6 days, 4 nations: Putting India on the global map

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01 Aug 2017

The present Government under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has constantly strived to put India on the global map. Its myriad initiatives to strengthen India’s position at the global platform has resulted in a powerful strategy for economic co-operation, cultural exchanges and growth in partnership with other countries. In light of this vision, Prime Minister Narendra Modi undertook a tour to visit four nations – Germany, Spain, France and Russia. The tour commenced on 29th May, 2017 and came to a successful conclusion on 3rd June, 2017.

India and Germany

In the first leg of his tour, the Prime Minister visited Germany where he and German Chancellor Angela Merkel headed the fourth biennial Inter-Governmental Consultations (IGC). Germany and India have shared a strong relationship and Germany is one of India’s most significant partners globally. In this regard, the two leaders had a series of discussions which focused on further strengthening of economic ties between the two countries. During the visit, twelve major deals were signed in Berlin and a roadmap for future collaboration between the two countries was established.

During his address, the Prime Minister strongly opposed the terrorism that has engulfed the European nations. He also said that terrorism is the gravest challenge facing humanity and urged Europe to develop an effective global response to it, under the aegis of the United Nations.

With 600 Indo-German joint ventures presently active in India and an investment of at least $2 billion in FDI to India in the last two years as well as Germany’s contribution to Make in India, the two countries share a bright future. Germany’s knowledge in technology is a major support to India’s developmental policies, especially Make in India.  During his opening address at the fourth IGC, the Prime Minister also elaborated on the history the two countries share with each other and emphasized on the efforts of both countries towards holistic development. In his words, he said that two countries are ‘made for each other’

India and Spain

In the second leg of his European tour, Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Spain. PM’s visit to Spain was the first visit by an Indian Premier in almost 3 decades. Before the visit, he had said that this meet will pave the way for a future where both Spain and India can work together for mutual benefit. The Prime Minister met Spanish Premier Mariano Rajoy and described President Rajoy as a visionary leader. He also said that the vision of New India will be strengthened and enhanced through the New Momentum in relations between India and Spain. In an effort to establish a strong base for Spanish companies in India, PM met with Spanish CEOs and asserted that there is immense potential for growth of Spanish investments in the country, especially in sectors such as infrastructure, renewable energy, food processing, chemicals and textiles.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi also gave a brief overview of the economic reforms undertaken in India, especially GST. He asserted that initiatives like Make in India, Digital India and Start up India have become global magnets for investment and to establish a strong partnership between Spain and India will benefit both sides.

India and Russia

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Russia was on the occasion of the 18th Annual India Russia Summit at St. Petersburg where he met Russian President Vladimir Putin. The visit was an effort to further deepen ties between the two countries who have shared a great history and a partnership based on open communication and sharp partnership.

In affirming the above, PM Narendra Modi said that ties between the two countries span the spectrum from Culture to Defence (Sanskriti se Suraksha). Addressing the media, the Prime Minister elaborated the role of the private sector in giving a boost to trade and commercial ties between the two countries. In this regard, the two countries are close to achieving the target of 30 billion US dollars’ worth of investment by 2025.

Addressing the global issue of terrorism, the Indian Prime Minister welcomed Russia’s unconditional support to India and affirmed that this global fight against terrorism is of utmost importance.  Shri Narendra Modi also mentioned the St. Petersburg Declaration which holds great value in the turbulent and dynamic world of today.

India and France

In the last leg of European tour, the Prime Minister visited France and held a series of discussions with French President Emmanuel Macron on issues of international and mutual interests. The two sides agreed on the importance of the Paris agreement, and the PM vowed to go “above and beyond” the agreement to address the issues of climate change.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the Paris agreement was “part of the world’s shared heritage” and that India would continue working towards the declared goals. India and France have shared deep rooted ties and both leaders agreed that the both the nations need to continue to work together to further strengthen these ties. He also mentioned International Solar Alliance, and the joint effort of India and France to this cause.


The efforts of the Government to put India on the global map will go a long way in establishing a firm foreign policy as well as a definitive way forward.  Prime Minister Narendra Modi has played an instrumental role in increasing the importance of ‘Brand India’ at an international level and has led to more and more countries preferring India as the hub for investment, trade and other relations.

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