Bhubaneswar embarks on the smart cities challenge

18 Nov 2015


The serenity of Dhauli Stupa, the legacy of Lingaraja Temple, the vibrant and throbbing sounds of the markets, the lush expanse of trees on all major roads, an emerging enterprise in IT and education reflected in its growing economy are few amongst the several elements that portray the essence of life in Bhubaneswar. This short video attempts to capture how a resident of Bhubaneswar interacts with the city. The Bhubaneswar Citizens Connect provides a pedestal for the different segments of citizens to work collaboratively towards identifying potential solutions and priorities for Bhubaneswar – children, women, for people with disabilities, elderly citizens, street vendors and marginalized sections of the society.

We invite you to blog and share your views on the video. Every opinion matters to us and together let us MAKE BHUBANESWAR WIN!

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