Citizen’s Success Story of Video Integration and State-Wide Advance Security (VISWAS)

04 Jul 2022


Often referred to as the “THIRD EYE” of the Gujarat Police, VISWAS is a state-wide surveillance project implemented for safe & secure environment, reduction in crime, act as a deterrent to criminals, better traffic management and advanced surveillance at the time of hosting of important events like Political rallies, National/ International events, etc.


6200+ cases have been detected like various crime investigations, Accident/Hit & Run Cases, Theft/ Robbery/Chain Snatching Cases, on religious occasions, fairs, etc.

Citizen’s Success Story:

Shri Prakashdas Sakaramaji Vaishnav, an employee of the Ahmedabad-based Angadiya firm, was travelling from Ahmedabad to Jodhpur, in a bus with a bag containing Gold Bars that would be used to make jewellery. When the bus stopped for a break on the way to Jodhpur, Shri Prakashdas stepped down from the bus and left his bag under his seat.

In absence of Shri Prakashdas on his seat, two strangers came in a black Scorpio car (without number plate) and stole the bag of Shri Prakashdas from the bus.

With the help of cameras installed under VISWAS project at Aroma Circle, District Command and Control Center (NETRAM) staff successfully detected the offender’s black Scorpio car and ascertained their  escape route.

With the help of the information and leads generated by NETRAM team, Local Police Station staff and other police teams travelled to various locations around Rajasthan and quickly (within 9 days) captured the criminals. In this way, Citizens are ensured of safety, security, and justice in the quickest way possible through VISWAS project.

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