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Winner Announcement for Celebrating Innovation: Top 400 Teams of ATL Marathon 2022-23

- September 20, 2023

The Atal Tinkering Labs have stood as beacons of creativity, nurturing a culture of critical thinking and problem-solving. It is […]

Transforming Arunachal Pradesh with Telecom Boost: A Digital Revolution

- September 18, 2023

In this digital era, access to high-speed internet is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Arunachal Pradesh, nestled in […]

Manipur Compensation Scheme For Women Victims/Survivors Of Sexual Assault/Other Crimes, 2023

- September 18, 2023

To regulate the payment of compensation to the women victims/survivors of sexual assault/ other crimes, the Manipur Compensation Scheme for […]

Winner announcement of PCRA Conservation Quiz Series 1-15.0

The Petroleum Conservation Research Association (PCRA), in consultation with Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas. It helps the government in […]


- September 11, 2023

World Alzheimer’s Day is observed on September 21st each year to raise awareness and challenge the stigma surrounding Alzheimer’s disease. […]

Winner Announcement of CHT Quiz Series

- September 4, 2023

CHT quiz series was organized for generating awareness and sensitizing the public at large about CHT- Centre for High Technology […]

Celebration of Meri Maati, Mera Desh campaign in Arunachal Pradesh

- September 1, 2023

The ‘Meri Maati, Mera Desh’ campaign, announced by our Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi in the run-up to Independence Day, […]

Empowering Women and Fostering Inclusive Governance

- September 1, 2023

Arunachal Pradesh is among the noted states in India for its commitment towards women’s and children’s safety as well as […]

Winner Announcement Blog for ICWA Essay Writing Competition, 2018

- August 29, 2023

As part of its ‘Awareness Programme on Indian Foreign Policy’, Indian Council of World Affairs held the third edition of […]

Closure Announcement for Your Lifestyle for a Healthy Heart

On the occasion of World Heart Day i.e. 29th September 2022, the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare in collaboration […]

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