COVID-19: The Second Wave. What Can I Do?

10 May 2021

People of Manipur need to have a clear vision of how to respond now, instead of reacting to the scenario to prevent a similar fate that many states are facing. The level of preparedness and awareness of the people and how we are going to fight against this second wave will decide the degree of the potential catastrophe which will be far more dangerous than that of the first wave if not regulated at the right time. This war against an invisible foe can be won only with discipline, we don’t need highly sophisticated war weapons- just following some protocols with proper discipline is enough. The whole responsibility of fighting the war is not exclusively for the frontline workers or the government. We need to put our hands together in fighting against the common enemy of the world. Every individual is a fighter and everyone is invited to come up to fight in your capacity either at the individual or the community level.

How to respond

Be sensible, responsible, and aware. Carelessness and ignorance may cost your life.

  • Rely on authentic news

Always filter the information related to the pandemic you receive on social media. Verify the news first by yourself before sharing it on social media and chat groups. Don’t trust any information unless shared by verified resources. You may be involuntarily contributing towards the propagation of myth, rumor, or hoax.

  • Avoid crowd, gatherings, and stay at home

It is highly recommended to stay at home and avoid gatherings as far as possible. If you have to go out from home for urgent and compulsory works, then treat yourself thinking that everyone around you might be a potential carrier of the virus and avoid physical contact, maintain a distance of at least 1 meter, and wearing a mask is compulsory.

  • Wear the right mask with the right procedures

Just wearing a mask is not enough if you are not following the right procedures. Make sure you follow the government protocols and wear your mask in the prescribed manner. It is as risky as not wearing a mask if you are not wearing the mask correctly.

  • Vaccination

Chances of getting infected are considerably much lesser if a person is vaccinated. Get yourself vaccinated at the earliest as per slots made available by the state governments. Register on today.

  • Community education

Educate your near and dear ones and spread awareness to your community as much as you can. Ensure safety for senior citizens, pregnant women, and people with chronic health complications like cancer, heart disease, renal disease, asthma, etc. Help them in coping with Covid 19 related anxiety and stress. It is suggested not to let them watch any shocking visual content related to the pandemic. Guide people for registering on and become a #CoronaWarrior.

  • Come up for community services

You can render your physical service as a volunteer for your local club in sensitizing and mobilizing your local people for the right response.


Don’t panic. You are not alone. Be optimistic that by following the right treatment procedure, you can be cured and the whole medical team will be guiding and helping you to go through this tough phase. There are two cases when you can come forward for the treatment phase.

Case I (Untraceable Source)

If you notice the development of symptoms of covid 19 without knowing the source from where you contracted the virus, you can have a free test at the district covid test center of your district. Or you can have a test at any private hospital with the covid testing facility at your expense.

Case II (Traceable Source)

a. If anyone in your family is tested covid 19 positives, then having a test for the whole family members is compulsory. This can be done free of cost at the district covid test center of your district by showing the test report of the positive family member. Or, you can have the test at a private hospital at your expense.

b. If anyone among your staff is tested positive, you can either have a test for Covid 19 as mentioned above or stay at home isolation for 10-14 days before having a test. In this case, if you want to have a free test at the district covid test center you need the test report of your positive staff member and ID proofs that you and the person work together at the office. You can also have a test at a private hospital at your expense.

c. If anyone who had close contact with you somewhere recently is tested positive, you can stay at home isolation for 10-14 days. You cannot have a free test until symptoms start showing up but you can have a test at your expense.

Covid test centers are available in each district of Manipur and if you have any covid related queries, don’t hesitate to call the covid control room of your district. To get the mobile number of your district covid control room, dial 1800-345-3818. (The chart below is updated on 7th May 2021.)

What you can do if you have been tested positive
If you are tested positive, the medical team will observe your health and classify your case to one among the following
1. Mild case/ Asymptomatic case
2. Moderate case
3. Severe case
4. Critical case

According to your case, the medical experts will suggest to you the treatment procedures which you have to follow. Mild/ asymptomatic case is predominant and if your case is mild/ asymptomatic, then you will be advised for home isolation. The medical team will cooperate with you when you are treating under home isolation. They will advise you of the guidelines which you have to follow. Be cooperative and follow the guidelines properly until fully recovered. If your condition becomes worse you can seek medical help by calling the helpline number of your district.

Don’t panic. Stay strong. You are not alone. We can fight together. Be responsible. Be sensitive and sensible. Your little contribution counts. Save your state. Save your nation. Save the world.


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