Ayush Clinical Case Repository Portal launched

04 Jun 2021

Ayush Sanjivani App receives an update.

ACCR: A platform for sharing of and benefiting from proven Ayush knowledge.

Sh. Kiren Rijiju, Hon’ble Minister of State for Ayush (I/C) & Minister of Youth Affairs and Sports launched the Ayush Clinical Case Repository (ACCR) Portal and the Sanjivani Application (Version 3.0).

The ACCR portal is conceptualized and developed by the Ministry of Ayush as a platform to facilitate knowledge and experience sharing among various stakeholders including Ayush practitioners and the public. Highlighting the strengths of Ayush systems in the management and treatment of various disease conditions and making the information easily available to allis among the critical anticipated outcomes of the portal.

ACCR welcomes Ayush practitioners from all over the world to enroll and share information about successfully treated cases for the benefit of all. The information posted on the portal about causes, treatments, etc. will be screened by experts and will be uploaded for all to read/view subject to their review.

The Ministry of Ayushencourages practitioners to contribute to the portal so that successful approaches adopted by them in the treatment of various disease conditions can be shared with others for the benefit of humankind. This may further help in spreading awareness among the public and may also draw the attention of Ayush practitioners toward the effective treatment approaches that may otherwise remain little known or completely unknown to the practitioner community at large due to lack of documentation or dedicated information-sharing platforms for this purpose.

Further, the portal is accessible to the general public also and all interested may go through cases published on this portal and understand the strengths of various Ayush systems in the treatment of various ailments.

The portal not only discourages self-medication but is also expected to spread awareness about the adverse effects of the same. It is also expected to sensitize the public about the importance of medical consultation and advices consulting a qualified practitioner for finalizing appropriate treatment.

The AyushSanjivani Application (Version 3.0) has also been launched by the Ayush Ministry and is now published on Google Play Store and iOS. This version facilitates a significant study/ documentation regarding the efficacy of selected Ayush interventions, including Ayush 64 and KabasuraKudineer medicines in the management of asymptomatic & mild to moderate Covid 19 patients. It is worthwhile to note that a national distribution campaign is on through which the Ayush Ministry is providing these two very effective Ayush formulations free to Covid patients who are in home isolation.

The first version of the application was launched last year by Dr.Harshwardhan, Minister of Health and family welfare to help generate data on acceptance and usage of AYUSH advocacies and measures among the population and its impact in the prevention of COVID 19.

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