About Us

MyGov’s core mandate is fostering the spirit of Jan Bhagidari. Do-Discuss-Disseminate is the method. MyGov blog is the platform where the Disseminate part of the mandate will take shape.


The blogs section will be divided into five core sections:


1. Citizen Blogs:

Participative governance, the leitmotif of MyGov, is about facilitating the citizens of India to articulate their views on national development, on a platform where the senior-most members of the Government of India express their views. Citizen experts from various walks of life, who are contributors on MyGov, will be invited to contribute in the following four sections:

A. Social Issues
B. Economy and Infrastructure
C. Digital India
D. Priority Programs of Government


2. MyGov Updates:

Regular updates on activities taking place on MyGov, including discussions, tasks, contests, talks, and other activities of interest on MyGov.


3. E-Books:

Success stories, case studies and learnings from schemes and programs – organised in an attractive, easy to use and disseminate, digital eBook format.


4. Editorials

Participative governance is a paradigm where the citizens and government come together to collectively deliberate all aspects of national development. In this section, senior officials of the Government of India and acknowledged experts in different domains, will periodically deliberate and discuss their vision, ideas, mission and goals with an aim to enrich the national discourse.


The Editorials will be categorised as below:

A) Prime Minister’s Message: Messages by Hon’ble Prime Minister of India
B) Union Ministers: Editorials by Ministers of Government of India
C) Senior Government Officials: Senior government officials will discuss issues of policy ideas and their implementation
D) MyGov Editorials: Editorials by the MyGov team
E) Guest Editorials: Invited Editorials by acknowledged domain experts



  1. The aim of these pages is to ignite a healthy debate on policies and programs. All ideas and suggestions, either critical or supportive of existing programs, suggesting improvements or complete overhaul, are welcome. Scholarship will be promoted and encouraged.
  2. The distinction between policy and politics has to be maintained. Policy can be critically examined and critiqued. However, this is not a platform for political critique and and examination.
  3. Contributors in the citizen blogs section will be both by invitation and by submission. The contributors will have demonstrated their expertise on their chosen domain. However, all such contributors will have to be registered members of MyGov. The complete details of this process shall be shared soon.
  4. We welcome readers to engage the contributors through the comments section as a healthy exchange of ideas only bolsters the debate.
  5. For getting in touch with MyGov team for the Blogs section, please write to blogs@mygov.in. For general information about all other activities of MyGov, the contact email is connect@mygov.nic.in.