Assam, Nature’s sparking jewel

25 Jan 2018

Nestled among the natural beauty of North-East, Assam is blessed to show-off its National Park, Brahmputra River, Wildlife Sanctuary. Endowed with great natural beauty today we are going to introduce to three new tourism spots from the state.

Tourism Spot 1: Saraighat Bridge, Guwahati

Saraighat Bridge is the first rail-cum-road bridge constructed over the mighty river Brahmaputra. The bridge is a major connecting link between Northeast India and the rest of the country.

The famous Battle of Saraighat in 1671 was fought near this place between the Mughals and the Ahoms, where the Ahoms emerged victorious. A brave commander named Lachit Borphukan exhibited utmost leadership skills and valor in the Battle of Saraighat due to which the Mughals coudn’t conquer the Northeastern part of India. The Mughals faced a devastating defeat in this battle and never tried to attack the eastern part of India again.

Tourism Spot 2: Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary, Morigaon

Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary, located around 45 kms from Guwahati is known for its highest density of One-horned Rhinocerous in the world. Declared as a wildlife sanctuary in 1987, the sanctuary which falls under the Morigaon district of Assam is also home to several species of migratory birds, reptiles, wild boar, jungle cat, asiatic buffalo etc. Being an important bird area, each year thousands of migratory birds flock to Pobitora, making it a favourite bird watching zone among bird watchers. The Silk Cotton Trees and Purple Thorn Apples lined up within the sanctuary, looks utterly magical when they bloom.

A perfect escapade to unwind from the monotony of the city life amidst nature, Pobitora offers a wide range of activities to the visitors. The Haduk Hanging Bridge over the Garanga Beel is loved by tourists and photographers for its unique appeal. It is a delight to watch the egrets and ducks swimming in the Garanga Beel’s calm waters. For the wildlife enthusiasts, there are options of Elephant/Jeep Safaris to choose from, which allows to view the animals residing within the sanctuary from close quarters.

One can also make a quick tour to Mayong when in Pobitora, as it is situated only a few kilometres away from the sanctuary. Known as the land of black magic, Mayong is the perfect place to soak up some rich history of our past.

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Tourism Spot 3: Garbhanga Reserve Forest, Guwahati


Known for its abundance of flora and fauna, Garbhanga Reserve Forest situated near the Basistha Temple in Guwahati is a place many of us may have not heard of. Welcomed by the soothing chirp of hundred of birds, Garbhanga is loved by adventure junkies and nature lovers for its unique biodiversity and interesting terrain.

Situated on the southern bank of the Brahmaputra River, various species of birds, insects and reptiles co-exist together in the lush green forest of Garbhanga. A large number of elephants reside in the forest. Many internal elephant corridors could be found within the forest which allows them to move from one area to another.

The forest is a heaven for photographers, with several species of birds and butterflies playing hide and seek among the dense bushes and bamboo trees found in the forest. If you are lucky, you would be able to spot many varieties of birds such as Jungle Myna, Balck Kite, Black-Hooded Oriole, Indian Cuckoo, Shikra etc.

A perfect place to explore the wonderful creations of nature!

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