The Saansad Adarsh Gram Yojana Group on MyGov invited inputs from citizens for essential facilities under the scheme. Citizens have brainstormed and presented innovative ideas based on rural culture and population such as promotion of regional arts, taking the PPP route for building homes with the help of local architects etc. Emphasis is also laid on strengthening the Common Service Centre (CSC) network in villages. Some selected responses received are presented below:

BHARATH KUMAR: The scheme should be customised to the location of the village (a single plan cannot be employed all over India). This task has to be done by the MP involved with the village. Problems and solutions in several areas such as health, environment, housing and sanitation have been elaborated.

Churamani Rathore: Water pipe line, 2. Toilet/Bathroom, 3. CC road with sever line, 4. Bi-Weekly market, 5. Near river, Gram Panchayat, School and Dispensary a big knowledge center wall with beneficially posts. 6. Free toilet/bathroom facility to all with sufficient water supply. 7. Capacity chart of Sarpanch. 8. Capacity chart of Panch. 9. SDM’s monthly Jandarshan. 10.Campus having School, Panchayat bhawan, PHC, Entertainment / Conference stage.

Aashna Gupta: *all villages should have at least one such regional art that can earn them a living other than agriculture.for e.g. madubani in bihar districts *a consultation & development govt. institute to promote and develop there regional art/skill are to the international platform. *basic moral values like don’t litter your surroundings, don’t spit on roads , keep surroundings clean should be instilled in children from very beginning at school level.

Vasudeva Rao Dasari: SAGY shall have the following 10 parameters.1) School 2) Public Health Center 3) Drinking Water 4) Toilets to 100% homes 5) Public Sanitation 6) Bank ATM. 7) E-Seva Center 8) Farm School 9) 24 hrs Power Supply 10) Public Transport.

Shankar Raveendran: By knowing each village’s population and villages geographical features and the culture and need of peoples living in there, essential facilities can be understood. Detailed report enclosed

Bhaskar Acharya: Find enclosed methods to encourage Affordable Housing for Model Village by MP such as Take help from retired GOI employees in civil/architect line
2. call for local civil/architect firms in the villages/towns to encourage participation with emphasis on building homes based on approved plan with no violations and no scope for corruption at any levels (i.e. digitize the process)

BHARATH KUMAR: An organisation called Drishtee is creating model villages in 3 Indian states (Bihar, Uttar pradesh and assam). The essential amenities required in villages is mentioned in this document by DRISHTEE.

Disclaimer: The above names have ONLY been selected for representative purposes