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Group Archives: Skill Development

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11 Mar 2020
They say if your work is your hobby then there is no way that the business will fail; in fact it will surely leap frog into Glory. The founders of “Scout My Trip, Vineet Rajan and Deepak Ananth are... Read more..
11 Feb 2020
Fundamentally, skill development is the time one invests in to improve their proficiency and to stay future-ready, any agilities that one follows as a passion, and the ability to complete a task with... Read more..
06 Feb 2020
कौशल विकास और उद्यमशीलता मंत्रालय के राष्ट्रीय उद्यमिता पुरस्कार, 2016 से संपूर्ण... Read more..