2a52b25dc2a3224 e32f8944cde25f8a. pdf

9. R KAMATH (In reference to identifying- Global best practices for cleaner and greener planet): “The task of identifying ‘10 Best Global Practices’ commonly followed abroad, which have made a difference in the living standards of their citizens & have improved their cleanliness standards, has been elaborated through a PPT presentation. All these practices can be followed in India and it has been presented how…! The main theme of the task has been, 10 BEST PRACTICES, 10 DIFFERENT LOCATIONS & 10 SLOGANS TO MAKE IT WORK IN INDIA, & TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE OUR INCREDIBLE INDIA CLEANER & GREENER!” sites/ default/files/ static_uploads/ 89227de80d5e44c 51084816c1cbd8f1e. pdf

You can also be a part of the Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan by visiting, post your cleanliness activities with ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures and videos, share anecdotes and nominate friends and family members to create a long-lasting impact on the Mission.

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  • sandeep shukla - 5 years ago

    माननीय प्रधानमंत्री जी
    हम अपने मंदिर के पुजारियों को ये सिखाने में असफल रहे है की उनको अपने मंदिर परिसर में डस्टबिन भी रखनी चाहिए. पालीथीन में प्रसाद ला के चढाने वाले को रोकना चाहिए. एक चम्मच गंगा जल का सेवन हम सब को नियमित करना चाहिए. बच्चे के जन्मदिन पर उसे किसी नदी में स्नान करवानी चाहिए. छोटी नदियों में नौका विहार भी किया जाना चाहिए. बच्चों को उनके क्षेत्र की नदियों के दर्शन और उनको पाठ्य पुस्तकों में जोड़ा जाना चाहिए. जब तक नदी हमारे जीवन से जुड़ेगी नही तब तक नैया पार कैसे जाएगी

  • Sudhakar Gokhale - 6 years ago

    The entire emphasis of the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan is on cleaning the dirt. Would it not be better to lay emphasis on NOT CREATING DIRT ? The Abhiyan should run thus :1. Pan Kha kar raste par mat thook0 2. Chana Chor Garam Kha kar kagaz raste par mat pheko Ghar zad kar kachara khidki se bahar mat feko etc.What the Abhiyan has contributed so far is numerous photographs in News Papers of leaders wielding the Zadoo. Kachara failane kee aadat jyon ki tyon banee hooi haye !

  • GAURAV GOEL - 6 years ago

    in kalka haryana no toielts , if toilets then no one enter in it Write a letter but none of them action taken on that please clean india no this is wasatge of time

  • Harshvardhan Tiwari - 6 years ago

    We should make Weekly Practice in Schools for student and Monthly Practice in schools with Parents.
    It can have some steps:
    1. Schools should cover 1.5km radius area under their supervision with Teachers, Students and Parents (which will make them self aware and responsible).
    2. Students should have weekly period of Swachh Mision in which they will clean school prescribed radius with their teachers.
    3. Parents will have a session monthly for the same.


  • nalinivenkat - 6 years ago

    For swach bharat, From evry street of village& cites should collect Garbage& to disposed in proper way by CORpor muncipal;ity or by PPP. Must ensure Garbage bin at evry street & tobe collected regularly.Should monitor every area & fine those who are using Garb.bin.Apart from garbage street dogs tobe abolished which affects cleanliness.Every school,it is essential tobring awreness of Swach bharat comparing place like singapore.Shpping centres shouldued carry bagof cloth or papers.

  • GAURANG KANSARA - 6 years ago


  • Sachin Gangadharswamy - 6 years ago

    We see plastic is one of the major contributor for the garbage in public places. We all had seen how best we can make use of plastics in building roads in Amir Khan’s Satyamev Jayathe. I recommend all governments(states and Central) should give the contract of constructing roads ONLY to those conractors who use this formula. Bringing in regulation around this area would eliminate the danger from plastic littering and also provides a quality roads across India.

  • Sourav Kumar Sahu - 6 years ago

    Let’s increase number of foreigners working in India. An increased number of foreigners in India will facilitate our citizens to have an global exposure, which will help us look at ourselves through others eyes. In short it will widen our vision and will boost our country’s biological diversity.

  • Sourav Kumar Sahu - 6 years ago

    I would request government to update our school education system which will include programs for kids to learn the habit of using a dustbin at school.

  • karnvir singh - 6 years ago

    Friends I have to say one thing that if foreign countries are clean and beautiful then why not we can convert our country into foreign country by cleaning .Please support us to express this world that Indians are bold and courageous.

  • shalini_5 - 6 years ago

    All the best to My govt. Let India rise and shine.