Closure Announcement for MeitY Startup Hub Logo and Slogan Competition

06 Jul 2023

MeitY Startup Hub (MSH) established as Independent Business Division (IBD) within Digital India Corporation (DIC) to strengthen and enable the exponential growth of tech startup ecosystem in India by integrating resources, schemes, and programs of MeitY in the domain of innovation, IPR, startups, investments and making them available via a comprehensive digital platform which becomes one-stop solution for startup needs. MSH will be the single-window for implementation and coordination of all MeitY schemes and programs related to startups, innovation, investment and entrepreneurship.

With reference to same, for the purpose of effective branding and creating a clear identifiable presence of MSH amongst the relevant stakeholders in the start-up ecosystem the requirement of an appropriate logo and slogan has been considered necessary. In this regard, the Logo and Slogan Competition has been organized through MyGov from 22nd February to 23rd March, 2022. During this period a total of 530 applications for logo and 695 applications for slogan has been received. The screening of the applications has been done by MSH team. Out of the total number of applications “Nil” was found to be creative and relate to the theme of MSH. And this is to state that “No logo or slogan were found suitable for the reward”.

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