Arogyapath, providing path to healthy life

10 Sep 2020

AarogyaPath ( is an information portal developed with a vision of “providing a path towards Aarogya (healthy life)”; hence the name. The portal aims to provide information about the availability of key healthcare goods,  especially those required to tackle COVID-19 Crisis such as Test Kits, Essential Medicines, Personnel Protective Equipment(PPE), Masks, Gloves, Gowns, Shoes, Hospital Assistive Devices like Ventilators, Oxygen concentrators as well as sanitizers and other consumables.

By acting as integrated public platform for single point availability of information, the  portal is expected to help in addressing a variety of issues related to supply of crucial healthcare items like (a) shortage of raw materials – whether imported or locally produced – required for manufacturing of these goods (b) Logistics challenges (e.g. non-availability of loaders at ports, transit restrictions on trucks across district borders); (c) Hoarding; (d) Panic buying; (e) Low installed or operating capacities for items not ordinarily required in trade; and (f) Import dependence and geopolitical considerations.

Through its search options, AarogyaPath helps Manufacturers and Suppliers reach a wide network of customers efficiently, overcoming gaps in connectivity between the supply side and potential demand centres like nearby pathological laboratories, medical stores, hospitals, etc. thereby creating increased business opportunities by improved access to an expanded slate of buyers and visibility of new requirements for products.  Over time, we expect analytics generated from this platform to help in anticipating future demands.  This would mitigate overcapacity scenarios that lead to wastage of resources and under-utilized manufacturing assets, and pose risks to shelf life of stocks.  Similarly, it will alert looming shortages that represent opportunities for increased sales and capacity expansions.

The portal is also expected to generate awareness about the demand for new technologies such as drugs or vaccines freshly approved from clinical trials, latest generations of medical devices, or new designs of personnel protective equipment (PPE).

For customers, AarogyaPath would be helpful in tackling a number of routinely experienced issues such as dependence on limited suppliers, time-consuming processes to identify good quality products, limited access to suppliers who can supply standardized products at reasonable prices within desired timelines, lack of awareness about the latest product launches, etc.

CSIR expects AarogyaPath to become the national healthcare information platform of choice in the years to come, filling a critical gap in last-mile delivery of patient care within India through improved availability and affordability of healthcare supplies.


-AarogyaPath Team

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