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08 Aug 2014

Taking crowdsourcing from campaigning to governance, the Narendra Modi Government‘s latest initiative, the MyGov site calls for suggestions on cleaning the Ganga.

Seeking to bring about a radical change in the condition of the river, the Modi government is seeking to accumulate ideas and responses from the biggest stakeholders – the people of India through the ‘Clean Ganga’ initiative on MyGov.

Since the launch, the group has already garnered 18,000 plus members going about on 9 tasks listed- from preparing roadmaps for the Government to conducting fieldwork.


The responses of members as how to attract more tourists and as yet keep Ganga clean is tremendous. From suggesting beautification of the river sides and maintaining cleanliness during the festive days saw maximum votes to keeping commercial areas at a little distance from the river banks the members said it all. There was also suggestion of connecting MNREGA to Ganga cleanliness project where daily wage workers clean the Ghats. Also there was a suggestion to have segregation trash bins to make the tasks of the cleaners easy. There was demand from almost all the members to strictly punish those who do not follow the rules and pollute the river.

There was also a suggestion to make a single platform for people to perform religious ceremonies and put a fishing net at some distance around that platform to easily pull out the offerings thrown in the water by the people. The other suggestion was to plants more trees around the river bank and also plant medicinal herbs. Naturally all wanted that disposal of contaminated water from industries into Ganga should be stopped with immediate effect.

The suggestions about proposed waterways and similar initiatives to enhance tourism as well as keep the river clean showed how thoughtful people are about the Ganga. Some members suggested that there should be a separate task-force for every 100 km. Also some wanted that Ganga be classified into various zones like highly polluted, medium polluted, etc. Many members request that there should be eco-ethno parks along the banks of the river alike Sentosa Island Singapore where temples along the river Ghats nurture the nature and also be places where video and photo exhibitions are held to attract tourists.

Few members also suggested installation of CCTV on the Ghats and people caught polluting the river be gifted book on Ganga and how its pollution is harmful to all. Also there was a suggestion from the members to boost water transport with little development of infrastructure and then use boats to clean the river. One suggestion was also to decongest the river alike old city streets. The member suggested that just the way old streets are decongested by creating flyovers, and bypasses, we need to create CITY BYPASSES for Ganga, keeping the main stem pollution free, and allowing for City Stream to be used for daily chores. The water from City Stream to be carried by main stem only after treatment and filtration (just as we do not allow cyclists on highways!)

Most of the members believed that there sure is a larger need to integrate all stakeholders when it comes to cleaning Ganga. The proposed ways to integrate all stakeholders by the members are:

  1. A Plan is definitely needed, to execute any Program, particularly a humongous and complex program like cleaning of Ganga. But the Plan needs to address the following key stakeholders – City Infrastructure, Religious Sentiments and Impact on Environment in cleaning up Ganga.
  2. First of all industrial waste must not flow in the river. There should be some environmental checklist before setting up an industry with hefty fines.
  3. Central planning is required to provide the overarching direction and set milestones. But involving local stakeholders is also equally important. For centuries two traditional communities have depended on the river for their livelihood: fishermen and boatmen. They can be empowered to provide ground level feedback to the central agency to ensure effective monitoring and resource utilization.

If you are also passionate about the River Ganga and want to make a real difference to cleaning of the river please login at MyGov, take part in the discussion and undertake the tasks assigned.

You can join this Group, if you are signed in!!

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  • kalyan chilukuri - 8 years ago

    Mackinac island in USA don’t allow motor vehicles to protect their environment.They use bicycle and horses for transportation. similarly banning motor vehicles in Kashi,i believe will, protect the environment. Transportation can be provided by rickshaw, horses, bullocks etc.

  • satapurinaveen - 8 years ago

    all the technologies related to transport redistilled electricals and all the technologies must be implemented in vague.

  • satapurinaveen - 8 years ago

    nano,pico femto,atto technologies must be developed in all the fields for job creation in nation by seeking permission from u.s.a and other european nations.

  • satapurinaveen - 8 years ago

    100% f.d.i must be given to ayurveda naturopathy.

  • satapurinaveen - 8 years ago

    re distiled technologies must be taken from japan which in case used for electricity.

  • Dr Mrs Neelam Srivastava - 8 years ago

    I am working from the last 27 years on various enviornmental issues. water quality assrssment during mass bathing of River ganga was one of the challenging issue. I had very good eposure of the social aspect of the river contamination. I wish to contribute my knowledge and eperience for this mission. Kindly advise how can I contribute in the Ganga Cleaning mission.

  • chetan shah - 8 years ago

    All above suggestion are goog like CCTV camera,TRees to installed,Connect with MANREGA. But I think most important is the people associated with this task (from bottom to top people) had a good mindset because those people are there who actually doing job so they should understand importance of job and they also need to encourge all people who visit or stay near Ganaga.Need to motivate people working for this project to understand importance of Ganga cleaning.

  • Rahul kumar Srivastav - 8 years ago


  • Surendra Vijendrachar - 8 years ago

    Bioremediation be explored in conjunction with other solutions? These technologies have developed substantially, are economical , indigenous, flexible and can be implemented easily.

  • ASIT KUMAR NAG - 8 years ago

    For all towns and cities along the bank of the Ganga,a survey be made of number of points at which sewage is being directly discharged into the river.A few such points wherever feasible be joined together and sewage treatment plant be set up.This should be the first priority of ganga cleaning action plan to be followed by other measures like educating the general public not to pollute the river by immersing idols and flowers after every major puja and do so in designated water bodies.