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Assam on Cruise

24 Sep 2018

Assam draws tourists from far-flung countries as it hosts some of the endangered species, rich flora and fauna, breathtaking landscapes, history & rich ethnicity. Surrounded by hills on almost all sides, the state has the mighty Brahmaputra river flowing through it, creating the Brahmaputra valley. Originated in Mansarovar Lake in Tibet region of China, Brahmaputra is the fourth largest river in terms of discharge of water and sediment in the world. The river is enriched by breathtaking landscapes and also places of historical and cultural significance all along its course in Assam.

Taking advantage of the mighty asset, river tourism in Assam has witnessed a gradual growth over the years. With a target of niche tourists, mostly from abroad, a couple of luxury cruise vessels sail the Brahmaputra water along its course from September-October till the onset of monsoon. There are other cruises that offer short term packages, catering mainly to domestic tourists.

Make your choice from some of the available cruise services on Brahmaputra:
MV Mahabaahu – This 5-star cruise is equipped with state of the art facilities offering travellers on board and off board experience. The tour covers visit to some major tourist destinations along the river course, treating the tourists with one of a kind experience to take back home.

To suit the varied needs, there are packages designed with different tariffs. There are guides on board with good communication skills. Kaziranga National Park and Majuil island are some of the major stopovers in the journey.


ABN Charaidew – This twin engine 38-metre-long ship is equipped with eco-friendly interior and staff dressed in traditional attire displaying Assam’s rich ethnicity.

With 10 twin-bed and two double-bed cabins, this cruise vessel embarks on the route with visits to wildlife sanctuaries and national parks, Majuli Island, historic Sivasagar and Tezpur.

Alfresco Grand – A cruise cum floating restaurant in Guwahati is a place for all as it offers an exotic dining experience amid the mighty river. Sip a cup of tea while watching the sunset or enjoy dinner with loved ones with live music and dance.

Some other cruise vessels available for tourists are – Ushaban, SB Agam etc.

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