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Various public welfare schemes of the Himachal government changing the lives of millions

15 Sep 2020

Public Welfare schemes launched by the state government are proving to be a boon for millions of families of Himachal. Himachal government led by Chief Minister Shri Jairam Thakur has started public welfare schemes in all areas to strengthen the state and the people. An attempt has been made by the government to benefit from the newborn to the elderly under  various schemes

Old age pension scheme

Himachal government has launched old age pension scheme honoring the elderly. The minimum age limit for old age pension is reduced by the government from 80 years to 70 years. More than 2,90,194 beneficiaries are being given a pension of 1500 rupees per month. The government has spent about 1180 crores in the last two years for this scheme.

Social Security Pension

Social security pension has been the top priority of the state government.  The state government made a quarterly advance payment of social security pension in the Corona crisis, which has brought great relief to the weaker sections of the state. There are a total of 577604 social security pension holders in the state, for which Rs 800 crore is spent every year.

Mukhyamantri  Grahini Suvidha Yojana

Union Home Minister Shri Amit Shah on his visit to Himachal on 27 December 2019 declared Himachal Pradesh is the first smoke-free state of India. This was only possible because of the successful implementation of the Grihini Suvidha yojana and Ujjwala Yojana of the central government  More than 2 lakh 78 thousand families have been given gas connections under the scheme. About 100 crore rupees were spent by the state government for this scheme. With the introduction of this scheme, all the families in the state now have gas connections.

Mukhyamantri Awas Yojana

Under the Mukhyamantri Awas Yojana, the state government is providing an amount of 1.50 lakh to the poor and natural calamities affected families. The number of beneficiaries of this scheme has so far exceeded 4618. The government has set a target to build 10,000 houses this year

HimCare yojana

Himachal government has launched Him Care yojana to provide health protection facility up to Rs 5 lakh to the remaining families from Ayushman Bharat Scheme. So far, more than 5,50,000 families have been registered under this scheme. Apart from this, more than 1 lakh families have also received the benefit of the scheme, on which an amount of 85 crores has been spent by the government.


The Himachal government has started a Jan Manch program to address the problems of the people at their doorstep. in the program, 47848  complaints were received, out of which 43548 Complaints were disposed of which is 91 percent. Senior officials of all departments including the state cabinet minister, deputy commissioner are present in the Jan Manch program which is held every district on one day of every month. Under the program, 8748 eligible daughters and their parents were benefited under Beti Hai Anmol Yojana. About 7,19,088 digital ration cards were made in the state. Besides, 54,948 pregnant women were registered and vaccinated and 692 public toilets were also completed.

 Prakritik Kheti Khushal Kisan

Under the Subhash Palekar, Natural Farming Scheme launched two years ago by the Himachal government, till July 31, 2020, 77106 farmers were trained in natural farming in 2957 panchayats of 12 districts of the state. In 80 development blocks of the state, 74202 farmer families started the natural farming method on 3556 hectares of land in their fields, . Himachal government has set a target to connect all 9.61 lakh farmers of the state under the scheme by the year 2022.

Sahara yojana

The Sahara scheme has been launched by the Himachal government from the financial year 2020-21 to cater to the needs of the people suffering from serious illnesses such as Parkinson’s, mild cancer,  muscular dystrophy, hemophilia, and thalassemia, etc. Financial benefits of Rs 2,000 per month are being given to the people suffering from the above diseases under the scheme, which has now been increased to Rs 3000. More than 9,147 citizens have taken the benefits under this scheme.

Mukyamantri Swavalamban Yojana

Himachal government has launched Mukhyamantri Swavalamban Yojana intending to connect the youth of the state with self-employment. Under this scheme, many facilities are being provided to youth in the age group of 18-45 years to promote local enterprise and self-employment.  So far 798 units have been started under this scheme, in which the government has given a grant of Rs 50 crore.

Mukhyamantri Startup yojana

The main objective of the Chief Minister Startup Scheme launched by the Himachal government is to motivate youth to provide employment instead of seeking employment. To set up enterprises under this scheme, the youth are getting great benefits from the scheme. Himachal government has given the benefit of Rs 1.69 crore to about 100 beneficiaries.

Atal Vardi Yojana

Himachal government is providing two uniforms every year to school students under the Atal Vardi yojana. From the year 2018-19, under this scheme, 8,30,945 students from class I to XII have been given free school uniforms, with an expenditure of 73.50 crores. In addition, 2,56,514 school bags have also been distributed by the government to 2,56,514 students of class I, VI, and IX by spending  7.84 crores.

CM Seva Sankalp

– Himachal government has started CM SevaSabkalp 1100 in the state intending to resolve public grievances quickly.So far, 113848 complaints have been filed under this scheme.

– Out of which 90,760 complaints have been resolved, remaining complaints are being processed,

Mukhyamantri 1 bigha yojana

The scheme envisages strengthening the rural economy of the state Under the scheme, a woman or her family who owns land up to one bigha (or 0.4 hectares) can set a backyard kitchen garden to grow vegetables and fruits.

About 1.50 lakh women will be included in the scheme through 5,000 self-help groups

Beti Hai Anmol

Himachal government is providing a scholarship of Rs. 12000 to encourage two daughters born in families living below the poverty line under this scheme.

So far 46,401 people have taken the benefits, state has spent 12.63 crores under this scheme.

Chief Minister Relief Fund

Himachal government is providing financial help to the helpless and needy people of the state through this fund. So far, through this fund, the state government has assisted 14,995 citizens. Himachal government has provided financial assistance up to INR 43,04,45,300 under this fund so far.

Himachal Pushp Kranti

– Protected cultivation of high-quality price flowers is being promoted under the scheme.

In this year, 2 lakh 47 thousand square meters of farming is being brought under it. So far, the benefit has been provided to 1 thousand 87 gardeners by spending 20 crore 1 lakh 48 thousand and 217 square meters area has been brought under it.

Solar irrigation scheme

Himachal government is providing subsidy for irrigation related equipment under this scheme.So far, 1185 citizens have been benefited under this scheme, for which the government has spent an amount of Rs 38,84 crore.

Jal Se Krishi ko Bal

Under this scheme, check dams and ponds are being constructed at appropriate places in the state. From these check dams and ponds, farmers are using water for the irrigation of fields. 835 farmers have been benefited under the scheme, for which the government has spent Rs 47.70 crore.

State agricultural mechanization program

– Himachal government is providing 50 percent subsidy to( small farmers, women, scheduled castes, and tribes) on the purchase of tractor/power tiller, seeder, and grass/harvesting machines.

Under the scheme, 40 percent subsidy is also provided as an incentive to the willing youth of the state and unemployed farmers groups / cooperative Sabhas to set up agricultural equipment facility centers in their area. So far 1,09,630 citizens have been benefited from this scheme, Rs 56.50 crore has been spent by the government on this

Mukyamantri Khet Sanrakshan yojana

Under this scheme, 80 percent grant is being provided at an individual level for solar and barbed fencing to deal with the problem of monkeys and destitute animals.

So far, Rs. 80.36 crore has been spent by the government under the scheme to 2,592 beneficiaries.

Quality feed production scheme

– Under this scheme, subsidy on qualitative seeds is being given to the farmers.50 percent subsidy being provided for fodder cutting machine to SC, ST, and below poverty line farmers

So far, funds worth Rs 22.23 crore have been spent by the state government to 4,41,220 beneficiaries under the scheme.

CM Farmer and Agricultural Laborers Life Protection Scheme

Assistance is provided under this scheme in case of injuries or death of farmers and agricultural laborers during the use of agricultural machinery.The eligibility age limit for the scheme is more than 14 years.

So far, Rs 24.8 lakh has been spent by the state government to 42 beneficiaries.

Khumb Vikas Yojana

Because of increasing interest in Khumb production among farmers in the state, Chief Minister Khumba Vikas Yojana was launched by the state government in the year 2019-20.2.90 crores have been allocated as a subsidy to 828 farmers to boost mushroom production

Panchavati yojana

The main objective of the Panchavati scheme launched by the Himachal government is to provide parks and gardens along with entertainment to the senior citizens of the state. As of August 2020, 256 places have been selected under the scheme and work has started in 43 places.

Mukhyamantri Madhu Vikas Yojana

Mukhyamanti Madhu Vikas Yojana has been started to promote self-employment in the state This year 7250 horticulturists have been benefited and an amount of 8.27 crore has been spent.

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