Good and Smart Governance is needed to bring Reforms

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04 Jan 2022

India is a developing, a diverse and the second largest populated country in the world. Our Prime Minister of India keeps trying to improve the condition of citizens. He implements initiatives or schemes for development of our country. One of the such schemes is providing free ration to ration card holders during the pandemic. This scheme started in March 2020 & this action taken by the government of India benefitted me and my family members. This scheme has been conducted in a nice manner. Since last 1.5 years, we are getting free of cost ration every month which includes rice, wheat grains and sometimes black gram (chana). This initiative saved our money and has changed the way we look at the government. I would like to thank the government of India for implementing this scheme during such a crucial time.

2. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s second government has just completed two years in office. Overall, he has now been in the Prime Minister’s office for seven years. There have been quite a few notable changes or amendments in the process of governance. One of them being the vaccination drive and the fact that India has become the world’s pharmacy.

Modi has forever changed the mindset of only expecting “second best” delivery from central governments. The people of this country will no longer be satisfied with being laggards or followers. If the world develops an efficacious vaccine to combat Covid-19 in less than a year, then we now expect India to be leading that race with not just homegrown vaccines but also administering it at a pace that is amongst the fastest in the world.

Being from a family which has suffered so much due to Covid, I know very well how important the vaccine is. The efforts put up by the government for vaccinating the population of India is truly commendable. All of my family members are now vaccinated completely which ensures them protection from Covid. This drive has saved numerous lives and is one of the best governance achievements of the recent times.

3. Post Office Passport Seva Kendras provides passport services to citizens on a huge scale: the facility has brought convenience to the general public in making passport services available in their vicinity through post offices, and relieved citizens from traveling long distances to obtain a passport.

I would like to share a positive experience with POPSK (Post Office Passport Seva Kendra).

I applied for a passport at the Hoshangabad POPSK as I was living in Itarsi. POPSK Hoshangabad completely exceeded my expectations. The appointment was at 11 am. Upon arrival at the office at 10:45 AM, I showed the appointment SMS to security at the entrance, who took the temp check and instructed me to go and get the token.

The person at the counter took address proof, ID proof with date of birth, non-ECR documents & returned all copies to me.

I was asked to go to the counter where the employee took my photo, signature, and fingerprint, scanned my originals, and returned them all.

Overall, I spent 10-15 minutes at the POPSK Hoshangabad and I got my passport within 18 days of my document verification process in POPSK.

The Government has made the issuance of passport process simpler: if one fulfills all the document requirements, the passport services are virtually available at the doorsteps of citizens residing even in remote villages.

This pleasant incident gave me an experience of good governance.

4. India is a democratic country, by the people for the people and of the people, but mere saying that is not enough. On one hand the citizen has to show responsibility by taking part in policy formation and on the other, the elected Government has to show a responsible attitude of listening to people’s grievances and opinions.

I would like to share a personal experience. Recently, I got a message about an exam going to be held along with details of an amount to be submitted as an exam fee. I visited the site and it appeared genuine, so I applied for the application, but as soon as I applied and paid the requisite amount the site dissapeared.

I panicked and felt cheated, I had no clue of where I should complain or where I should inform about the incident. However, I heard about the PMO grievance portal in a MANN KI BAAT programme by the Honourable Prime Minister.

I researched a bit and got the PMO coordinates to communicate directly. I mentioned the situation briefly, although I had no clue whether I would get any answer or not as it was the first time that I interacted directly with the PMO.

To my utter surprise, the very next day, I got a call from my nearest police station about the grievance filed on PMO cell and the call was regarding some action to be carried out against the fraudsters.

The responsibility shown by PMO has deepened my faith on democracy. To be true, I never thought that I would get a reply but after the complete and quick action by the police, I am thankful to the Hon Prime Minister for actually giving a shape and form to good governance.

[These are 4 different blogs collated as a single blog written by our MyGov Saathis, Sreejit Ray, Shrutee Bepari, Diwakar and Jyotsna]


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