मेरी सरकार पर नागरिक सुझाव और वास्तविक रेल बजट प्रस्ताव

24 Nov 2015

Rail Budget

मेरी सरकार “भारतीय रेल” समूह द्वारा पिछले कुछ महीनों में नागरिकों द्वारा सुझाए गए कुछ उल्लेखनीय विचार प्रस्तुत किए जो रेल मंत्री श्री सुरेश प्रभु द्वारा 26 फ़रवरी 2015 पर प्रस्तुत 2015 के रेल बजट की प्रतिबद्धताओं में परिलक्षित होते हैं।

Suggestion #1: Swachh Rail
“SWACHH INDIAN RAILWAYS – we should ensure that the existing coaches are maintained and cleaned to have a feel good experience for the travellers”

Government’s Budget Proposal

“We want to make Swachh Rail the driving force behind this Government’s flagship programme – Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. Hence, we now work on-Swachh Rail Swachh Bharat.”

Suggestion #2: Vacuum Toilets and Bio-Toilets for Railways
“We can have bio- toilets and the waste can be disposed off at designated stations only having facility to dispose-off the waste. “

Government’s Budget Proposal
“Bio-toilets are being fitted in coaches. So far we have replaced the existing toilets with 17,388 bio toilets. This year we intend to replace another 17,000 toilets. Research, Design and Standards Organisation (RDSO) has also been tasked with making available within a period of six months a design for vacuum toilets.”

Suggestion #3: Strengthening Research and Development
“Why can’t we have a “Research & Development” team in various railways zone and department who will work on various new ideas, innovations to improve our current services, infrastructure and technologies.”

Government’s Budget Proposal

“We need to invest in fundamental and applied research for seeking solutions to rail-specific issues. We intend to set up a technology portal to invite innovative technological solutions.”

Suggestion #4: Concessional e-tickets for differently-abled travellers
“Include disabled persons concession link in e-ticket website IRCTC.CO.IN to avoid physical hassles”

Government’s Budget Proposal

“For the differently-abled travellers, a special initiative is being launched whereby they can purchase concessional etickets after one-time registration”

Suggestion #5: Online payment for food
“Food payments should be allowed online like Rajdhani to curb corruption in pantry services. “

Government’s Budget Proposal

“Food can be ordered through the IRCTC website at the time of booking of tickets”

Suggestion #6:Working with private food chains

“Private companies can be roped in to provide food and other facilities”

Government’s Budget Proposal

We are working to integrate the best food chains in our country into this project. Depending on the response from our customers, the facility will be extended to cover more trains.

Suggestion #7: Digital Display Network

“Install Digital Display inside the every compartment, which can show at least the train speed, station name”

Government’s Budget Proposal

“A centrally managed Railway Display Network is expected to be introduced in over 2,000 stations over the next two years which will aid in providing information on train arrival/departure, reservations, general and emergency messages and also any other information of interest to citizens. This facility will promote “Digital India Campaign” and also unlock huge advertising revenue potential.”

Suggestion #8: Adarsh Railway Station and involvement of MPs and MLAs

“All MLAs, MPs should adopt 1 railway station as adarsh railway station.”

Government’s Budget Proposal

“So far, 1052 stations have been identified for upgradation of Passenger Amenities at Station under Adarsh station scheme….”

“..request all MPs to use part of their MPLAD funds in improving facilities at Railway stations.”

Suggestion #9: Consulting ISRO for Railway Safety and monitoring

” ISRO scientist can make a low level satellite with full package & service solution, to monitor send signal about rail traffic routes, climatic condition, with satellite mobile tower networking”

Government’s Budget Proposal

“In the short term, RDSO has been asked to develop a suitable device with reliable power supply system based on theft-proof panels/batteries in consultation with Indian Space Research Organization, using geo-spatial technology for providing audio-visual warning to road users at unmanned level crossings.”

Suggestion #10: Railway Safety with Railway Over Bridges and Railway Under Bridges

“Talking of construction of Railway Over Bridges (ROBs) and Railway Under Bridges (RUBs) at the Railway Unmanned / Manned Railway Level Crossings in the country.”

Government’s Budget Proposal
“Keeping in view the critical need to facilitate the construction of ROB/RUB’s, a web based application has been commissioned with user-friendly measures for online submission and approval of drawings within 60 days and an MOU has also been signed with the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways in this regard.”

मेरी सरकार भारतीय रेल समूह में उनकी भागीदारी के लिए नागरिकों के प्रयासों की सराहना करता है। हम आपकी निरन्तर और सक्रिय भागीदारी के लिए तत्पर हैं!

माननीय रेल मंत्री, श्री सुरेश प्रभु का पूरा भाषण यहाँ पढ़े।

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  • PRADEEP BV - 7 years ago

    Respected Modiji
    I am a great fan of yours and an Agricultural Professional and State govt serving Officer of Kerala. I have implemented Biogas schemes as part of my work in Agriculture Department from 2012 to 2015. The core point I forward before your kind attention is kindly revise the age old rates of subsidy for the popular Deenabandhu model biogas plant according to the prevailing rates of labour and materials in the respective states

  • Chokkanathapuram Gopalakrishnan Ramakrishnan - 7 years ago

    Please arrange to provide a portable stand for senior citizens and differentially abled passengers to board the coaches

  • Sourav_35 - 7 years ago

    Indian railways need a dramatic make up and this will be possible under this government I feel.

  • Natarajan Manikoth - 7 years ago

    Further to my earlier post – policemen should be on duty on all long-distance trains, especially in the night. Installing cameras in all coaches is also to be carried out.

    On a different note, the Mangalore-Puducherry express has a water supply problem which needs to be set right immediately. After the train of the 28 Feb 2016 crossed Trichy, shortage of water was faced in some sleeper coaches and subsequently many coaches went dry. ENSURE THIS IS NOT REPEATED.

  • Natarajan Manikoth - 7 years ago

    This is a totally different topic, relating to my personal experience.
    My wife had travelled from Pondicherry to Kannur on 04 Feb 2016 by the Puducherry-Mangalore express. Her bag, chained to the berth, was stolen between Shornur and Tellicherry stations in the early hours of 05 Feb 2016. My wife had registered a complaint at Kannur Railway Police. I also had sent a mail to the Hon. Minister for Railways through facebook. NO ATR so far!

  • Karanjeet B. Chaudhari - 7 years ago

    Sir I would like to suggest the following things for the betterment of our railways.
    first of all sir the gap between the platform and train should be reduced,due to which accidents can be minimise. And the gate provided should b made use, or else it should be like the gates should be made automatically close.And the timing of should be increased by 5 mints so that people don’t rush to catch the train.


    Coach Position particularly the AC coaches should be sent to the passengers by SMS or should be made available through the mobile Apps.

  • ANNEPU SREENIVAS - 7 years ago

    Very miniscule amount of suggestions implemented . A large amount of ideas can be implemented in short time frame if proper framework of ideation is structured with people who have travel experience of minimum one decade and also have good exposure to government administration preferably to grasp administrative nuances.First tone up rail administration with a transperent transfer policy for Class I and II officers which should be linked to financial upgradation if the conditions are not met .

  • ANNEPU SREENIVAS - 7 years ago

    I tried loading a 12page idea document for implementation in rail budget, based on 30 year rail experiences . The rail site was an unworthy one as it went on giving error messages despite multiple attempts . Then i recd a message in my mail box purpotedly from the railminitser’s office.I responded by attaching the document but it rebounded. I find it strange as to how others could get their ideas through. Very frustrating experience with governmental stonewalling even for ideas invited

  • RAVI SISTLA - 7 years ago

    Respected Prime minister sir
    I S Ravi Srinivas an Ex serviceman retired from INDIAN AIR FORCE as seargent request you to increase the the General compartments in all sectors in Indian Railways because of most of the passengers are facing difficulties in traveling.
    Sir the General compartments are only three allotted in each train since many more years. Those are two for common passengers and remaining one is for women and Disabled.
    Sir it is requested you to increase in this Railway budget.

  • brijesh rajdev yadav - 7 years ago

    Please increase train and train routing for up from maharashtra

  • JAYANT SHITOOT - 7 years ago

    this year as should be “Suraksha & Swachhata” (Security & Cleanness ) year in Railway. Made provision of sufficient budget manpower to improve cleanness within Railway station, platforms, railway track, Toilets inside the train and platforms & security towards inside the trains and within stations premises like fencing of railway track etc; because still there is no improvement in this filed and lot of works need to do. don’t announce new trains this year, but please work in this aear

  • APPURAMAN .K - 7 years ago

    Sir, Good Morning, I’m appuraman from Pondicherry (South Region). We need train for PONDICHERRY TO CUDDALORE. So many people including childerns,pregnant women, working people especially physical handicraft people are travelling in bus. but they are over and over crowd. the ticket fair also so high sir. there is way to train ponidcherry to cuddalore. the bus owners are object this root. because they collection will lose once the train came.our humble request please announce this RAILWAY BUDGET.

  • Joydeep Banerjee - 7 years ago

    Dear Sir,

    As already suggested by few people in past, the cleanliness of coaches is very region specific or train specific. Few weeks ago i was traveling by Kochivelli-Dehradun SF. Throught the journey not even once any one came to clean. Finally I informed TTE at Nizamuddin to get a cleaner…still no one came. Accountability needs to be increased. TTE must inform station authority if a particular train is not cleaned as per decided frequency.

  • Deepa Dey - 7 years ago

    Sir it is very good moment for the people residing in the South of Assam as they have got the direct rail connection from Silchar to Guwahati. I feel that we should be more vigilant on this route during the rainy season ( from may to Sptember) as it is a land slide sensitive area. But not to stop the rail connectivity at any cost because the road condition of Silchar to Guwahati route is in such a pity condition that the people of the region have to suffer again if the rail stops.

  • sumit kumar - 7 years ago

    Sir what ever production in India, make a policy 35% mandatory for using recycled products only, it will help in Swachbharat

  • Ajit Bhushan - 7 years ago

    Dear sir
    I would like suggest for complete tatkal train between major stations. Booking should only open as per tatkal policy for complete trains before two days of departure. It will help people those who don’t get the tickets in urgent time.

  • sumeet sharma - 7 years ago

    Fire or fined heavily to corrupt Ticket booking clerk and ticket collector to increase the revenue.

    Wireless mic recorder on the shoulder while on duty, if tempered deduct the cost from the salary.

  • praveen_261 - 7 years ago

    Most trains are running below 60 km/hr which is very slow in present situation, even superfast trains are running around 50 – 55 km/hr, try to increase it to atleast 80 km/hr

  • subramanian jagannathan - 7 years ago

    loss making lines should be immediately ceased as this frees up tracks and improves efficiency.The railways must think out of the box like introducing high tech bus services to connect to well connected railway stations instead.This way it would be a win-win situation for railways roads and transport sector. The buses can run in such a way to enable smooth connection. At least this should be piloted.
    Luggage men should be educated and made responsible for enforcing cleanliness in stations.

  • BSR Anjaneyulu P - 7 years ago

    Hi Sir,
    I would like to give some suggestions to improve railways. 1. As per present system coramandel express from Howrah to Chennai is getting peak speed upto 110 kmph … so its better to increase the routs instead of providing bullet trains.
    2. At the time of festivals there is no support for the reserved passengers of sleeper class , all the unreserved people and waiting list people occupying the sleeper class berths. This is problem due to allowing the sleeper class booking upto wl 300

  • Khadeer - 7 years ago

    Respected Ministers and Officers

    I request to Honorable Railway Minister and Railway Officers to think of doubling railway line between Bibinagar (Telangana, Nalagonda dist.) and Nallapadu (Andhra, Guntur dist.), so that new trains can go through Guntur junction railway station. There is always heavy rush of passengers in between Secunderabad to Vizag/Guntur/Vijayawada all 365 days. By which travel time from Secunderabad to Guntur/Vizag/Vijayawada will get reduced.

    Thank you

  • Prasad Atmaram Suryarao - 7 years ago

    Railway Budget should not only take care of only one year, but should have focus for at least 3-4 years from the perspective of the assets building, operations and maintenance. Adequate funds to be provided for safety of the railway. Based on INR devaluation, rail fare to be increased to take care of the increased expenditure in terms of Salaries of the employees as well as the aging infrastructure and new development. Constant focus to be given to optimise cost to become effective & Efficient.

  • Priyanka Sareen - 7 years ago

    I have the following suggestions:
    1. The Mumbai commuter rail system requires and urgent augmentation of capacity. Many people are dying daily on Mumbai suburban system due to lack of capacities. I would like to draw ur urgent attention to the same.
    2. In long distance trains, there is an urgent need to add more number of general compartments. Or maybe special general only trains. People travel in quite bad conditions in the general compartments.
    Priyanka Sareen

  • Dr Swapan Banerjee - 7 years ago

    We all know that stations should be clean. But Gaya and Chennai stations were so badly stinking that it was impossible to stay in the train. Why should our stations be like hell? No defecating should be allowed while trains reach the terminal stations. Rail police don’t give protection to passengers, they extort bribe.

  • Hemanth Velluri - 7 years ago

    There was no progress on the Kadapa-Bengaluru new line. Ensure this pending project to be completed asap for the development of backward region of rayalaseema. Once this connectivity is established, following services can be achievable. a) better connectivity for passenger and freight corridor from bangalore to north india. b) Tirupati/tirupati airport integrated with Bangalore airport and b’lore city. (direct via mpl and via kadapa&mpl). c) circular train from chittoor to amaravati(both sides)

  • rajnikant choubey - 7 years ago

    माननीय रेल मंत्री जी को मेरा एक अहम सुझाव है कि एक नयी रेलगाड़ी इंटरसिटी एक्सप्रेस के रूप मे मुगलसराय से गोरखपुर तक चलाये जो बक्सर,आरा,पटना,हाजिपुर,मुजफ्फरपुर, मोतिहारी, बेतिया, नरकटियागंज,बगहा,वाल्मिकीनगर होते हुए गोरखपुर तक जाये।क्योकि ये रूट को जोड़ने वाले क्षेत्रो मे यात्री बहुत है एवं नया दीघा पुल बन जाने से ये संभव है।

  • rajnikant choubey - 7 years ago

    माननीय रेल मंत्री जी को मेरा एक अहम सुझाव है कि एक नयी रेलगाड़ी इंटरसिटी एक्सप्रेस के रूप मे मुगलसराय से गोरखपुर तक चलाये जो बक्सर,आरा,पटना,हाजिपुर,मुजफ्फरपुर, मोतिहारी, बेतिया, नरकटियागंज,बगहा,वाल्मिकीनगर होते हुए गोरखपुर तक जाये।क्योकि ये रूट को जोड़ने वाले क्षेत्रो मे यात्री बहुत है एवं नया दीघा पुल बन जाने से ये संभव है।
    शाहाबाद क्षेत्र के बहुत से लोग चंपारन क्षेत्र मे रहते है एवं चम्पारन क्षेत्र के लोग शाहाबाद क्षेत्र मे रहते है ।साथ मे पर्यटन को भी बढावा मिलेगा।वाल्मिकी नगर आदि पर्यटन के।

  • Rajdeep Mane - 7 years ago

    Respected Railway Minister,
    Please Attach Kolhapur Railway Station To Konkan Railway
    please start new train from Kolhapur to Hyderabad via Solapur.
    think about kolhapur to pune fast train.


  • ninad joshi - 7 years ago

    dear sir there are lot of people who travell by railway in general compartment coz they cant afford even sleeper class fare and i don’t you know or not but in most of train who run for long route in those train there is no place to stand even properly so i Request you kindly add 1 general compartment in these type of trains who runs fully pack and i believe this thing will help lots of poor people

  • Abhilash Sukumaran - 7 years ago

    As noted above Swach Bharat should definitely adopted in trains. Millions of people are using trains in India every day. Thousands of tourists from different part of the world also using trains daily. It it is very important to keep our trains clean. Contractors who are doing cleaning in trains should be further checked by a third party to make sure they have done job. Make sure every long running trains are cleaned two times daily. Wash it properly once in a month.

  • Pradeep Sharma_57 - 7 years ago

    hamare rout Aligarh to Moradabad aur Bareilly to moradabad par hum Chandausi walo ko koi bhi aisi train nahi hai jo student or office jane walo ko samay se pahuncha sake.. na hi morning main delhi ke liye koi express train hai.. hum kafi samaye se iski demand kar rahe lekin kuch nahi ho raha h.. link express 14113 bhi 6 ka 8 hours late chal rahi h.. railway ki time se train bahut late ho rahi hai… hum chahte hai buget main hume ek morning me delhi ke liye train mile jo breilly delhi ho..

  • Pradeep Sharma_57 - 7 years ago

    Humare rout se train sahi time se nahi chal rahi hai. jisse kafi yatri ko pareshani ka samna karna padta hai. train ko bina karan hi lait kiya jata hai.. ek to train bahut kam hai aur jo hai wo bhi right time nahi chalti hai.. complaint karne ke baad bhi kuch nahi hota hai..

  • RADHAKRISHNAN KN - 7 years ago

    Dear Sir,
    Request you please allocate enough fund for Sabari railway line in Kerala. Request to do the needful to stop all the trains in Thiruvall stattion Kerala

  • Hemant Thorat - 7 years ago

    Parking stands of Railway stations are without roof. So due to Sunlight & rain vehicles get damaged. So you are requested to provide roofs to parking stands.

  • Kamal Chauhan_1 - 7 years ago

    Respected Sir,
    Its our fortune that you are out PM.
    Please charge 10/- and Rs 20/- extra depending upon class and that same amount use in hire of RPF (extra police force) to provide better security to passengers. In this way Railway can able to provide better security simultaneously increase in employment as well.
    Please seek public option as well.
    Thanks and best wishes

  • Manojava Galgali - 7 years ago

    Railways connect India North south and west east, if we can create moving trade coaches where travelers can buy goods and textile, like Jute products from Bengal, textiles from Gujarat, jewelry works, Silk products from Tamil nadu, ilakal sarees and sandalwood products from Karnataka, handmade products across india etc in one of the coaches in long distance trains, would bring business to railways employment for local businesses and cultural connect to the travelers.

    Jai Hind

  • Manojava Galgali - 7 years ago

    To empower even more swachch rail, to sensatise travelers, to value add in how we travel also to create Job opportunities in Railways, why don’t we create new posts of Rail Hostesses and Rail stewards with same job responsibilities of that Air hostesses and stewards in Airlines with existing TTs, this will surely change how we travel on tracks.

    Jai Hind

  • Rajesh Nayak - 7 years ago

    We need to invest more in R&D so as to ensure reduction in wastage of water n energy. By deploying more automatic water filling units at the railway stations, automteic locks for toileteries when trains stop at railway stations etc are few suggestions…

  • SANJEEV TRIVEDI_1 - 7 years ago

    Suggestions for Rail Budget – I request H’ble Minister for Railways to utilise the services of FM channels of Radio to announce every half an hour about the train running status. It will help rail passengers to listen the announcements on radio and reach to station in time instead of wasting hours together waiting for trains at railway stations. It will help in reducing crowd at stations and also help in maintaining law & order and cleanliness of stations. Railways can start its own FM Channels.

  • Gautam Kumar Maiti - 7 years ago

    House keeping staff should be inside train always during transit.

  • Soumya Gupta_1 - 7 years ago

    When we talk about Swachh Rail it’s not only about cleaning train coaches but also about keeping the platform including platform toilets clean. It also includes cleaning railway tracks which usually are filthy and full trash thrown by people. So there should enough dustins and trash boxs so that people don’t throw away things where they like. There should be atleast 2 marshals inside every train to ensure security of females who travell alone.

  • Udhayakamalan - 7 years ago

    Make beggars and Transgenders who making money out of the train. Makes the journey disgusting.

  • S K Verma_7 - 7 years ago

    Respected Sir
    Please do needful to crackdown the nexus of well settled contractors in indian railway for long time. They don’t bother for passengers.
    Also take steps and pass instructions to carry complaint book with on-board railway staff like all ticket checker,pantry staff etc.
    I am a regular visitor of train no 12391/92 and on couples of occasions I asked for complaint book from railway on-board staff bt from the time of asking, they neither provided nor came to me
    With regards
    S k

  • K V VENKATACHALAM_1 - 7 years ago

    We need Trains she’d @ West tirupati. Pls don’t raise the Fares. Refund rules being imposed are costly pls do need.

  • Pawan singhal - 7 years ago

    Hope monorail is under your deptt.
    Monorail design us particularly made to cover small distance and the loop time be around 15 min.
    In china and Australia I observed that they are plying monorail on steel columns and garters which us very cheap and faster to implement.
    If loop provided with every metro station in delhi and ncr; it will be great and the actual implementation time will be time to procure monorail coaches.

  • anmol dawra - 7 years ago

    Automatic door should be their in train as it is in metro’s to increase the safety of passengers

  • anmol dawra - 7 years ago

    Their should be a small dustbin below the lower birth so that people do not through garbage outside

  • anmol dawra - 7 years ago

    Sir manual ticket checking should be stopped instead some automatic system should be used like used in metro

  • lakshminarasimhan - 7 years ago

    general problem is vacant berths availability is not displaced in intermediate stations generally in major stations coach position is displayed in the same board vacant position of berth can be displayed so that passangers need not run from one coach to another in search of TTE ‘s when train arrives as train stop only few minutes


  • Varadharajan_10 - 7 years ago

    Introduce mini buses by railways (rail-bus) to connect railway stations, Bus stands, and Airports within major cities of India. Become an one more operator under brand(Rail-bus)like private players in domestic bus service also to connect cities by Road.

  • Sunil_366 - 7 years ago

    Proposal of Bullet train project should be kept on hold. India needs certain basic facilities like education.health etc to be available or improved before it embarks on such projects involving huge capital outlays. Also, such projects are bound to be have delays and cost-overruns and will only serve the rich to be economically viable.Operating cost of such projects would also be very high. Alt,Funds can be invested in improving the existing rail network and services.

  • Sunil_366 - 7 years ago


  • SANJEEV SACHDEVA_3 - 7 years ago


  • SANJEEV SACHDEVA_3 - 7 years ago


  • vinod kumar jangir - 7 years ago

    indian railway should install a biogas plant at every railway station to consume the railway dust bin material and clean the station.how ever it is big plan and lot of investment but it have profit also. i think railway should give tender to install biogas plant .second suggestion in every train install a conveyor to supply the material within 2-3 minutes. so that we could use unwanted material and clean every railway station.

  • Sharana Kumar J - 7 years ago

    Dear Sir, Can we have new railway line from east to west of Hyderabad-karnataka area. Even after 60 years of independence, we are more dependent on roads than railway. Kindly help us

  • Anirudh Loya - 7 years ago

    Sir, wanted to suggest to install solar panels on the top to generate electricity to be used for coaches

  • Vaenkata Selvan Thiyagesan - 7 years ago

    Standardisation is required for coach building. This will make maintenance easy. The design should be passenger friendly. Even in 3rd AC we could see screws and bolts protruding endangering the safety of passengers. I sincerely feel that the contribution from RDSO Nagpur is below average in this regard. Please do make RDSO responsible for good and easily maintainable design of caoches.The present design of coaches reveals that 90% of the resources in RDSO is unused or wasted.

  • Blind Persons Association - 7 years ago

    On behalf of Blind Persons’ Association, Mumbai. We would like to offer a suggestion to the Railway Minster for the rail budget F.Y. 2015-2016. The Indian Railway has extended 75% rail fair concession to the blind. However, this concession is not available in Janshatabdi Express. We request to extended the same amount of concession in Janshatabdi Express.

  • Mathew Joseph_1 - 7 years ago

    Sir, please provide 50% fare concession in all classes in all trains for all Ex-service men of the three forces ,Indian Army , Navy and Air Force .

  • VINAY VALSALAN - 7 years ago

    Please stop charging money on cancellation. Due to unavailability of lower birth while reserving tickets online i had to cancel the tickets as both my parents cannot take up upper berth due to their age. I lost around 500 rupees on cancellation just after 2 minutes of booking tickets. The current system need to be changed as is not good and its punishing passengers by charging unreasonable amount. Such simple things needs correction

  • Suvendra Mahapatra - 7 years ago

    I think Group D jobs of Indian railways should have an age limit of 35.So I request to increse the age limit from 33 to 35.By which many unemployed will get another chance to get the opportunity to be eligible for eexamination.

  • Anil Vala - 7 years ago

    Corruption is every where and Rail also in it. I am regular traveler by Railway and many times i have seen that T.C. accept cash money (bribe) and allowed traveler to seat in any coach. Where as this money should go to Gov.t account.

  • SANJIV SAIGAL - 7 years ago

    You have increased the different charges, be it tatkaal, platform tkts, increased cancellation charges for sleepers too, many tyes of cess. Kindly do not now increase the fares in the next rail budget.

  • sandeep kumar_413 - 7 years ago

    Dear SURESH PRABHU JI, there is a long pending demand,of ALLAHABAD for mumbai bound duranto express,which runs biweekly now, to make it run daily,people face a lot of difficulty to get a confirmed ticket to Mumbai,if this train runs daily,it will be a great convenience. Also as we know that Allahabad is a great tourist and education centre of UP, but Bhubaneshwar Rajdhani ,Siyalda Rajdhani,and Ranchi Rajdhani express do not have stoppage here, make sure that these trains have stoppage here.

  • Sahu_1 - 7 years ago

    Next time propose “Safety Insurance” for Passenger, and Rail can earn Rs.365000000 CR per Year.
    Have Already post how to earn this money.

  • poornachandrarao ponnaluru - 7 years ago

    Each coach including SL need to provide dust bin on eitherside considarably big size under neath of wash basin, and it need to clean at Stations periodically. Now a days small dust bins are available at AC coaches without cleaning at intermediate stations. TTE must take responsibility to advise Passengers to maintain cleanliness where he find dust, to drop in dust bin provided, this will improve for better up keep of the coaches. TTE will not take any responsibility except to check the tickets

  • vijay kumar bansal_2 - 7 years ago

    Very frequently we read or see the news in media that by hacking the irctc website they made crores of rupees.
    and there is a lot of black ticketing in railway.

    Why don’t you take a strict action to stop this.

  • Pankaj Mishra - 7 years ago

    Please have railway stations, atleast of selected types, at major airports of india. Similar ones are already running in other countries, like newark airport in US.

  • PAVAN KUMAR REDDY - 7 years ago

    i would like to suggest to increase police men in trains and stations. These days hijras are looting passengers in rude manners. They are not taking money what we are giving but they are demanding for 100’s i complained to many police men but they didn’t take any action. in each and every train you will find them. Please take action against it.

  • ER RAJIV GARG - 7 years ago


    no more web required to have ideas.

  • G D SINGH - 7 years ago

    Announcement-system (like Metro trains & aeroplanes) should also be installed in long-distance trains(especially night -journey trains) for providing information to the passengers about the place/station where the train is reaching .

  • Ranjeev Poddar - 7 years ago

    Keeping Digital India in mind, Indian Railway TTE officers can use tablets for checking tickets. This would pave a way for transparency in ticket checking and save mass quantity of papers. Tablets can be linked to the Indian Railway intranet so as to maintain database of the passengers travelling.
    Also, touch tablets can also help in introduction of biometric method of passenger checking/verification as biometric registration has already been completed while registering for Aadhar.

  • Asha K Kumar - 7 years ago

    The dustbins in the train are ao insufficent that people are forced to throw their waste through doors . Can we have the caterers of all train to go around every half hour with trash bags and collect the waste . This will help the entire lenght of indian railways from getting dirty . Aince caterer companies are in place this can be done immediately . Thank

  • Ashish vithlani - 7 years ago

    Regarding drinking water availability at railway station, i feel its not much costlier to install a RO Water plant in every railway station. It helps to provide pure water, reduce health related problems due to drinking of polluted water, reduce waste due to plastic water bottles and reduce waste dumping, along with customer satisfaction and happiness towards railway and central govt.

  • divya prakash singh - 7 years ago

    we want to share our suggestion regarding recruitment process. many of students appear of railways examination every year for getting job but the process of recruitment is too slow. so, everyone has wait long period for result. so i requested to u please improve the process of recruitment that’s why student can taken right way to create his/her carrier in better direction.
    Divya Prakash

  • Prashant Parikh - 7 years ago

    An important task the railway ministry should take is about safety of travellers in night journey,especially women and children.Its an extreme need in our country bcoz no criminal is afraid of police and system.I suggest cctv cameras in each sleeper coaches & atleast two army official with guns bcoz more chances of theft and crime related women occurs more in sleeper coach.Atleast one coach for women in each train must be started if possible for department,it will enhance security for them.

  • Arun Singh - 7 years ago

    Also appoint, five heads for each of the five railway divisions. To reduce the cost structure, reduce the operational costs at each level, make the ticketing fully online and eticket. Try to do away with the agents. Make every station generate its own revenue by the commercial utilisation of its space.

  • Arun Singh - 7 years ago

    The five companies as stated in my blog as should be independent. I mean to say that if the passenger division required technical and system assistance, they should pay for the services to the Railways Systems, thereby generating revenue for other companies in the group. If Railways Cargo needs to send any cargo through passenger trains, then it should pay for the space utilisation on passenger trains.Also reduce the no. of station masters per station.

  • Arun Singh - 7 years ago

    Further to my blog, I would like to further state that apart from passenger trains, rest parts should be with private sector, particularly maintenance repair overhaul and manufacturing. We need to reduce the govt. employees in railways, thereby reducing the cost of operations. Free the railways PSU from govt. control and make them stand in competition with the pvt. companies. Make every requirements of railways through online tenders, thereby reducing corruption.

  • jitendra bordia - 7 years ago

    Atalji will always be remembered for his vision of golden quadrilateral road project similarly, railway should develop some landmark project with which this Govt. can be associated with for ages, Railways are spinal cord of the country in reality, My suggestion for railway is to make s spinal cord like multi lane structure across the length and breadth of the country where sub veins like railway lines reach out to every corner of land, and where the coaches coming from differentparts autolink

  • Arun Singh - 7 years ago

    Dear Mr. Prabhu and PM Modi, Its high time that we start seeing Railways from the commercial and a big corporation point of view. I wish to state that for proper development of Railways, we need to divide it into 5 parts, Indian Railways Passenger Service Business, Cargo Business, Indian Railways Systems(responsible for implementation of it enabled services),Catering, Maintenance, Repair,Overhaul and Manufacturing. Keep only the passenger services under Govt control.

  • nitin jaiswal_2 - 7 years ago

    I have read that now the fare of flights taking 1 hour or less to reach the destination will be less than Rs2500.
    So who will travel by bullet train from mumbai to surat as time and fare of bulletvtrain would be greater than that of flight…

  • SUSHANT MUKHERJEE - 7 years ago

    One of the major reason of unsafe travel (for girls especially) is persons without reservation travelling in reserved compartments with the connivance of the TTEs. This is widespread in the state of Bihar, Jharkhand and UP and in every train. People travel without reservation in AC 1 st also. In case of any misdeed by that particular person, there is no proof of him travelling in the compartment. This practice is rampant in this part of the country. Railways must take it very seriously.

  • patit paban pramanik - 7 years ago

    Only three no.s of local trains run between HALDIA and HOWRAH, being an industrial town a large no s of people come from HOWRAH, KOLKATA to Haldia and goes back So Railways Authorities are requested to provide some more local trains in Haldia-Howrah route. This will benefit common people a lot

  • patit paban pramanik - 7 years ago

    Only three no.s of local trains runs between HALDIA TO HOWRAH being an industrial town a large no s of people come from HOWRAH, KOLKATA So Railways Authorities are requested to provide some more local trains in Haldia Howrah route

  • Shashank Shekhar - 7 years ago

    There is an urgent need for a daily/bi-weekly Super-fast train on Ranchi-Chennai route. This prime route has been neglected for the past 30 years and train 3351/3352 – Dhanbad -Alleppey Express happens to be the only train catering to the ever growing demand of passenger flow.
    The train is mainly used by students & patients. Lately there is an exponential increase in the number of migrant labors who choose to come to Southern states in search of livelohood. A new train would surely help all.

    • Shashank Shekhar - 7 years ago

      I hope this plea reaches suitable authority for consideration

    • SUSHANT MUKHERJEE - 7 years ago

      Jharkhand is most neglected by Rly’s as far as passenger facilities & amenities are concerned.

  • SOUMYAJYOTI BANERJEE - 7 years ago

    We were to board the tr. no. 12312) from MGS to HWH at 8.10 pm on 23rd October, 2015. At Ald Junc. the train was reportedly 31 mins. late. It arrived at 00.15 am. The Dy. SS at MGS they said that Ald was a different zone which after repeated requests did not allow the mail trains to pass but released the freight trains. Interestingly, the Delhi Rajdhani was cleared on time. The question are 2: is there no coordination between zones and are rajdhani passengers are different class of humans?

  • RAJAGOPAL_10 - 7 years ago

    Sir, So many complaints …..is there any action. Since no comments are posted by any authority, I wonder, are every thing going to DUST BIN? I doubt.

  • RAJAGOPAL_10 - 7 years ago


  • preeti_27 - 7 years ago

    passenger reservation system should be declined from 4 to 2 months, bcoz it is difficult to plan a tour at an early days. Indian railways should connect rail lines to all districts of Odisha. we a clean trip in trains. Indian railways should concentrate on train timing/delay.

  • kamal thakur - 7 years ago

    Sir,Demand raised by the people of Himachal Pradesh through member of parliament to plying the train between Kalka to Haridwar in the month of August,2015.Memorandum was also given to Railway Minister of India.Investigation orders were passed but no fruitful result came out.It is further requested that a direct train from kalka to haridwar may kindly be announced for the common people who have to go to Haridwar for the religious and Asthi visarjan and connectivity from Ambala is not suitable.

  • Neelu choudhary - 7 years ago

    we want solar enegy in home

  • Neelu choudhary - 7 years ago

    wewant free wifi in jbp city

  • BEJANKI KARIMNAGAR - 7 years ago

    what is the prablam

  • kamal thakur - 7 years ago

    Sir,It is for your kind information that neglected of public demands to start the direct trains is not favourable of the ruling govt.I am hopeful that in next budget direct trains from the Kalka railway station may be announced and also improvement of Kalka railway station.If direct trains are not possible then Biweekly,Triweekly direct trains kindly be announced for the welfare of common people,and the decision becomes good governance of ruling govt.People of [H.P].is also connected with kalka.

  • kamal thakur - 7 years ago

    Sir,In this poor country the expectations of people are very high.We cannot say that presently nothing development is looking on the ground level.You have to improve the railway infrastructure after passing the good command on the future plans to improvement and announcement of new trains and to raise the finance.Sitting capacity may kindly be increased in place of sleepers boggies.Due to this more people can adjust and increased fare may be charged from the travellers in chair cars for finance

  • kamal thakur - 7 years ago

    Sir,Thanks to the ministry to provide the 78% bonus to their employees for encouragement of employees who are giving their services with full devotion,dedication and honestly.In next year ministry have to implement the proper policies,plans for the welfare of people and also to increase the bonus for the betterment of employees slightly increasing the fare and chair cars on the long route trains for increasing and improvement of finance crisis.More efforts for seats in trains for the passenger

  • Bharat Bhushan Aggarwal_1 - 7 years ago

    I submitted a suggestion yesterday, 6th September. I further have to say on the basis of my experience that the Finalisation of works programmes for taking them in to the annual Railway budget 2016 must be on. Thus, I wish suggest that for making budgetary provisions realistic strict scrutiny of works programme submitted by all the Railway Zones should be carried out. This will show that requirement of funds on this aspect of the budget is reduced.This is very much required for better Budget.

  • kamal thakur - 7 years ago

    Sir,Everyone knows that the population of our country is 125 crores and living status of people are in poor conditions and someone’s earning is hand to mouth.Railway is the life line of our country and most people depends upon rail.In these circumstances railway have to operate the new trains for the welfare of people.It is not enough that trains cannot operated due to operational and economically reasons you have to change these objections and also focus on genuine direct train demands.

  • Bharat Bhushan Aggarwal_1 - 7 years ago

    I wish to suggest that funds provided in the works programmes of Railways are being misused by officers. This misuse can be stopped by making provisions for extra staff strength and exaggerated prices more accurate. These can be curtailed by half by reframing policies. Thus making Rail Budget better.

  • kamal thakur - 7 years ago

    Sir,period of one and half year has been completed but no any result is looking on the ground.Most of the people are against the fare hike in trains,but facilities cannot avail without the spenting of money.Policy for the high speed trains are very costly because expenditure on 1k.m. track for high speed train is about 100 crores,which is not favourable for govt.Railway can improve the conditions of old tracks and new trains can be operated with huge expenditure.Focus of people is on new trains

  • kamal thakur - 7 years ago

    Sir,Kalka railway station is under the jurisdiction of Northern Railway and connected with the gate way of Himachal.Upgradation of Kalka railway station is necessary for the stability,maintenance and other purposes to start new trains etc. WE are requesting to Honble Railway Minister to improve the conditions of Kalka railway station which is ignored since the long time.Spare land is also available with kalka railway station for the betterment of kalka railway station.Necessary steps be taken.

  • kamal thakur - 7 years ago

    Sir,In this country there is not so importance of high speed trains,but connectivity of area is important through rail routes.The position of railway stations are not so good for the maintenance and staying of trains.Additional tracks and improvement of conditions of railway stations are the basic need as to see the increasing of population.Old tracks are not so good to bear the high speed trains.Common people cannot avail facilities in high speed trains due to fare hike and oppose on policy.

  • kamal thakur - 7 years ago

    Sir,Shimla,Nainital and Kashmir are the very beautiful tourist places.People all over the country visit to these places for sight seeing and historical places.Foreigners also come to these places to see the british memories.These places are depend upon tourist.We are thankful to indian Railways that Jammu to kathgodam,Kalka to Katra has been connected with direct rail routes but Kalka is not connected with Kathgodam since the independence with direct rail route.Above route may kindly beconnected

  • Jyoti_sharma - 7 years ago

    On 27 September 2015 I was travelling from jabalpur to NIZAMUDDIN by Mr samparkranti I pulled the emergency chain twice but there was no Graf came till 15 minutes and train start moving because someone theft the luggage of the passenger near agrarian cantt railway station. After 15 minutes guard came and asked us who and how he took the luggage. Please look into this for the safety of the passengers

  • Jyoti_sharma - 7 years ago

    We have to increase the platform ticket charges to use that money for cleaners of railway tracks at the station and that will decrease the rush of people who r there to leave the passengers

  • GUJARAN HEMANTH KUMAR - 7 years ago

    Railway should think about solar power system.NO Cigaret, Tobaco,chewing Pan compaign need to implemented. Most of the time Ticket collector is not coming for checking. So if any cancellation he takes bribe and confirm seat another person, to avoid when the cancellation done automatic massege should go the next eligible person. The cancelled person should be credited with some amount direct to his a/c.

  • ravi prakash singh_6 - 7 years ago

    i want to draw your kind attention towards deadly slow work in conversion of narrow Gage to broad Gage between barni to gonda (NER). this work was started in feb 2013, but after 2yr6months this was not completed. this was only 100 km distance. this is life line two districts.
    after electrification between gonda to lucknow no memo yet to be start. the work has already completed.
    in resent days working of railways is not upto the mark, officers are not supervising their staff in right way.

  • kamal thakur - 7 years ago

    Sir.Some years ago it was announced by the former P.M.Sh.Atal Bihari Bajpae announced that broad gauge track from kalka to parwanoo which is about 2kms should be laid for providing of direct train facility for the people of himachal Pradesh from parwanoo which is entry gate of Shimla capital.Survey has been completed but no any budget allocated for this purpose.After laying the broad gauge track the load of trains at Kalka could be reduced and space for staying of trains would be available.

  • kamal thakur - 7 years ago

    Sir.We are demanding since a long time that direct train from kalka/chandigarh to kathgodam may kindly be started .In this regard weekly train lalkuanto Amritsar via chandigarh has been started.kindly extend this train upto kathgodam which is about 15kmsfrom lalkuan.kindly necessary steps may kindly be taken after rescheduling/adjustment of time schedule for the welfare of thousands of people.

  • anca Abraham - 7 years ago

    Respected Sir,
    We request a meeting with the railway minister, Mr. Suresh Prabhu. How can we get in touch with him? We would like to present our proposals for revamping the railways.
    Kindly contact us at the earliest

  • anca Abraham - 7 years ago

    The Bombay Greenway Project http://www.facebook.com/TheBombayGreenwayProject
    1. directly affects minimum 7.7 million commuters daily! (the population of Switzerland) – the population finally using it would be far more.
    2. creates more than 1000 acres of brand new green space (without reclamation or acquisition)
    3. can save over 4000 people a year!!! (10-12 people die daily on our railway tracks!)
    4. it’s an alternative mode of transport that’s totally green(walk, run, cycle)

  • anca Abraham - 7 years ago

    THE BOMBAY GREENWAY PROJECT, WINNER of the International Urban Planning Competition Velo-City, Vienna, April 2013, comprises of several urban planning proposals that could transform Bombay into a truly 21st century city, upgrading Bombay railways, improving connectivity & creating green public spaces, encouraging active interchangeable modes of transport and healthy city living. Contact mail@abrahamjohnarchitects.com for detailed proposal.https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCty73-v0FjwaFijDEg8rerg

  • Mahesh Somnath Swami - 7 years ago

    Respected Prime Minister Modi Ji,
    Subject : Indain railway seats arrangement Part IV

    Thank You so much Sir


    Mahesh Swami
    Mo 9970021770

  • Mahesh Somnath Swami - 7 years ago

    Respected Prime Minister Modi Ji,
    Subject : Indain railway seats arrangement Part III
    Jo bhi charge rahega wo sidha paytm app aise application se indian railway ke khate me jana chahiye.
    Maine ispar detail me socha he shayda apko ye idea pasand aaye to har train ke piche indian railway ek din me Rs 50000 -100000 ka fayda hoga.Plz Plz meri ye request iske liye action lo isse mere desh ko fayda hoga aur koi aapki team ka member discuss kare mere sath to main pura plan discuss karunga.Thank

  • Mahesh Somnath Swami - 7 years ago

    Respected Prime Minister Modi Ji,

    Subject : Indain railway seats arrangement Part II

    Subah 9 am se 9 Pm tak koi sleeper class me sota nahi he aur wo log baith kar travel karte he. Agar dekha jaye to hum Sleeper class me seating arrangement kar sakte he general ward ke logon ke liye.
    Ek mobile Application banana padega jis se general ward me agar seat available nahi he to wo Sleeper Class me seat ka labh le sake. aur badle me according to distance (km) Charge kiya jaye.

  • Mahesh Somnath Swami - 7 years ago

    Respected Prime Minister Modi Ji,

    Subject : Indain railway seats arrangement Part I

    Indian railway ke liye mere paas ek Idea he. Jo aapne desh ke liye aur Indai ke lye fayde mand hoga. Bahut bar aise hota he jab train me safar karte he to general ward complete bhar jata he aur waha jagah nahi milti. Aur fir log Sleeper claas me chadte he. Aur TC har bande se Rs 50 – 100 leta he wo uske jeb me dalta he.Main chahta hun kiye rupaya Indian railway ke account me jaye.

    To be continued…

  • Rajat Arora_4 - 8 years ago

    Please change the timings of train from Ferozepur Cantt to Chandigarh because Chandigarh is capital of Punjab , All the head offices of PUNJAB are situated at Chandigarh and this city is a great hub of education. Present trimmings 0700 to 1145 at Chandigarh as Punjab high court and Punjab university is here Timmngs should be 0500 hours to 0900 hours AC CHAIR CAR COACHES SHOULD BE ADDED.rail will also earn a good revenue. Today position 10 Volvo buses to Chandigarh no availability of seat in bus

  • deepak goenka - 8 years ago

    dear minister
    why we do not have the railways working at the speed they are working between surat delhi i.e time taken between the same kilometer is more between surat kanpur if we reduce time taken per km in northern corridors would save lot of man hours & inturn better & efficient country

  • Prasad Kudva - 8 years ago

    Dear Sir,
    Though Railways has done extrodinary work ob cleanliness.Its was time to Pyt sign Boards on not to Litter nd provide adequate dustibin at Platforms to bring awarness amongst People. Sign boards should make people to think.cleanliness only can then can become effective.

    Prasad Kudva

  • kamal thakur - 8 years ago

    Sir,prayer to reschedule the train lalkuan to Amritsar via Chandigarh and extended upto Kathgodam for the welfare of thousands people which residing at chandigarh,Haryana,himachal and Punjab.The schedule of train Chandigarh to Ramnagar is not suitable for most concerned people,it may be start early morning or late night in place of evening at 4.45P.M.It reaches at Ramnagar in the midnight,another transport facility for kumaun area is not available,due to above circumstances peoplehave to suffer.

  • kamal thakur - 8 years ago

    We the people of Himachal Pradesh demanding to start direct train from Kalka to Haridwar due to inconvenience from the Ambala railway station people have to go to haridwar for Asthi visarajan and religious ceremonies ,they have to suffer a lot due to non connectivity of direct train. You are very well known to the geographical conditions of hill state. Kindly direct train from KALKA to HARIDWAR may kindly be provided for the welfare of thousands common people.
    Action may kindly be taken.

  • Mayank nigam - 8 years ago

    Dear sir , in order to increase railway income why is government not planning to start a railway bank which will be located inside railway station and offer services which other banks offer like loan saving account etc .it’s first customers will be railway employees which has an approximate strength of 16 lacs and income earned through this can be utilized in future railway schemes thus reducing the burden on common man pocket.

  • Ananda Debnath - 8 years ago

    Performance of Govt sectors should be better, if implement a fair policy for Skill and Performance Testing should be carried-out by independed Body consisting Govt and Non-Govt body with fixing the responsibility as well as they will be liable for any loss or mis-use of power.

  • manoj kumar jain_4 - 8 years ago

    Respected sir, patan bhildi rail marg kab tak pura hoga or kab vaha train chalegi pls sir aapse rqst.he krpya karke is route ko jaldi se jaidi pura karave is se rajasthan or gujaraat ke logo ko bahot fayada pahuchega sir pls……….

  • Amol_Gadhave - 8 years ago

    Dear Sir, I have one suggestion to avoid without ticket passenger entry in station area.
    If an m/c which will be linked to entering gate & the gate will be open once the ticket information is detected/ decoded by m/c, then the passenger without ticket will be restricted at entry gate.
    1. Load on thicket checker will reduced
    2. Train profit would be increase due to restriction of without ticket travelers

  • Nitin Gupta_43 - 8 years ago

    For maintaining cleanliness-All trains to have pantry cars, this will allow removal of all stalls from rail stn. premises. Only medicines, drinking water and food for children up to 5 years of age should be available on stations.Payment for pantry services can be included in ticket price like airlines.As it is lot of eating places are available outside all railway stations.In time pantry cars can be HACCP certified thus ensuring quality.

  • Sudhir Kumar_54 - 8 years ago

    Regarding cleanliness drive at station, authorities are putting great effort but what I can suggest further is there should be toilets at every stations and people should be punished more if they litter on stations or in train. Adding more to it train dustbins, toilets and bogies should be cleaned atleast 2-3 times in between the journey.

  • ANKIT BISHNOI - 8 years ago

    हम अपने रेल प्रणाली को लेकर खूब उत्सुक रहते है लेकिन इसके ख़राब ढांचे को लेकर कोई बात नही करता बेहतर होगा की हम खुद पहल करके इसको मजबूत बनाये

  • Arjun Kumar - 8 years ago

    I suggest two Sr. Citizen travelling together may be allotted Lower Berths in LB Quota itself. Further,they may be automatically allotted lower berths even in General Quota as it is difficult for them to climb upper berths. I also suggest, as in Air travel,all General Quota berths may be made optional Lower/Upper or side Berths against payment of some extra charges.In this way, not only needy passengers will get berths of their choice but even Railways will benefit by earning extra revenue.

  • shilesh Sivasankaran - 8 years ago

    Mumbai local trains which are the most crowded has compartments reserved for ladies. But what about the over bridge on the platforms. Need to have a separate over bridge for women on the platforms. Its really difficult for women to board the over bridge during peak hours at Mumbai local platforms.

  • BINEESH K S - 8 years ago

    Please provide tablets to TTES instead of Paper charts and connect it to network online. Then passengers can book vacant seats in running trains. More than that railway can save the nature by saving tons of paper

  • Varun Subbarao - 8 years ago

    Dear PM Sir,Subject: Implementation of Local Trains with the existing Infrastructure for Bangalore City.
    I would like to bring to your kind notice that people of Bangalore currently do not any have local train facility to commute to different parts of the city.From one of the surveys I got to know that the existing infrastructure within Bangalore city can be utilized for Local trains plying between different parts of the city.Local trains wil definitely address the traffic issues in the city

  • G S Rajasekaran - 8 years ago

    Sir few years back during Metre gauge train was operated between chennai to Tiruvannamalai(TN) but after conversion to broad gauge that train was stopped please try to restart that train sir

  • Sameer Ramesh Chheda - 8 years ago

    Respected Sir,
    Indian Railways has its use diversity working hard to serve people with its huge reach I would like to thank for the service you provide us.I stay in Mumbai if possible on each station there should be plants(If possible where station master thinks fit,it should not change as station master changes or is been transfered) and as there are many stations so use of Solar panel or wind mill if planted than we can save electricity as well as there will use of property too.

  • AMAR SINGH DHAWAL - 8 years ago

    I read many relevant and effective suggestions in the interest of the Railways as well as the customers. There no indication from any authority on this blog which of the suggestion had been taken up for implementation. The interest of upward communication will depletes and ultimately will be considered communication of no value. This aspect needs consideration and response from the concerned authority.

  • mayur chandurwar - 8 years ago

    Daily millions of passenger travel by the train , for the convenience of passengers some action should be taken by the government against beggars like these or make some law against beggars…

  • mayur chandurwar - 8 years ago

    Yesterday ..when I was travelling towards southern region by the train , I saw pathetic condition inside the train. Not about the cleanness & related things, I am talking about beggars & hijras. Number of people were sitting inside the compartment with me , suddenly two young women came inside the compartment & crooning one old Bollywood song very awfully. After completing song they were trying to beg very insistently to all passengers. They were demanding money just like all people had owed of

  • Murari Sharma_3 - 8 years ago

    Myself Murari Sharma belong to Rajasthan, I want to work for clean the railway plateform by using some instrumentation technology. My project is:
    If we installed a pneumatic plate valve at the end of toilet pipe which will operate by speed sensor.speed sensor will work with train wheel speed.
    Suppose if train is coming at plateform when train speed will be zero ,speed sensor will act and it will operate to pnumatic valve to close.
    I think this project reuire no huge investment.

  • M Venkataraman - 8 years ago

    Government has launched National Career Services – a portal to find local help like electrician, plumber etc. We need to create awareness about this portal. Railways can permit Corporates to set up kiosks to support this scheme in railway stations. They can help artisans to register in the portal and people to learn about it. Entire cost can be borne by corporates. M Venkataraman

  • M Venkataraman - 8 years ago

    Railways is planning to use railway stations to support other schemes of Government. In Chennai Metro railways has built large covered stations. Some of these stations are desolate and become dens of anti social elements and passengers are scared of using these stations at night. Reskilling training centers can be opened in these stations. They will be easily accessible to trainees and safety of passengers will improve.

  • Ajoy Mishra - 8 years ago

    Suggestion: Presently either Electric or Diesel engines are being used for pulling passenger or goods train. Diesel engines are being used where some or complete route is not electrified. If we introduce hybrid engines, for those routes where some portion is electrified where engine will run on electricity till the area where overhead power is available and diesel engine will work rest part where electricity is not available. This will reduce huge fuel OPEX as well as Co2 emission on air.

  • ABHISHEK DIXIT_5 - 8 years ago

    My Suggestion is to Develop the main railway station Like Delhi, Mumbai to Airport Like.
    Private food chain and local food chain should be allocated inside the station.
    that will help the passenger to take away the food they like and also give revenue to the Gov.
    Also instead of food pantry local and private food chain packet should kept in the Pantry so that passenger take the good food of there choice.No of railway track should be increase ex. so that maintenance of other track will be done

  • Simon peter_2 - 8 years ago

    A digital image scanned of the rail road track should b sent prior (3-5km) to pilot which can make him to know the real condition of track arrangement.If there is any hindrance he can take appropriate step against derail,collision or any other accident.

  • Simon peter_2 - 8 years ago

    Digital sign board(L.E.D) should be applied at least 4 on each wagon for the clear visibility of the arrival & departure station with main stopage.Announcement should be conducted inside the coach.

  • Simon peter_2 - 8 years ago

    ETM machine should be made mandatory for the ticket chceker so that the recipt will b clear,syatematic with the over all dicription/charge/panelty etc.It will create a clean & clear image about the act conducted
    by both passenger & ticket chceker.

  • Simon peter_2 - 8 years ago

    Indian railways should use plastic made sleeper on the track inspite of using rcc (cement) sleeper.The life span of rcc sleeper is 10-12 yrs but on other side pvc sleeper are more durable,liable & has life span of more than 20yrs.P.V.C sleepers should be made from waste pvc botteles,plastic bags,plastic hard & soft material used in
    daily houseold articles.Which will play gr8 role in eradication of plastic from our life .

  • VIJAY SHIVDAS KULKARNI - 8 years ago

    Dear PM Sir,I and thousand people are traveling in Mumbai Local Trains on daily basis it is our life line.It is now time to increase frequency,speed,and efficiency of the local train service.But on priority I think first we need to start First class special trains for suburb.Presently there are only 3 first class coaches out of 12 coaches in a train.In spite of paying 4 times the fares commuters are suffering from suffocation due to excessive crowd.

  • Athi S - 8 years ago

    Can the govt convert one of the four toilets of each bogie into baby feeding rooms for mothers? Whenever there is a long journey, mothers of toddlers are facing great difficulty in feeding them. Could you pl consider this and try to implement it at least in a phased manner??

  • Shashikant_15 - 8 years ago

    Respected government i belongs from the rural area of maharashtra (i.e- Dhule)which is at the north boundry of maharashtra state,and this dhule city is connected with the two states i.e Gujrat and Madhya-Pradesh and also national highways are connected with this city.
    if the government will be take INTREST atleast for single line track from MANMAD-DHULE-INDORE.
    it would be very useful for the ceveliance as well as for decreasing the distance railway route’s for Mumbai to Indore…thnks

  • vivek sushil upadhyay - 8 years ago

    thnks u alotsir that u had make 49% of FDI in railway. THIS will change the image of indian railway

  • vivek sushil upadhyay - 8 years ago

    in my view we should make railway a great source of income for center. For that we should first of all make railway good facilitative and to advertise so that people should be attractive to the railway.

  • Amit Shahi_1 - 8 years ago

    I have a suggestion which will help railway to earn more revenue as well as advantage for users. Nowadays people are using irctc site for buying tickets but if somebody is accompanying them they have to buy platform ticket from station itself so most people avoid it because of queues. While booking tickets there should be an option to buy platform tickets as well so that they don’t have to waste time for platform tickets even after having travel tickets
    Amit Shahi 9999494459

  • Pawan Kumar Singh_10 - 8 years ago

    dear Sir,railway should adopt captainship like system such as air/ship travel to improve rail travelling.

  • amarender bhandhanakanti - 8 years ago

    Honble PM sir,

    Myself Amarender

    Sir this is to your kind notice that

    A separate compartment should be allocated to all the Senior Citizens beyond what are the benefits now the govt of india providing ,the compartment should be placed in the middle of the train i.e.., in fornt of the platform for easily boarding purpose.


  • vineet kumar - 8 years ago

    रेलवे में ठेकेदारी का कार्य ट्रैकमैन से करवाते है नहीं तो गैरहाजिर कर देते है कहते है करो नहीं तो सस्पेंड कर देगे नौकरी से निकाल देगे खुद अधिकारी और ठेकेदार मिल कर कमिसन खाते है

  • Sobhit Bansal - 8 years ago

    I have always been fan of our PM for awakening consciouness of indians, for indian railways three things are seriously required SAFETY, HYGIENE AND AVAILABILITY. All these points are covered but process must be expedite, active pafticaption of students must be considered in developing the technology, let them show their innovation.

  • BHOLA NATH - 8 years ago

    HARI OM ! Railway Help Line No. 139 may be make tollfree.

  • Ankita Mandloi - 8 years ago

    Dear Sir Please increase the ladies First Class Compartment coaches in Local train and assign one more Ladies Special train on Mumbai Central line to make a journey comfortable for all the ladies of passengers on Central line currently we are having only one train in morning and one in evening please allocate one more train in pick hour time for ladies as it will be help us to reach a destination on time. Thank you.

  • sujit lotlikar - 8 years ago

    sir,honored to see my suggestion no 2 & 9 taken for acknowledgment,

  • sujit lotlikar - 8 years ago

    for suggestion 2.sir, for bio waste we need to see if we can generate bio gas through environment friendly small unit,or easy method of productive disposal at rail station.also at station,public toilet need some innovative ideas about w c design,durability,easy flushing if with vacuum pressure than without button press,

  • AVISHEK GHOSHAL - 8 years ago

    Sir, Can there be a mobile app parallel to the railways security helpline. If any eave teaser is sitting in front, it is hard to call and complain about him. A mobile app can be integrated with GPS to send the exact location, the PNR number of the ticket can be entered, security threat description and if possible the photo of the miscreant can be sent to the security team. This will ensure that the complain is made and the culprit is not aware or becomes aware after his photo is sent to police.

  • Rajendra Prasad Tyagi - 8 years ago

    I want to draw your kind attention towards the inconvenience to the senior citizen of general public.
    The people who want to travel without reservation . Majority of person desires/expect two additional coaches in the middle of each express train for senior citizen.
    Kindly do the needful at an early date and oblige.

  • Anshul Singhal_1 - 8 years ago

    some constration and facilitate to the Improve No. of General Class Coach for Common
    Class Passanger.

  • ATUL SINGH TANWAR - 8 years ago

    respected sir, i am very moved by your taking personal interest in railways modernisation & Fdi. your dream bullet train project is touching my heart. my suggestion & request to is use of Meglev technology in our bullet train because cost very much same so why not Meglev train between Mumbai to AHMEDABAD & DELHI. As we have golden quadrilateral in highways so why not we have meglev trains golden quadrilateral. sir it my humble suggestion thank you very much for giving opportunity to speak

  • bhargav vithlani - 8 years ago

    Dear Sir
    Being mechanical student I would like to suggest, that there is lots of scope to improve efficiency of train by just modifying front of engine making it more aerodynamic which would reduce its drag force, just with very little effort we would be able save fuel, that saved fuel cost can be used for infrastructure.

  • bhargav vithlani - 8 years ago

    Dear Sir
    Being mechanical student I would like to suggest, that there is lots of scope to improve efficiency of train by just modifying front of engine making it more aerodynamic which would reduce its drag force, just with very little effort we would be able save fuel, that saved fuel cost can be used for infrastructure.

  • LINGESKUMAR - 8 years ago

    Dear Sir,
    i seen chennai sub urban route chennai beach to velachery . all flying train station have more shops (no one shop is opened, all are closed) and station are not maintained cleanly, if there stations r maintained good and all the commercial shop are opened it’ll be good revenue for indian railways

    note: when the trains get started at that time this route is not familiar for public , but its very familiar now, we can use these railway station shops as a shopping mall

  • Lalit Karira - 8 years ago

    We cannot lodge a complaint as well on IRCTC website or on http://customercare.indianrailways.gov.in/ website as it shows the error once we hit the submit button…. mercy my lord mercy….. are we so very dependent on these non-performing, corrupt railway employees that even technology cannot help us in the 21st century even when our respected PM wants all of us to participate and speak out???

  • Lalit Karira - 8 years ago

    Booking a tatkal ticket online is next to impossible coz the agents and touts hack the server during that period and we have been tolerating the same since last 10-12 years now. Shame on the condition of the IR national server who cannot take the burden of around 3-4 lakhs hits (99% from India itself) during 8-12 noon comparing the same with social media servers who handle around 10 lakh hits from around the world at any given point of time during the day.

  • Lalit Karira - 8 years ago

    I am sure you too are aware of this nexus and if not then become a normal traveler one day and reach any of the railway booking counter at around 6 am and you will find out that in each of the queues first 4-5 person are the agents only and not the normal public and after these people get the tickets the tatkal tickets are full. And this nexus works in tandem with RPF and railway employees before even the windows are opened. Please look into this as a matter of urgency.

  • Lalit Karira - 8 years ago

    Sir I am Lalit from New Delhi and want to complaint about the ticket booking through Internet in the time period 8 am – 12 noon. Please do something about the agents/touts who do not allow the normal travellers to book tickets during the festive season. They charge exorbitantly and loot the normal public. They take us for a ride when we know even we can book the tickets however the nexus between tainted railway employees (booking clerks) and agents don’t allow us to do it.

  • Rahil godil - 8 years ago

    Sir hamare bharat desh mein hazaro hotel management college hain jisme har varsh kaafi tada mein bache chef/cook banke nikalte jo hygiene standards follow karna jante hain kyun na unko railway ki catering chalane de isse kitni hotel manage ment karke bhi berozgar logon ko rozgar milenga aur logon ko swasth khana

  • neeraj garg - 8 years ago

    Dear Sir, Please pay attention how funds are utilized. I am writing about Gurgaon railway station for last many years wat i saw ..floors of railway station which were always in good condition..they broke it and reconstruct it..just to spend budget amount. minor potholes can be repaired by patch work. so please authority dnt waste hard earned tax payer money. Actual problem at railway station is only one common entry and exit gate..when train comes there is so much rush due to single gate and..

  • Arun Marwah - 8 years ago

    Dear sir, There are only two general coaches with each mail, superfast express train. These coaches are filled with Two hundred to 250 passengers in peak rush hours. Please increase the number of general coaches to atleast Four so that the daily passengers travelling in these trains are not harrased and cantravel like human beings.

  • Arun Marwah - 8 years ago

    The railway is losing billions of rupees in revenue due to fraud played by TTEs especially during the night journey. The TTEs strike a bargain with the passenger and do not issue a official receipt for the travel. Please find ways to check this theft, sir

  • Arun Marwah - 8 years ago

    Dear Sh Suresh Prabhu jee, To keep the Rail Coaches clean during the journey, please can you install a public address system in the trains?? This public address system can play recorded tape requesting passengers to use dustbins outside every coach to throw used Tea cps and aluminium foils etc. This public address system can be used for other purposes as well or example in case of a emergency, te guard or the train driver can address the passengers. Thanks sir.

  • ASHISH MISTRY_1 - 8 years ago

    Dear sir, why cant the ongoing projects at Mumbai be taken up at war footing level… and should get completed in a years time..
    Like starting new line from Goregaoan to Bandra (towards west side), so that load on existing lines can ease out and commuter can have great relief from struggle which they are facing daily during office peak hours..

  • Bhavin Nayanbhai Vora - 8 years ago

    Plat. No 6 & 6A on Borivali station is made to give a halt of outstation train coming in & going out to reduce burden on PF No. 4 & 5 and thus to reduce travelling time between Andheri and Borivali. But still outstation trains are halting on PF No. 4 & 5 and due to which local trains needs to divert and thus getting delayed. So sir I humble request to yyo is kindly look into this matter.

  • ashwini kumar_8 - 8 years ago

    Sir,please evolve some effective way to ensure that no passenger enters the reservation coach without proper ticket.Also,I suggest that as there are plans for smart cities,there should also be plans for smart stations.These smart stations can be selected on the basis of annual revenue collected by the station and how busy they are.

  • wishall - 8 years ago

    i think hume long journy ki trains me passenger ko tickets ke sath kuch saalo tak unke rights or facilities available ki details bhi deni chahiye taki unko pata ho ki unke kya rights h…or wo unko railway employees se mang sake…or koi bhi railway employee coruption na kar sake…iske liye hum at the time of taking tickets kuch information le sakte h passengers se or unki age, no. of luggage, type of food, ability ke hisab se unki tickets pe kuch specific facilities provide kara sakte h…

  • Sachin kumar_63 - 8 years ago

    Dear sir, to avoid terrorist attack all the cities we have to go for digitalisation with high technology instruments. Because our nation’s safety is very important and how we people doing checks in airport that same procedures has to be followed on railway, bus, hotels, offices every where then we can put track,

  • Amar Kewlani - 8 years ago

    Dear Sir, Why not develop a contingency plan and put that in place when rains disturb local train schedule in Mumbai. Like whenever the network is stopped due to waterlogging in low lying areas, which is typically between (after Bandra station) Mahim and Grant Road on the Western Railway, then its better to run a rainy schedule between Virar upto Andheri or even upto Bandra? As ssoon as the water logging is cleared the main schedule is put back into action. Plan posted on PMO Report-Card.

  • Rishabh mahajan - 8 years ago

    Respected sir
    My self rishabh gupta living in delhi For my studies me and my twin bro we are living here for persuing graduation from nift delhi . We have to go to Ludhiana twice in a month regarding some work . All we want to make a request to you that is we cant afford these travelling expenses . we want a permanent pass of railways . I think government should provide these facilities to students who cant afford travelling expenses and are out of town to make their success stories.

  • rakesh chandra dutta - 8 years ago

    Good Evening Sir

    Every year the railway minister puts before the parliament his proposals based on the suggestions received from all the railway zones. This year budget was a little different as it put stress to take up the earlier pending works. Normally business runs in profit only when there is a excess demand, but in the case of railway there is loss even though the public struggles for ticket. The railway should concentrate in making weekly trains regular basing on the demand

  • Suresh Jain - 8 years ago

    Sir My suggestion is that if railway launch a scheme that Who will donat money for double/electrification the rail this rail track can converted in the name who will donate for that track double/electrification etc for 10 or 15 years only.For example any ABC Man donate money for electrification for rail track from Delhi to Firozepur.That rail tracks name will be ABC Track for 10 years.In this way all rich person who want name and fame will come forward for the double/electrification track

  • ragesh_1 - 8 years ago

    Hello Sir,

    Cleaning up the rails tracks could provide a healthier looking railways, I have seen our Bangalore railways which are well maintained and Chennai Railways which has the worst maintained rail tracks. All wastes are disposed at the tracks in the entrance. Punishment( Make the ones throw it into the tracks pick the rack from the track ) and educating the masses would be great. Kindly have a look into this Sir.

  • Shiva Lal Prasad - 8 years ago

    in railway, payment of tution fee, leave encashment, pf loan, arrear etc.takes very much time,.It shows corruption by rly clerk. so time should be fixed by railway for every work.

  • Gajanand Thakur - 8 years ago

    Sir, I travelled to Tirupati from Patna on 9th June 2015 in Sleeper Coach in ERS-Patna Express. I found flush pipe broken and hence no water in toilet. I booked a complaint using SMS while I was in Katni. But till Tirupati, no action was taken by anybody.
    Again on return journey also my Sleeper coach had no water. Again, I booked a complaint but no action was taken until Patna.
    Now My question is- What is the use of booking complaint by SMS when there is no action taken by anybody?

  • RAHUL KUMAR_170 - 8 years ago


  • MANOJ JIWNANI - 8 years ago


  • Arun Kumar P_2 - 8 years ago

    Cont – And we are named for doing our works in cost effective manner and also our Quality reflects too in the World market. if we undertake this challenge of implementation of High speed rail with our resource and technology. Future projects in other country will rely on us as we will be named for our best quality with less cost in these projects too.

  • Arun Kumar P_2 - 8 years ago

    Bullet Train implementation in the country with the help of China, doesn’t seem to be helpful in cost effective manner. But instead we could upgrade our present tracks and technology to reach at that specified high speed rail projects. also implementing our technology with our resources increase a steady job opportunities that we Indians thrive for. we have the best minds and man power in the world than any other country, that will help realize the dream of High speed rail.

  • vivek agrahari - 8 years ago

    There should be a swrna shatabdi train btw gorakhpur and delhi and bombay..so that we could reduce the overburden on this route.2. There should be a token system fr every passenger train which is equipped with automatic ticket collectin machine so that we can reduce the loss from every passenger yrain. 3. Automatic doors fr every train by which we can reduce criminal activites and bad accident and this doors should be controlled by driver, guard, and passenger.this is very must today fr rail eco

  • Jairaj jadhav - 8 years ago

    Sitting trains required for 8-10 hrs journey to reduce traffic in sleeper trains.

  • DAYA NAND GUPTA - 8 years ago

    respected sir, May kindly be started laying of new rail line Anandnagar,Ghughali via Maharajganj Uttar pradesh.It is passed in rail budget 2013-14,which is must for this backward district headquarter, Buddhist tourist Kushinagar to Lumbani and Nepal,China border security.It would be short and alternative route for Bihar Pradesh.

  • mohan kumar sharma - 8 years ago

    Sir, today i called for railway enquiry and it said that it would require rs2/min as charge. I think it should be free of cost.

  • DR RAGHU PATHI - 8 years ago


  • Preetha Premjith - 8 years ago

    Please display the destination{starting point & end point} of each train outside each compartment so that common man can easily identify journey details of train [English & regional languages]. I noticed several times that people enquiring about the destination of the train, rushing behind another simply crossing the rails and causing accidents.

  • parth modi - 8 years ago

    indian railway must develop under p.p.p modal..
    for this bullet train project under the hands of larsen & toubro and siemens india..
    first of all introduce smart e ticket card for travelling in rail which is use in metro train,b.r.t.s project, indian railway etc most of public transport..

  • Ankesh Suman - 8 years ago

    Railway budget was passed in February and it is effective from April but since three months have passed but we can’t see the impact of it.At maximum railway stations only the first platform is neat and clean and the rest one have no impact.Don’t you think that it is the failure of good of good governance.

  • Harshit_11 - 8 years ago

    many of government initiative like mygov.in should be painted on coaches for spreading awareness about it and sponsors should be called so rail can get capital to invest in keeping the trains and station clean

  • Parshant Gupta - 8 years ago

    Dear Sir,

    Please do the Platform ticket booking online. There is mostly one window open at New Delhi platform for platform tickets even on peek time. Please don’t compel us to what we do not want to do, all indian citizens want to buy, but there is not proper facilitation for the same. Instead of putting checker at platform, if you trust your citizens and keep platform tickets windows more convenient believe me all citizens will buy the same.

  • Umesh Kumar Bind - 8 years ago

    Digital Display in train coaches for News, Quotes, History, Government Plans for Citizens, Education, About Great Revolutionaries, Religion. Etc. Can provide important information to passengers for betterment of Life and Country.

  • vipul vijay - 8 years ago

    Today with start of IIT BIHTA . ESIC HOSPITAL . NSIT BIHTA . NDRF . SDRF CAMP need of better railway to connect all area. Students and professors need to connect various cities need better rail facility. Here only few train stops and students are required to travel Patna every time. Roads are poor to go to Patna only two lane which attracts traffic jams. Trains delay in running so in order to catch train from Patna student must leave Bihta by morning . Think condition is so poor for 22 km

  • Ashok Jhunjhunwala - 8 years ago

    In sleeper class, disposal of waste, food left overs, food packaging given at train, plastic water bottles required. Proper waste bins required near seats/ berths to stop passengers throwing wastages like food, Aluminum packing, plastic water bottles etc. through windows. Signs with suggestion to dispose wastages at should be bigger & effective. Cleansing person also go frequently with garbage bag to collect wastages as Rajdhani Exp. & other similar to encourage passenger to not throw windows.

  • ANAND AGARWAL - 8 years ago

    Suggestion:- Depute one doctor with one support staff in every long distance trains to attend any medical emergencies.It can be introduced,as trail, with premium trains like RAJDHANI / SHATABDI. The cost of this can be charged to passenger as " medical surcharge" in the ticket. It will increase employments without any extra financial burden on railway. this can be reviewed after certain period and can introduced in other trains also.

  • Apoorv Joshi - 8 years ago

    Centralized Seat Allotment System is the need of the hour in the Railway. This will not only let the individual choose his/her choice of berth but also be helpful in security in case of a single woman travelling. She can opt for the berth in the compartment where there are already few female passengers are travelling.

  • naranaswamy seshadri - 8 years ago

    It’s heartening to know that posts which were worthy have taken its place in the budget proposals. But it’s indeed a great concern that the unmanned rail crossings are left unattended in many areas and losing valuable lives. It’s requested that positive and concrete steps may be taken and a dead line to complete the construction of overbridges at all these places may be notified to the public.A safety monitoring and assessment team comprising of eminent scientists and engineers may be employed

  • Sahu_1 - 8 years ago

    Incise train between HYD to Howrah, there is only 2 train dally. And ticket are not available any time, now 4 months advance booking also no confirm ticket available.

  • neeraj patil - 8 years ago

    Stations, terminus, junctions or platforms should be modified with public privet partnership programs but without compromising security.

  • neeraj patil - 8 years ago

    Railway should change policies about providing fasilities like ambiance, food quality, cleaning, hospitality Government should anounce design contest for "cart interior" with sefty security energy efficiency with easy cleaning materials and plesent ambiance

  • Rakesh Kumar Vaishnav - 8 years ago

    Dear Sir,
    Digital Display is a very different part because at that time every thing will be based on digital. In digital network where we show all detail like coach position, train info current railway reservation system, current train position every thing will be we show on the digital network. It is useful for passenger and best for railway. Economically it is improve the income of railways like display the advertising, media and other messages every thing will be show on the digital network

  • sanjay jain_13 - 8 years ago

    Sir pichle 6 month se railway me product bechne ki apliction laga rakh hai fail 1 se 2 sare tebal par ghum rahi hai koi upay batay
    Jabalpur jone me

  • RAJESH KUMAR JAIN_4 - 8 years ago


  • Vinoth Kumar_6 - 8 years ago

    To know the Station names when the train arrives at the particular station its a big issue nowadays.

    So we can implement a loudspeaker or digital display which will always indicating the location and time remaining for the journey would be really helpful for the citizens…

  • TCS PRASAD - 8 years ago

    Unproductive land held by Rlys must be used to enhance green cover in a short time by planting jatropha, eucaliptus,sea babool etc.This will generate addl revenue to railways.Jatropha can get oil and reduce deisel consumption.Eucaliptus/sea babool can get timber for its use within 3-4 yrs. Will enhance landscape along tracks,eliminates encroachment, improves environment,creates employmet.Can be done through contracts (immediate revenue) or by assigning responsibility to zones/station area heads

  • Sandip Parikh - 8 years ago

    Indian railways needs to upgrade its station toilets since they are very dirty also it needs to bring in more trains because still passengers face many difficulties in travelling due to unavailabilty of seats they have to sit on the floor and travel also some people keep the doors open and keep their legs outside which is very risky so it needs to bring in automatic doors for the trains

  • Mani shanker - 8 years ago

    i need attention nowdays SL class reachable to everyone and it is good thing . if u think to increase the fare of SL class the it will create new drama in country. as i am civil graduate i would suggest new design SL coaches just providing Two window near side upper birth with openable wind shield it would provide comfortable journey during summers for upper birth passengers and sight seeing option and reduces electric load and helpful during electric breakdown

  • Jay Kishan Singh - 8 years ago

    While travelling to Mumbai from Kolkata, Howrah Railway station, I’ve faced many difficulties in moving from one platform to another or elsewhere in the station as there were many Hawkers and Vendors who where spread across station and occupying the common area which people use to walk or move, as it seems to be a Super Market not a Railway Station in evening. This thing should be taken into consideration as the passengers has to face many difficulties.

  • Abhishek kumar_114 - 8 years ago

    Irctc pe tatkal ticket nahi kat taha h 30 sec m all train m waiting ho jata h irctc puri tarah se brokers k under h . Sir ap is par immediately action le or is pareshani se aam admi ko mukti dilaye . Ticket pe sirf brokers ka hi bol bala h is or ap ka koi dhyan nahi h

  • bholu kumar - 8 years ago

    Sir jaha bullet train ka sapna humlog dekhrahe hai, but sir hamare railways ka haal bahut bura hai, kitne wait karbate hai train mai traveled karne kai samay, train kabhi bhi time sai nahi aati hai aur na hi jaati hai

  • Ujjwal Patel - 8 years ago

    Respected sir.
    Peopele always complain about the lack of space in local as well as in day train(mail).
    This problem can be easily tackled by replacing the normal coaches with double dacker coach.
    Double dacker coach has more space, so more number of people can travel in that coach as compare to that in normal one.
    Thank you

    • DR RAGHU PATHI - 8 years ago


  • NITIN SATHIYA - 8 years ago

    Swatch Bharat Abhiyan should make compulsary for all the students, in service employees, government employees, businessman etc. People or group of people who carryout such good work and ensures shall maintain as Swatch Bharat should be observe, counsel by local authority, certify his/their work and reasonable award / certificate or reward in income tax, sales tax, vat tax should be given out.

  • Vinotheeswaran Sakarapani Raman - 8 years ago

    Cleanliness in Railway Stations. Hospitality in waiting rooms. Sanitation in toilets are important.

  • gajendra sahoo - 8 years ago

    While traveling in trains all passengers should be prohibited to chew any type of tabaco and pan. If any person found using this should be penalized for his misconduct to maintain the cleanliness.

  • gajendra sahoo - 8 years ago

    In sleeper coaches extra electric pluck should be given in every cabin as in AC coaches to recharge our mobile phone and laptop because it is now needed for long journey period and also for digital India platform

  • MANOJ sahu - 8 years ago

    IIT student solve the Every problem of telecommnucaiton and ticketing

  • Rakesh Kumar Vaishnav - 8 years ago

    When railway start Digital Coach guidance @ station(Led_TV) so it is not costly and we see train detail with digital format and many benefit are there-
    1. We show train Coach guidance with its source station name to destination station name with train name
    2. We provide train info and another emergency messages and provide advertising part to improve railway budget.
    3. Entertainment part should be we show on TV like Songs, videos and images.

    • Rakesh Kumar Vaishnav - 8 years ago

      that is true when railway launch these type of format in railway station so it is beneficial for railway and passengers.

  • sachin kaushik_1 - 8 years ago

    Dear, I have an suggestion how to make a Swath India by taking a small initiate in railways,

    As we all know while travelling by train ,we buy drinking water bottle,snacks,fast food etc. and after eating it we throw used bottles outside or inside train, which affect our train cleaningness.



  • CA JAI KUMAR JAIN - 8 years ago

    Recently I took Journey from Lucknow to Mumbai & noticed that food items and waste materials were fearlessly/shalelessly thrown out by the catering staff. My suggestions are; Residual Food Items be handed over to some NGO for distribution to needy and waste be disposed off only at designated stations for further disposal/recycling. CA JAI KUMAR JAIN.

  • nitin kumar_18 - 8 years ago

    fine for throwing waste in and around the railway station.

  • nitin kumar_18 - 8 years ago

    in railways the standard of hygiene should be maintained.Especially toilets

  • sachin shet - 8 years ago

    Inside railway,besides railway tracks,railway stations we find lot of garbage like water bottles,tea cups,plates,snacks plastic covers,meal covers. This waste is continuously increasing. we can find it on all railway tracks. so to stop outside throw of this INSTALL DUSTBINS INSIDE TRAIN. IMPOSE FINE BY TC TO PERSON WHO POLLUTES CLEANLINESS. so revenue comes to govt. and also clean india will be done.

  • sachin shet - 8 years ago

    Provide good individual seating facility for general passengers. Because they are human beings. Please increase bhogi numbers.

  • sachin shet - 8 years ago

    Do not throw human waste on railway tracks. Instaed of that collect it in pre installed tanks. then process it to produce electricity required for train(gober gas). The solid waste can be further used for agriculture. So that railway expenditure may be reduced. Income may be increased. then real swatch bharath will be implemented.

  • sachin shet - 8 years ago

    Install a small array of wind mills at the front of railway engine. to the sides railway bhogis to generate electric power. The wind force is very high, So power may be produced. We can produce electricity by movement of train over tracks. By installing pressure point for power generation we can easily achieve this. Later this generated power can be added to grid to railway power network.

  • Akshay Jadhav - 8 years ago

    Dear Sir,

    Current train between Hyderabad-Miraj takes 22 hours and has very long route. A more direct route like Hyderabad-Solapur- Miraj which will take less than 11 hours is possible and if implemented lot of revenue can be generated plus it will give relief to passengers, as private tourist bus charges are high.

    I have been writing this since many years but this is getting unheard. Please do the needful !

    Akshay Jadhav

  • Chinmay Wadikar - 8 years ago

    Hello,I have earlier mentioned that I’m a very frequent traveler. I noticed in some AC coaches we have only 1, 2 or max 3(rarely)charging point for 6 to 8 people. Almost everyone carries mobile phones and some laptops as well. Sometimes it gets inconvenient to charge a phone/laptop, specially during a long journey. I understand putting new charging points isn’t feasible & easy job, I suggest you to put 3 Pin tops for passenger’s convenience. They are cost efficient, easy to install.

  • SIMPY GUPTA - 8 years ago

    This country had reached on MARS but railways and headofficials are not able to solve problems of corruption in TATKAL QUOTA.No one also bothers about this now.As a son of a SENIOR CITIZEN MOM,it hurts deep inside to see all needy aged persons take pain to travel from one place to another in bus while sitting and all agents of railway deptt. who are behind this tatkal booking nexus sitting comfortably earning happily handsomely.Can anybody bring this issue in eyes of respectable SH. N.MODI JI.

  • MANOJ JAIN - 8 years ago


  • Noble Joseph - 8 years ago

    I am Noble Joseph. I have seen that since last few months, Indian railway ticket booking portal is not functioning the way it is expected. even though you are at the site at 1000hrs ; at 1000hrs 01 second, the server is not available. Once server is available, captcha is a major hassle during tatkal booking time, last is payment, all put together a common man cannot get a tatkal ticket. Railway with so many talents is not willing to resolve and make system transparent.

  • Amit Sharma_7 - 8 years ago


  • Chinmay Wadikar - 8 years ago

    Hello, I’m a frequent Rail traveler and it has come to my observation that despite of it being illegal many people get access to liquor and cigarettes inside the train. And I have seen this many time that the ‘Coach Attendant’ himself arranges liquor and cigarettes for passengers. Despite of seeing people doing this I have no easy way to complaint about this. It would be great if you could start something like ‘cleanmycoach’ service for this issue as well. Hope you will address this issue.

  • Balu Menon - 8 years ago

    wonderful idea, easy to implement, having the platform tickets available on line. You can even have a smart phone ap, which can be verified at the entrance of the platform.

  • Balu Menon - 8 years ago

    Digital Connectivity

    Railways own and maintain tracks all over India. If you were to lay pre-fab concrete trenches by the side of the rail to install Fiber Optics, the Railways can provide nation wide connectivity, lease the lines and earn and play a huge role in Digital India dream of the Government.

  • Balu Menon - 8 years ago

    ggressively market RO RO Facilities

    Using the RO/RO on Railways has tremendous advantages to the nation
    1) Improves railway’s income
    2) Reduces use of Fuel and there by reduces pollution
    3) Decongest Roads
    4) Improves Delivery times for the Truckers

    There will be enormous benefits if all A class Town Railway stations can provide this facility

  • Prashant George Varghese - 8 years ago

    A system of dynamic inventory management should be brought in by which we can have more efficient booking system in place. Currently as I understand there is a quota system for each station.
    Even interiors of car chairs esp can be used as Ad Spaces to generate more revenue.
    Introduction of double decker trains on routes of heavy traffic, we cannot increase platform lengths indefeinitely
    Can install self ticket purchase using Credit / Debit cards at stations.

  • Brajpal Singh - 8 years ago

    Hi Sir,

    The availability of pure RO water at all railaway station is still a major concern. The tap water which is available is not clean and maximum passengers are forced to pay local branded mineral bottles at station. Please allow vendor to sale only recommended water bottle at station and inside train. Also install miniral RO water purifier at all tap water point. For the operational cost, govt may charge money from railway ticket or direct cash payment at all water filter Point.

  • Sudhir Borkar - 8 years ago

    To make more capital resources, I have the following suggestion.
    1. Inform all the division to collect the tracks, other equipment which are lying just like that and catching rust. I have personally seen this in Mumbai & around Maharashtra. 2.In mumbai itself if you see between Malad & Goregoan there are so much scrap, the same you will find on all the stations on WR, CR & Harbour lines. 3. Rag pickers, Scarp Merchants, they have hand with railways authority to get this disposed mutually

  • praful_k vora - 8 years ago

    first i congratulate u for hard & good work done by u
    in gujarat at viramgam junction station still no RO WATER facility as annonced by gov.
    most of time we don’ get cool water as cooler is not working
    at borivali station in mumbai u will find announcement of coach position is really very bad u can’t make out the coach position
    so please improve annoncement system.
    & indicator showing coach position IN Entrance of borivali as u have placed at PUNE STATION

  • Rajiv Agarwal - 8 years ago

    There is no visible change in the cleanliness positions of platforms. Some solid steps has to be taken in this context.

  • vikram khanna - 8 years ago

    Hello Sir, Since indian railway is the only project which covers the large amount of Land of the country. And also the biggest consumer of both Oil and Gas. Just wanted to say why donot we convert our Large land assets and buildings into electricity producing units like solar power. and since the trains runs throughout the day their tops also can be converted into solar power generator. this will help railway in reducing the running cost.

  • Milind Thosar - 8 years ago

    Dear Sir,

    We do NOT need bullet train. We need second class or ordinary trains e.g. mail, express, passenger with stops at Taluka level etc from C-class cities to C-class cities of another or furthest state. My suggestions are as follows ( 1 ) Conversion of existing narrow gauge into broad gauge will save crores of Rupees. ( 2 ) Cities which are near to railway lines e.g. 50 km but do NOT have railway stations, should have priority over other projects e.g. Dhule–Chalisgaon, Milind Thosar

  • M P TREHAN - 8 years ago

    Railways claim of cleanliness,improvement in catering & regularity in train running, hollow. Went to NewDelhi rail platform one to put wife on swarna shatabdi leaving for Amritsar at 7.20 am. Visited cafe on platform. Tables were not cleaned. Train left at schedule time reached final destination late by about one hour. Food in Platform canteen was pathetic. Just a honest Feedback for Hon’ble Railways Minister.

  • Krishna Kumar Malvi - 8 years ago

    Sir, Kindly consider your 120days advance reservation system.. Soldiers can’t plan their journey 4months in advance.. 60 days Advance reservation system is sound system . For the sake of soldiers who deployed on border region, got only leave hardly 1 month in advance.. When they try to get reservation in train, they only get long waiting lists, without reservation traveling for 3days with family in general class is a worse decision.. Sir please change your decision. Thanks

  • NITISH JAIN - 8 years ago

    At all entry and exit points of Railway stations ensure that people are not entering with pan, gutka, cigarettes to stations for maintaining cleanliness. People eating pan, gutka use to spit wherever they feel like. Avoiding this will definetly improve Railway station. We can start with major stations first and slowly we can do it for all stations.

    If we can do this type of checking in temples, airports, metro stations etc., we can do it for railway stations too.

  • arvind kumar tiwari - 8 years ago

    There should be Indian Latrine system (Sandas)in the railway compartment .because most of the people do not feel comfort with the western model of latrine system (Combote).( In Hindi) Railway ke Dibbo me Bhartiya shauchalaya hone chahiye. Please take immediate action on my suggestion . Thank you.
    Arvind kumar tiwari. 36A/109.Jondhwal P.O.Teliarganj Allahabad.211004.Mob-9839079671

  • rajesh maliwal - 8 years ago

    Indian Railways should carry out study on various sections of railways to understand requirements of various category of passengers i.e Long distance travelers, overnight travelers and short distance travelers and daily commuters. Train management on various sections should be such so as to meet the requirements of all category of passengers. There is a need to develop terminus station for origin of trains and all necessary facilities at one place.

  • Raki Devi - 8 years ago

    In Malda division, Eastern railway, there is corruption. My PF balance should be about 3 lakh rupees but it shows 27846 rupees. Shiva Lal prasad, PF No. 04782823, B.U. No. 05281. Here heavy detention is done for payment of tuition fees, leave encashment etc.lt shows corruption. Time should be fixed for every work for removing corruption.

  • Gopikrishna Saxena - 8 years ago

    Main issue of Railways is heavy rush in general coaches. one suggestion for this issue is to increase the no. of 2nd class chair cars in the trains, decrease the no. of sleeper coaches. Because we have seen lot of public ups & down by trains by forcefully entering in sleeper coaches without having proper tickets.

  • sumeet sahu - 8 years ago

    Train ticket booking should open before 2 months of journey not 4 months. It is very difficult to plan before 4 months and take leaves from company.

  • jyoti bhushan singh - 8 years ago

    Hello sir plz improve irctc tatkla ticket system
    Last five day i will try for ticket but unable to book
    At present my feeling and imotion cones from from my eyes because of this problam..
    Ticket agent are very active about this and someone say yesterday with me.
    Jao modi jee se ticket karwaao
    Ek modi hee desh ko kitna badlenge.
    I know sir you are very busy but ppz dont ignore my problam
    I m saying very hopefully with you sir.

    • Bijoy Sinha - 8 years ago

      @jyoti bhusan singh
      Do you think anyone in the government will read your comment? The hype around Modi got this govt in power …. you and I don’t matter now.
      About this website, can you post any suggestions? The suggestions posted here and passed off as that of citizen’s are what the government officials have created, not the common man.
      There is no feedback form and I cannot even delete my account from this propaganda machine.
      Any one out there?

  • Raveendra Reddy Padala - 8 years ago

    For passenger convenience, platform tickets should be available through online. so that we can avoid standing lines.

    Historical or statistical data of occupancy should be maintained for each and every train based on that the Bogie count should vary against the current system of static count of bogies.

  • Sumeet bucha - 8 years ago

    There should not be any cancellation charges for rescheduling the travel, may be via different route, train and even destination.
    Income from cancellation should not be considered as primary source of income for railways.

  • PADMANABH - 8 years ago

    Seek bigger Private Public association as it can be offered on 80-20. Example rail coach interior and exterior can be given to Privates houses for advertisement at the agreement of maintaining the sanitation of those coaches by the Private party.

  • Romit Bhandari - 8 years ago

    One of my relatives was travelling in 2 AC in the jaipur-mysore train(No.-12976) which left jaipur on 4th My 2015. My complaint is regrading the pathetic situation of toilets in the train. It is disappointing to believe that even in second AC, toilets could be cleaned properly and regularly. This is the least we expect from railways especially for long distance trains. Why cant the railways do even this basic stuff properly, this is high time. Clean Toilets is the basic service expected.

    • Romit Bhandari - 8 years ago

      To continue, this is highly disappointing and frustrating. I don’t know if long distance trains have dedicated workers for cleaning available. If railways says that dedicated workers for cleaning are there, why is their performance not monitored and they taken to task if they fail. Thios is high time, such issues still exist.

  • praveen kumar malik - 8 years ago

    Run private rail on every route.this will established competitive system.especially passenger train means all type pass. Exp. Rajdhani.etc.

  • Amit Bansal - 8 years ago

    Dear Sirs,

    Kindly add 1 -2 goods coaches in each & every train where the routs suits to railways to reach the goods timely with minimum timing & even lorry traffic decreasing on the roads.

    Amit Bansal

  • SRIDHAR VELI VELA - 8 years ago

    Must to change the compartment how an ILLITERATE also to identity it is general compartment.That change like 1.In a separate color 2.To give symbol on that but it very very easily identify even un educated 3.Change in design if possible

  • Anil Reja Reja - 8 years ago

    i am in slight favor of fare hike but facility wise we are very lacking behind , now people are travelling in air as there is not too much difference of fare if it is booked before 90 days.whatever we are getting facilities in Shatabdi and Rajdhani express must be provide in sleep class and shadabdi and Rajdhani trains must be provided as per fly facility as fare are not too much differences -This suggestion may kindly take a serious note and give deep thinking .Reagrds-Anil Reja

  • VIPUL KUMAR - 8 years ago

    Charge all birth reservations and refund or reimburse later on to those people who are using Passes now. Deduct cancellation charges. This will reduce the misuse by Pass Holders and clear more births for general , paying people.

  • Gautam Saigal - 8 years ago

    To improve Raillway Suggestions:(1) Sleeper class has no dustbins all garbage is thrown out of the window. (2)The TT does not visit regularly & collect money from genral ticket holders who enter reserved classes, serious loss of revenue. (3) Railways is not using its properties for giving out to advertisers to reduce losses on railways, why is that?

  • Anand Potta - 8 years ago

    I am facing issues when booking tatkal ticket for me… I got these kind of error lot of times while booking… "This site is currently unreachable. Please try again after some time." We need a rectification in this.

  • Prathamesh Rege - 8 years ago

    Indian Railways especially Mumbai Suburban Railways have 75 lakh passengers traveling everyday. The rush is increasing everyday and the number of trains are increased simultaneously, but still the rush is not reduced. It is seen that there are many long distance trains arriving and leaving from Mumbai in the peak hours. If the peak hours are dedicated to only the suburban trains and the long distant trains timings are readjusted , I feel there would be at least 25-30 percent reduction in rush.

  • Vishal Dutt Sharma - 8 years ago

    60 days Advance Reservation was much better comparing to new rule of 120 days else Railways should clear all the Waiting lists.

  • Prashant Kumar Sarkar - 8 years ago

    The Railway stations with Historical Significance or Stations which are close or attached to international borders should be very advanced.Double Line,Electrification,Diamond Quadrilateral are need of the moment.Bangladesh,China,Bhutan,Nepal,Myanmar,Pakistan,Sri Lanka are our neighbors.We need to especially focus on key area along with other areas of growth.

  • SHIVENDRA TRIPATHI - 8 years ago

    Currently in Mumbai Suburban system one has to approach the ticketing counters to top-up the card. Not all stations have these counters and not all times are these functional. Instead a simple connectivity from ones bank account(or e-wallet) can be done to railway and on a mere SMS from any mobile in a designated format like "TOPUP 100" we should be able to top-up the card and the money will be withdrawn either from the account or e-wallet.

  • SHIVENDRA TRIPATHI - 8 years ago

    Today we have ATVM machines in Mumbai suburban railway for printing tickets. This practice should be discontinued and instead an SMS can be triggered to concerned mobile with ticket details as almost all of us carry our mobiles. This will save paper, hassels of ticket getting stuck, no paper, printing etc.

  • SHIVENDRA TRIPATHI - 8 years ago

    A very good initiative has been launched for booking unreserved tickets through mobile app in southern India. This should be extended to mumbai local metro trains. This will help in facilitating unnecessary resources burden on railways and we will be able to catch train on time.

  • suryakant dadarao somwanshi - 8 years ago

    The railway authority should take some actions against posters/pamphlets that stick inside and outside of the coach of the railway. I suppose this will not need much effort to the authority. Posters/Pamphlets makes very bad look of the railway.

  • Nishant Nemani - 8 years ago

    Continued from previous comment.. In return through us the Chinese can get efficient access to the Middle East and Africa from where they are importing so much of their raw materials these days. This way together India and China can control a huge chunk of all of international trade. Like I said, I do not know how feasible this is, if at all. I just had an idea which I thought was worth sharing.

  • Nishant Nemani - 8 years ago

    I just came across a post on the Chinese having built a freight line from Zhengzou all the way to Hamburg. They say it cuts down transport time by at least 20 days compared to ocean freight. Although I haven’t done an depth feasibility study I feel that India should engage with China and build freight networks that can boost both our trade. The Chinese can be made partners for our upcoming Delhi Mumbai freight corridor for which I believe we already have committed Japanese investment.

  • Anthony Disouza - 8 years ago

    Respected minister kindly put a conditions on d customers on how much luggage they can carry while traveling in trains such as jan shatabdi bcs it create huge problem while traveling

  • chegu t v n krishna - 8 years ago

    First thing railways to increase unreserved coaches and trains without any hesitate. Any body any time to get reservation. Any passenger wants free available reservation not highly buildings.All passengers wants rest rooms in the area of stations.The railway’s unable to construct rest rooms even though enough land.Higher officials of railways should peruse the unreserved coaches what is the going on.Big engineers are there in the railways but they are unable to increase coaches

  • Rabi Debnath - 8 years ago

    Aiming for highest Safety, punctuality and effort to binding different operational system using existing and proposed #9 government Budget Proposal. Where resulting plan and implementation can help Railways in multi-fold & multi-scenario and help provide more easy no cost features to pravasis and rail staff (op). Ultimately pushing higher rail utilisation, customer content, saving national human resource, reduce accident, improve further predictability and sustainable service achievements.

  • ALOK KUMAR SINHA_1 - 8 years ago

    Food provided in Rajdhani,Patna is too poor.Please,make food supply optional.Two types of tariff tariff should be opened in Rajdhani Trains.One with food and second,without food so that,we will feel liberated.
    ALOK K. Sinha,Senior Advocate,Supreme Court of India

  • ALOK KUMAR SINHA_1 - 8 years ago

    In Railway Budget,it was promised that senior citizens will be given lower berth.I never lower berth even after repeated attempts.Please,look into the matter so that, no mouth will be left open to make such complaint.Otherwise,you will be blamed for false promise and it will be against your speech made in public meeting meeting in this month itself.
    Alok Kumar Sinha,Senior Advocate,Supreme Court of India

  • VARUN KUMAR SOOD - 8 years ago

    On both sides of railway tracks ,people dump waste . Once it is cleared (even encroachments)by inviting tenders for every 5 km of stretch. locals are allowed to plant Fruit trees , railway can earn through wood and help keeping environment clean. Moreover masses can use these fruits etc. Travelers will enjoy beauty.

  • Chidanand Nazirkar - 8 years ago

    hotels in the station giving food delivery directlyin the coachwill be good idea. PURE VEG Hotels should also be there

  • Harender Pratap Singh - 8 years ago

    Another area for enhancing railway facility , is running MEMO trains on popular industrial areas, to facilitate the the routine movement of people engaged in the industrial activity. This will faciltate in enhancing the utility of railways by providing revenues from day-1,increase passenger/ commuters safety, reduce commuting time, save commuters expenditure on travel and save the carbon emissions in that area arising out of reduced vehicular traffic. The idea apparently is feasible.

  • BAIDYANATH DASH - 8 years ago

    1.Railway stations should be made WI-FI.
    2.Bullet trains should be planned to interlink all zones with upgraded railway tracks.
    3.Use of smartphones and internet connectivity provided with mini TV or MP3 player and cyber-cafes in long route trains and railway stations.
    4.Maximize use of paper for sanitation and catering with proper disposal in bio-toilets and vaccum toilets.
    5.Use solar chargers in trains and solar panels on roof-top or windows .
    6.Give tokens to vendors to sell items.

  • anil kumar - 8 years ago

    i think the government is not thinking about poor who travel in third class. because they are unabe to count in human being

  • bsgupta gupta - 8 years ago


  • Nagesh devaram - 8 years ago

    please build any RAIL WAY PROJECT as quick as possible as possible..?
    why they don’t complete a project in stipulated time…?
    if you don’t complete the project , why the govt will allow the contract tender to give permission to extension to the project?
    if anybody don’t complete a project in time, then automatically project will shift to next tender. and COLLECT a HIGH PENALTY FEE FROM THEM, AND TAKE QUALITY ASSURANCE AFFIDAVIT FROM ALL TENDERS..

  • Nagesh devaram - 8 years ago

    OUR RAIL NETWORK system is very big and user friendly&every citizen has to know the importance of railways should be clean..still we don’t have new railway lines in many places GOVT shall take a action to provide best and people friendly charge fare . and also provide best facility,HIGH SPEED TRAIN NETWORK ,RAIL WAY PROTECTION FORCE WITH HIGH TECHNOLOGY WEAPONS,METRO RAIL NETWORK
    EVERY THING depending on "TRUST"
    last thing why a project need so much time to BUILD?we can try in limited time.

  • satapurinaveen - 8 years ago

    hotels must be developed in railway platforms

  • satapurinaveen - 8 years ago

    every junction and every platform must be technically advanced which in case reduces unemployment.

  • satapurinaveen - 8 years ago

    bullet train technology must be implemented and developed with high speed.

  • sanjay khanted - 8 years ago

    would suggest not to have canteen on station platorm on western railway station in mumbai. Should design like navi mumbai railway station which will automatically help to reduce the wastage on platform on tracks and in train also .

  • SANJEEV MUKHERJEE - 8 years ago

    To make the awareness on cleanliness of coaches in the local trains, following should be done-
    1. Pasting of paper ads by different companies inside the compartments should be banned or else the companies who are advertising should pay a good revenue to the railways.
    2. Cleaning agencies should be appointed at certain stations to sweep the coaches clean. TCs should also be made responsible for keeping an eye on the general cleanliness.
    3. Display boards on cleanliness can also be installed.

  • SANJEEV MUKHERJEE - 8 years ago

    To avoid cheating by the pantry staff, we can have the recommended price list of items like water,tea, coffee bread omelette, luinch etc. printed on the back of the ticket and also the printable/ SMS version of the tkt.so that the general public is aware of what he should pay for all such items fast moving items and do not get cheated.

  • Diwas Menroy - 8 years ago

    Railway stations should be designed like metro station so that every passenger should scan his/her ticket/card before entring & going out of stations.If tickets are issued against Adhaar card then this card can be used for scanning while entring or going out of stations.Railway should also empower to take penalties if any from Adhaar linked bank account.this will really help in get rid of those who still travel without tickets.

  • VIREN_VASA - 8 years ago

    Viren Vasa, C.A. from Marinelines, Mumbai. MetroProject -3..Our Idea can save Rs. 5000 crores appx. and save the Re-Location of around 20,000 people. just by small Re-alignment of with appx. 1000 sq. ft. from the Road of J.S.S. road to M.Karve Road only Two or One station can be realigned ..rest all Route remain the same, total coverage remain the same. we also have carried out practical technical analysis for this. FULL RPOOF PLAN ..HUGE SAVINGS .SAVE RELOCATION OF 20,000 PEOPLE SAVE FURTHUR

  • Shivam Jindal_1 - 8 years ago

    Making railway flexible and work done in the railway should be done so effectively to the aim of any project and so efficiently to fully utilisation of resources. And in big and busy railway station we should give contracts to private management companies for better work, co-ordination and co-operation of different departments, for clean railway, for healthy food, better organising, better communication, and so on. Manageing railways should done separatly from railway by managing co-orporation.

  • Charudatta Mundale - 8 years ago

    Electronic Display for reservation chart
    Railway can put the small or Medium size LCD display on each bogie to display the reservation chart. This display will be fitted from inside the bogie without any access to people. When the train is on the platform, this display will keep showing the chart, advertisements, clean India mission, and other things. This screen will save paper, glue, human resource, printing, and many other things. This display will use solar or DC power to charge.

  • Charudatta Mundale - 8 years ago

    Electronic Display for reservation chart
    Railway can put the small or Medium size LCD display on each bogie to display the reservation chart. This display will be fitted from inside the bogie without any access to people. When the train is on the platform, this display will keep showing the chart, advertisements, clean India mission, and other things. This screen will save paper, glue, human resource, printing, and many other things. This display will use solar or DC power to charge.

  • Jason DSouza - 8 years ago

    Railways should STOP providing subsidized fare and move towards profit making organization. The poor (only poor- BPL) can be targetted and given concession DBTL as given in LPG and PMJDY.

  • Dr Janardan panday Vaidya - 8 years ago

    suggestion #11: Allotment of lower birth exclusively to disabled,pregnant and senior citizen

    Such relief to this group of travelers in Railway is not noticed in budget despite of the fact that it will go long way in assessing the sympathy of the Rail authorities and many blessings to the rail minister in particular by these dependent people from taking ride to upper and middle birth for frequent wash room needs due to their specific circumstances of health

  • PANKAJ KUMAR_32 - 8 years ago


  • anil guleria - 8 years ago

    separate corporations or other semi govt organization or PPP body like konkan railway should be formed to construct the railway lines to hilly states like HP, J&K or North east. this should be clubbed with Highway projects also.local youths can be employed in such projects. for e.g. four laning of chandigarh-Manali highway & Leh Railway project can be clubbed. project of channelization of Beas river in Kullu Valley should also be clubbed with this. this can save a lot of agriculture land.

  • anil guleria - 8 years ago

    separate corporations or other semi govt organization or PPP body like konkan railway should be formed to construct the railway lines to hilly states like HP, J&K or North east. this should be clubbed with Highway projects also.local youths can be employed in such projects. for e.g. four laning of chandigarh-Manali highway & Leh Railway project can be clubbed. project of channelization of Beas river in Kullu Valley should also be clubbed with this. this can save a lot of agriculture land.

  • Alok Sharma_6 - 8 years ago

    In our area people travel without ticket that too in reservation bogies.T.t.e also are involved in all these matters.T.t.e are the most culprit.strict action must be taken against all these.

  • Ajay Sachdeva - 8 years ago

    Excellent Initiative on Bio-Toilets. Only problem is too little, too late and not in line with making with deadlines of Making Clean India by 2019. Also, I had a personal experience of travelling in a burning coach on Luncknow Mail. For the first time, I realized, brake fluid was below the staircase to be used to get off the train. The heat makes it almost impossible if you have to get down in emergency when train is not on the platform. Poor design, needs change across the board for safety

  • NAVEEN KUMAR_23 - 8 years ago

    why not we make entry like metro rail in all railway stations. 50% passengers ride without ticket or give bribe to ticket checker. if we done this nobody ride without ticket

  • bharath reddy s - 8 years ago

    respected PM gi. I am very proud to be an indian in your rule.my small request about the railways is "Decrease the passenger fare. Interduce the PPI in railways to reduce the govt expenditure "

  • Adway Mitra - 8 years ago

    In trains like Rajdhani, Statabdi and Duronto, the food price is included in the tickets. But often the food served in the train is more than some passengers want to consume, and this results in food wastage. These trains should also sell food like other trains, so that passengers can buy food when they need it.

  • Adway Mitra - 8 years ago

    Regarding environment-friendliness, much of the food on trains is served in disposable foils, which are thrown out of the windows by passengers, or sometimes dumped on the tracks by the caterers. This is sheer wastage of material, and also pollutes the areas adjacent to tracks. We can consider serving food in steel vessels, which should be returned to the caterers after eating. If someone wants disposable vessels for personal hygiene, they should pay extra.

  • Jagdishprasad Sharma - 8 years ago

    Dear Suresh Prabhuji,
    I have a suggestion to avoid manipulation in train ticket bookings. Any one who is interested booking train ticket is require to bring passport size Photograph of travelers railway booking clerk just need to scan & print photo of travelers on the ticket it self this will help to identify actual travelers & no way anyone can do any manipulation during ticket booking and this will stop the on going ticketing scam in railway& will solve railways headache for Ever.

  • Hemil Shah - 8 years ago

    With the help of toilets fund for ladies in goverment have to built toliets near adjustion to railway station in small gram or small city for public and for visitors of railways.
    both can use , facitily to both and fund only one.expenditure one.

  • Hemil Shah - 8 years ago

    1.Railway station is property of indian public.When We are paying platform ticket charge then why fees for toilets?
    2. I want to know how much toilets on the each platform of railway station?
    i think in olden days befor 10 to 15 years more toliets are available on platform.

  • Rajesh prajapati_1 - 8 years ago

    There is no broadgage track in shekhawati region in Rajasthan.we need it.

  • dharmendra paliwal - 8 years ago

    Hello sir i have no idea anyone of your side is reading this or not ..Dear sir….Hum har saal kitni Kilometer railway track bana pate hai ya hamara target 2015 ke liye kitna hai maximum 5000 ya 10000 km aur jaha bhi hum track banate hai waha hum sleeper manufacture karwate hai. lekin yaha Bhopal ke pas lakhoo ki taadad me sleepers saalo se rakhe hai ki hum aana wale 3 saal bhi track banate hai toh bhi hame manufracture karne ki Zarurat nahi hai fir bhi kyu hum hamare resources wast kar rahe….

  • rajkumar pandey - 8 years ago

    Why rail accidents not stopping, when there is no dearth of technology to prevent it. Why commissioner of rail safety is under M/O civil aviation? whether rail minister travel by rail? a man is judged by actions on ground, not by beautiful speeches (like modiji). Can sh prabhu explain what he has done so far, to prevent accidents in which daily hundreds of passengers lose their life even after 67 years ? Is life of indian worth only rs 2 lakh (compensation rate of railway)? hopeless situation.

  • yatindra jain - 8 years ago

    Hello Sir,

    The increased advance reservation period of 120 days is not going to help public. As no one can make a fix plan 4 months in advance. This will lead to unnecessary cancellation at last minute and would lead to trouble for everyone. I think it should be again reduced to 60 days.


  • Manoj Kentucky Dhar - 8 years ago

    It’s good to have technology to involve common man for building the nation.
    However technology with no accountability doesn’t work.
    Recently I tried getting refund for my cancelled ticket since the train was some 29 hrs late. However irctc deducted more than 50% amount. While contacting they simply gave scripted answers – we have forwarded your request to the concerned railway…..
    Even the associated railway (perhaps NR) didn’t respond.

  • suresh chauhan - 8 years ago

    Dear Mr Modi We are talking big about the achievements & New Big Big Plans for Indian Railways , but have you ever put you head on the burning facts on the Railways timings please.Can your Railway Minuster Mr Suresh Prabhu tell the Country men which train in India is running on time please.
    Kindly do some thing in this regard. Only Good Good words will not help the people of India.People are really shocked about the Train Timings . No trains are running in time arall. Please save us. S.P.Chauh

  • manish kakani - 8 years ago

    Dear sir as promised by you in election campaign about stopping pink revolutionas railways give subsidy in frieght for exporting mass.incase of that provide frieght subsidy on fertilizers to transport through out india. Ex urea doesn’t have season in north where as in south is under short supply but companies are unable to bring because Govt does not provide frieght subsidy please look into this on intrest of farmer

  • YOGESH MISHRA_1 - 8 years ago

    I am looking for more trains,electric engine with double lines in my area. connect that area to all 3 major cities with more Intercity trains. Allahabad,Kanpur,Jhansi i need more trains in these 3 city via Banda UP

  • YOGESH MISHRA_1 - 8 years ago

    I am looking for more trains,electric engine with double lines in my area. connect that area to all 3 major cities with more Intercity trains. Allahabad,Kanpur,Jhansi i need more trains in these 3 city via Banda UP

  • YOGESH MISHRA_1 - 8 years ago

    I am looking for more trains,electric engine with double lines in my area. connect that area to all 3 major cities with more Intercity trains. Allahabad,Kanpur,Jhansi i need more trains in these 3 city via Banda UP

  • YOGESH MISHRA_1 - 8 years ago

    I am looking for more trains,electric engine with double lines in my area. connect that area to all 3 major cities with more Intercity trains. Allahabad,Kanpur,Jhansi i need more trains in these 3 city via Banda UP

  • YOGESH MISHRA_1 - 8 years ago

    I am looking for more trains,electric engine with double lines in my area. connect that area to all 3 major cities with more Intercity trains. Allahabad,Kanpur,Jhansi i need more trains in these 3 city via Banda UP

  • SRINIVASAN MARIAPPAN - 8 years ago

    IR BUDGET 2015-16..Train capacity: Capacity in identified trains be augmented to run with 26 coaches;
    2 nos of Sitting Class Reserved coaches having capacity of 216 passenger against the sleeper class coaches of capacity of 144 (ieThe Sitting Class Capacity are increased by 50 % over the Sleeper Class). The common and poorest among the common people shall be benefited with the reserved and assured seat with low cost fares and travel comfortably in all the identified trains.

  • HEMANT PODDAR - 8 years ago

    Railways should increase suburban fares in small monthly doses to cover up operation costs.Government also need to declare regularly the cost it is incurring on providing various services to educate people about the need to increase.

  • Shailesh Bhojrajji Nirmal - 8 years ago

    This is my first comment or you can take it as suggestion, please revised reservation period from 4 month to 2 month. it realy diffcult to plan journey before such long time. This will benefitted to railway as well as broker or agent. you can earn lot of interest on deposited amount and also on cancellation. Now days almost alot people travel by train including student, middle class & lower class, for them it’s really diffcult to pay tatkal charges on time. You can do one survey on this. uvlgetR

  • Amit Bhatt - 8 years ago

    Subject- Cash Less Railway Reservation Without Broker Intervention With JAN-DHAN YOJNA:
    Hi Sir, Just want to share one idea, If possible please plan for cash less Railway reservation where Debit/Credit card swipe machine would be available on railway counter and for any reservation, card owner name should be match with one passenger, who will travel in same PNR. It will help to change Passenger mindset about railway who are facing broker problem as well it will help to grow JAN-DHAN YOJNA also.

  • ria chheda - 8 years ago

    Hello Modi Sarkar
    Recently the news have been out that platform ticket would be 10rs. From 1st April 2015.
    However the minimum travelling fare is Rs.5.
    ppl would obviously get a minimum after ticket even to stand in platform.

  • ria chheda - 8 years ago

    Hello Modi Sarkar
    Recently the news have been out that platform ticket would be 10rs. From 1st April 2015.
    However the minimum travelling fare is Rs.5.
    ppl would obviously get a minimum after ticket even to stand in platform.

  • ria chheda - 8 years ago

    Hello Modi Sarkar
    Recently the news have been out that platform ticket would be 10rs. From 1st April 2015.
    However the minimum travelling fare is Rs.5.
    ppl would obviously get a minimum after ticket even to stand in platform.

  • Sushant Shinde - 8 years ago

    Suggestions For Railways,
    1) Confirmed E-ticket/I-Ticket last minute cancellation needed.
    2) required more & more seats in train couch like double decker couch that can help those who have W/L ticket.
    3) website having huge load ex.lots of ads & etc.those who are having mobile with 2G speed and they trying to book tickets but site not loading very fast. i suggest for them at-least allow mobile booking in main time or make faster web site for mobile user.

  • ria chheda - 8 years ago

    Hello Modi Sarkar

    Recently the news have been out that platform ticket would be 10rs. From 1st April 2015.
    However the minimum travelling fare is Rs.5.
    ppl would obviously get a minimum after ticket even to stand in platform.


  • reyan verma - 8 years ago

    Dear mr prabhu
    Sir i am saying that if we really want to do something for common people thn we should replace the entire sleeper coaches with graibrath coaches and keep the price in between the sleeper and now existing garibrath seats so that they can travel in better way and with comfort.

  • Mayank Joshi - 8 years ago

    There should be extra coaches in all train to reduce inhuman rush in the general compartment. There can be low cost coaches which would increase the space without hurting the speed of the train.

  • Mayank Joshi - 8 years ago

    There should be extra coaches in all train to reduce inhuman rush in the general compartment. There can be low cost coaches which would increase the space without hurting the speed of the train.

  • Avinash Mundhra - 8 years ago

    Sir,as the cost of laying high speed tracks is too high – "cost of laying one km of high speed track was 10 to 14 times higher than the construction of a normal railway track" won’t it be prudent to concentrate currently on improving safety & services for existing networks and emphasize on expanding normal network.

  • Mridul Agarwal - 8 years ago

    Please dont increase the reservation duration to 4 months… Common men dont plan vacations 4 month in advance


    Connectivity to most tourist places is not good as popular
    Places like Kolhapur(MH),Udupi(KA) are the places which I would like to mention as I travelled a few times on this routes which are not connected with enough trains as the journey is taking up most of the planed tour ,as journey can be shortened with direct trains connecting these places.Especially From Hyderabad/Secunderabad stations .As More People travel along these routes

  • sunil_16 - 8 years ago

    congratulation for all the proposal. But should ensure that all the proposals are mainatained properly. in Kerala i didn"t seen any of the train maintained nor clean properly. I hope it will maintain properly.

  • Digvijay Pandey - 8 years ago

    When I travel in AC compartment what I noticed that I face a problem whenever some station come I have to come at doors just to ensure what is the next station or in night I try to awake just to ensure that I won’t miss my station. all I want is to add one electronic display which displays Next city and estimated time to reach and one speaker who gives a reminder call in day or night for current station and next station.
    sending messages or call on mobile may be missed but these options won’t

  • Digvijay Pandey - 8 years ago

    When I travel in AC compartment what I noticed that I face a problem whenever some station come I have to come at doors just to ensure what is the next station or in night I try to awake just to ensure that I won’t miss my station. all I want is to add one electronic display which displays Next city and estimated time to reach and one speaker who gives a reminder call in day or night for current station and next station.
    sending messages or call on mobile may be missed but these options won’t


    lot of time&Manpower is wasted for reversing Direction of trains at various Junctions.Ex:at Renigunta all trains from Chennai&Tamilnadu to Tirupati are delayed due to reversal of train Direction(changing Engine).
    This can be avoided by linking the tracks to Tirupati &Chennai just before Renigunta Junction.Lot of Space is available.
    Similarly at Villupuram&Vridachalam also tracks can be linked to avoid reversal of direction.

  • Milan Bhogayata - 8 years ago

    1) All Railway Station should wi-fi Connection.
    2) All Train can be map through android app to confirm current status.
    3) TT Taking money from passengers to confirm – allow seat. So Seat verification Should be done by Different methods.
    4) All Railway Police Must have Advance Weapon to Protect big Stations.
    5) Toilet should be auto-block when train is stop on any station and re-open again when train leave station. so that our station will be clean automatically.

  • Chaithra_1 - 8 years ago

    As many old people will be travelling and some womens with small kids, we suggest to have Escalators in stations and cleanliness as in Airports. May be atleast with some announcements in the beggining about cleanliness aspect. Neat toilets in stations are need of the hour.

    Make tier cities connected with trains in less durations like eg: Bangalore Mysore in an hour or half an hour. It spreads the factories, industries and finally good economic growth in both cities.

  • Virendr Kumar Maddheshiya - 8 years ago

    Instead of increasing fare, railway can take help of advertisements in train compartment which will not only reduce the painting cost of compartments as well as it will increase the revenue of railways

  • Virendr Kumar Maddheshiya - 8 years ago

    Instead of increasing fare, railway must increase checking of tickets in trains. because still lots of people travels with train without tickets. and many of regular tarvellers have tied up themsleves with ticket collectors for their travels and travels without ticket while paying nominal amounts to ticket collector. if railway make proper way to check it out then it can increase its revenue without increasing fare

  • Mohit Rajput - 8 years ago

    New rail budget improves existing rail system.

  • Purushottam Kumar - 8 years ago

    Dear Rail Minister sir, Today plateform ticket rate has been doubled to ₹10, Reason given is to avoid crowd on plateform. But why not analyse this why people purchase plateform ticket. Are railway journey safe n secure for all gender n ages. What facilities you r going to providing to consumers after charging ₹10. Are you helping passengers or creating more troubles in their life. If you can find a good solution then announce it otherwise consult me for innovative solutions for railway for fee.

  • dr satvik pandey - 8 years ago

    dear sir,
    it is a request to you to change the time of tatkal reservation as in morning at 10 clock as middle class people goes to there office and hence people are helpless and take the help of agent so please consider this and change the time to 8 o clock in morning and before two days

  • kurmanath potnuru - 8 years ago

    How to stop Dhalar’s cheating on IRCTC ticket purchase..!

  • P Rajarathanam - 8 years ago

    What about having dustbins in all the coaches and all the trains in india. Also a educational campaign with respect to the proper disposal of waste can also be introduced. waste treatment plants at major stations and produce electricity from this waste to be used in the railways itself.

  • Sourav Ghosh_1 - 8 years ago


    sir i think the best way for Indian Railway budget is to change Indian railway style design and bring some kind of train that can take speed like about 250 to 320 km per hr on the same Indian track
    sir with your permission I am give a design of Indian railway that can run at the speed mentioned above without any problem.
    if you want the design i can send you the designs
    thanking you
    your’s truely
    Sourav Ghosh,
    a indian citizen

  • abhilash challa - 8 years ago

    Trains between anantapur and visakhapatnam are very very less we have only one express prashanti. It would be better if we can have more trains infact one more track.

  • Rishabh Kohli - 8 years ago

    My mother was coming from Bombay to Allahabad, via Kolkata mail, scheduled to arrive on 8:30 PM, on 10/3/15.. The train reached Naini, a station on the outskirts of Allahabad, on 4:15 AM. Then it stood here for 2 hours!! Reached Allahabad on 6:30 AM around.. My request is please do something about so much delay in the trains.. When a train is arriving near some station, let it arrive first.. Don’t always give preference to VIP trains like Rajdhani!

  • Darshan Bharat Trivedi - 8 years ago

    2) Each railway station master should be held responsible for addressing any suggestions & complaints. I have my personal experience at Borivali station master. An arrangement of online logbook should be made at each stations wherein the reports (Open or Close) with Action taken goes to the Railway Ministry team every month. People are not interested in raising their voices for any suggestions / complaints just because there is no evaluation of their ideas. NOT ENOUGH SPACE TO WRITE HERE.

  • Darshan Bharat Trivedi - 8 years ago

    Shri Suresh Prabhu,
    I would come to my points straight.I reside in Mumbai and you are very well aware of the indiscipline & heavy rush in the Mumbai railways.
    1) Keep some bouncers on all the stations who would be in civil dress. These bouncers should be able to catch hold of people who spit in open on platforms/railway tracks and also who litter anything that is in their hand. These bouncers should have permit to beat such people. Only beating can now bring discipline in our people.

  • VIJAY KUMAR DUBEY - 8 years ago

    Respected Ministers and Officers

    I have a suggestion for Indian railway and gov must think for this to resolve the public problem during winter time because of fog problem.by which train gets late and it waste lot of time and money of public as well as gov and we always thing its a weather problem and we cant manage it. but we are wrong .
    i have an idea by which electrical and electronic experts can solve this issue. by creating a device which will works through satellite or other medium

  • mpdat@nic.in - 8 years ago

    All MLAs, MPs should adopt 1 railway station as adarsh railway station of his Lok sabha or Vidhan Sabha area only,

  • mpdat@nic.in - 8 years ago

    Increase general bogies in express trains for public not having reservation.

  • ABDUSAMED P T - 8 years ago

    3. Honorable Sir,
    This is a proposal to keep clean railway lines at stations, a curse and severe problem throughout especially at mornings. To the out let of the lavatory at boggy a mini tank can be fitted and night soil with water can be stored for a small period of half an hour to maximum 2 hours. At the outlet of the tank a governor fitted with fan which on a targeted speed of 30 to 60 Kms, will help to open and pump out the slurry only gaining the assigned speed possitively at outskirts.

  • Rajgopal - 8 years ago

    Coach Cleanliness should be undertaken at each stop by a dedicated group of cleaners, this can be privatised.

  • HARSHVARDHAN KUMAR - 8 years ago

    Glad to see that the government is including the suggestions of the citizens in the budget.Earlier leaders refrained from even showing their face after election but now the government is even including them in policy making.A positive change indeed!

  • RP Singh - 8 years ago

    Further no Rail coaches be manufactured like existing coaches.All the General bogies be made like Inter City trains with sitting seats only to provide more space of general class public. For reserve classes in Express & Mail trains coaches be provided like Rajdhani & Satabdi Express in near future and in a phased manner all existing coaches be replaced. Old out dated coaches be utilized in DMUs & local passenger trains.New tracks in future be constructed for high speed trains only.

  • RP Singh - 8 years ago

    Budget is excellent but it is impossible in India to go ahead in expansion of Railways with Foreign investments.Almost all the trade unions in India have culture of opposing privatization including BMS. Every trade union thinks if they oppose govt. their union will become more stronger.This is communist ideology, which has been reversed by China because there is no democracy.Better dont do any investment in present Railway setup & form new corporations like Bullet & High Speed Rail Corporation

  • koushik pathak - 8 years ago

    The comfort factor at 3A compartment in BBS Rajdhani express is getting low day by day… yesterday i came from Bengal to Delhi and i felt that the seats are less comfort than before.

  • Shreedhar Deshpande - 8 years ago

    thank you

  • Dilip Kumar Ram - 8 years ago

    in koderma dist there is valance (kami) for Intelligence T.C. Number of People used to travel without Ticket.

  • mukesh PADSALA - 8 years ago

    Pō’īnṭa mānanīya rēlamantrī prabhujī, jē dēśanā sāmān’ya mānavīnē rātanā dasa vāgyā sudhī ē khabara nathī hōtī kē āvatī kālanī rajā ēnō khaḍūsa bŏsa man̄jura karavānō chē kē nahi… Ēvā dēśamāṁ cāra mahinā pahēlāṁ rēlavē-ṭikīṭō buka karāvavānī chūṭa āpavī ē ēmanī bhāvanā’ōnī krūra majāka samāna jēvuṁ nathī lāgatuṁ?

  • Sarthak Rawat - 8 years ago

    To improve railaway sector,first: it should become as competent as aviation sector. (2) to promote railways govt have to introduce new offers in peak seasons when there is rush, to attract more passengers because at that time many people prefer airlines that offer cheap tickets.It will not only create competition among govt and private players but will also help in making railways competent and efficient as private enterprises.

  • Amal Sharma - 8 years ago

    Railways must provide one dustbin in each block of 8 seats/berths in Sleeper class or corresponding coupe in 3AC, 2AC and all other classes. That is the only way people will stop throwing things out of windows on to railway tracks and at stations. There should be a fine for throwing garbage out of the coach window.

  • basavaraj bannikod - 8 years ago

    Sabi level crossing bandh karke is jagaha par under bridge aur over bridge banaanese amoolya jeev ko bachaa sakthaa hai, Man power bachthaa hai, paise bi bachthaa hai, Traffic Jam bi nahi hotha hai. Iske alaava hamaara ijjath bi bachaana aapka jaroori kaam me se ek kaam hai. Sabi puraana open bridge ko ek mukthi dhena hai kivnki agar gaadi yaane Rail aayetho gandhagi bridge ke neeche koyi jaa nahi sakthaa hai.

  • PRAMOD JB - 8 years ago

    Dear Mr. Suresh Prabhu,

    Firstly congratulations for well planned budget and thank you for all facilities initiative taken for development of Indian Railways. I have one more suggestion along with all improvements lined up by you. Kindly introduce a senior citizen reservation quota (preferred lower berth) for all trains which will be helpful to all elderly ladies & gentlemen of aged 58yrs, this will be first of its kind in indian history of railways and will sure be appreciated by all indian.

  • SRINIVASAN MARIAPPAN - 8 years ago

    In SR ,DINDUGAL-KARUR-NAMAKKAL-SALEM section and in SWR ,Salem-Dharmapuri-Hosur-Bangalore-Kachequda sections have to be made Electrified Track early so as to give some relief to the over congested Salem-Katpadi-Renigunda-Gudur-Vijayawada-Kazipet section.

    • Indra Prasad Dahal - 7 years ago

      Dear Hon’ble Sir,
      I am an educated unemployed engineer of sikkim who involved in various social activities like Quality education,Health,environments etc.which is the basic need and the first step of real development.As being a loyal and responsible citizen i would like to suggest one of the common malpractice going on in our country.
      Sir I used to travel various places of India by train,where we find lots and lots of garbages which are making pollution everywhere from railways platform