COVID-19: The second wave. What students can do?

17 May 2021

The unprecedented disruption in the functioning of the education system during the first wave of the covid 19 pandemic has already conditioned the minds of the students on how to be prepared for a response for the second time. All the students have become much used to the education service they received during the first wave of covid. So responding to a similar stimulus again will become easier. One year has slipped away almost unproductively for most of the students because no student was anticipating a pandemic lockdown for a whole complete year and no one was prepared for it. Another year? No. This time you need to be more organised and fully prepared for how you can be productive and use this opportunity in developing useful habits and learning new skills.

Here are some suggestions that can help you in enhancing your creativity and productivity during the pandemic holidays

●Mould your habits

The pandemic vacation is a big opportunity for you to mould your habit. It is a scientifically proven fact that it takes 21 days to change and develop a habit. Cultivate an effective habit during this pandemic and channelise your time and energy to become more productive. Be aware of how you are investing your time and energy during this period.

●Polish your creativity

Polish your creative skills like writing, painting, crafting, etc. while the schools remain closed. Sometimes you might feel bored of the predictable monotonous routine of the school tasks which inhibits your creativity and you might have not got enough time to engage yourself on the art you love. Now, you have got enough time to sit back and invest your time in your creative talent. Congratulations!

●Enhance your communication skill

You can enhance your communication skill during this period by engaging yourself in improving your English grammar and speaking skill. Any content you want to know or learn about is available on the internet these days. You can reap the opportunity by yourself. You can also learn any other foreign languages. That will be exciting. Right?

●Learn new skills

Is vocational course compulsory in your school? Probably not. Then, why not invest your holidays in learning new vocational skills? You can learn skills like weaving, tailoring, making ornaments, farming, whatnot, while you are at home. This will also help you economically during this tough period.

●Join an online course

If you feel bored and stuck at your home with your daily routine and want some quality time to exchange knowledge with people, you can join an online course for any subject of your interest. You can join a course for preparing for competitive examinations, for learning languages, etc or even courses for physical fitness.

●Read more, expand your knowledge

We generally don’t have time to spare for reading books or contents that are out of our school syllabus as we are busy doing our assignments. This pandemic has given us the chance to explore the world through reading. Reading can be one of the best habits that you can cultivate during this pandemic.

●Use internet wisely

Playing video games and scrolling down the newsfeed on social media are the most common things that most people do during the pandemic vacation. Regulate it by setting a limit. Filter the contents you watch on social media and harvest productive things wisely.

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