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Dima Hasao – An Oasis of Serenity and Serendipity

21 Dec 2018

Haflong – If you are in pursuit of nature & offbeat destinations, this paradise should be in your travel bucket list. Haflong is the headquarters of Dima Hasao district and the only hill station in Assam.
This less commercial and less populated destination has many things to offer. Visit the holy churches, enjoy an aerial view of the hills from Abraham Point, go for trekking or taste the traditional rice beer ‘Judima’ of Dimasa community.

Umrangso – An industrial hub situated amid lush greenery & hills. The town is built around the Kopili Hydro Electric Project of NEEPCO. There are a few cement factories as well. The town is about 105 km from Haflong town.
Near Umrangso, there is Panimur village where you can treat your eyes with the mesmerising view of Panimur waterfall.

Jatinga – An ethnic village full of mysticism as migratory birds come in large number and commit mass suicide every year. The mystery of the mass suicide is still unsolved. Besides, this hilly region is abundant with a green-blue hill, greenery giving out a picturesque view.

Maibang (48 km) – The town was once a capital of Dimasa Kachari kingdom and bears mythological connection. The ruins of the kingdom can still be found in South Maibang and other parts of Dima Hasao. One such popular architecture is the “Stone House”, carved out of one stone, on the bank of Mahur river.

Best time to visit these places is between October to March.

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