Winner of the Contest for Designing the Project Name, Logo and a Tagline for FCI Depot Online System

12 Jun 2015


FCI is one of the main organizations responsible for execution of food policies of the Government of India. FCI has a large network of 1841 depots spread across the entire country to manage the stock of the food grains and out of these, 553 are owned by FCI.

FCI is in its journey of implementing an online Depot Management System to transform itself as a next generation organisation with the vision to transform the food supply chain management through innovative use of the technology for ensuring transparency, reliability and efficiency of procurement, storage and distribution operations. In order to obtain an innovative Project name, logo and a tagline capturing the essence of this prestigious initiative, FCI had organized a contest on the MyGov platform. The contest was opened from 05th March 2015 to 26th March 2015 during which a total of 575 entries were received.

Based on the criteria enunciated in the contest, FCI is delighted to declare Mr. ANURAG_1 from New Delhi – 110059 (USER ID: 3117481), as the winner of the contest of Designing the Project Name, Logo and a Tagline for FCI Depot Online System.

The selected Project Name, Logo and a Tagline is as below:-

PROJECT NAME : “Khadya e-seva”
TAGLINE : “Ghar Ghar Anaaj, Khush-hali aur Vikas”.



FCI thanks all the participants and the MyGov team for enabling FCI to select the design template.

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  • Abhinav Anant - 8 years ago

    Good choice.. Congratulations Anurag.

  • ChandraBabuNaidu Kakani - 8 years ago

    Very Good project…

  • ANURAG_1 - 8 years ago

    Thanks everyone for the wishes and honor. Feeling proud. 🙂

  • ila ramanjaneyulu - 8 years ago

    this is very important for present and future benefits for food is daily our life usage of energy food for yhe children and olders for strength.


    excellent design and a very appropriate tagline.Congratulations to Mr Anurag_1.

  • PANKAJ TRIVEDI - 8 years ago

    Congrats to winner for giving such appropriate logo and slogan

  • Deepak Balana - 8 years ago

    simple and nice logo. congrx man

  • YUVRAJSINH JADAV - 8 years ago

    Good yojna hai ghar tak aaega anaj bich main kha jaega

  • Ravi sarraf - 8 years ago

    Very nice project it is really worth appreciating. Thanks to modi government for such thing.

  • Suhas Sawant - 8 years ago

    Very good Project name and tagline. It is better to finetune logo with your professional artist. Wheat wreath looks like leaves and need to change. The name of FCI in English and Hindi should be properly placed using text with path facility in CorelDraw. @ (at sign) is used for email and I just don’t understand the meaning of this. It is better to use E instead of @. The overall concept is good and I congratulate Mr. Anurag. The purpose of comment is creating best within mygov portal.