India’s Vaccination Success Story

Team MyGov
28 Dec 2021

As India completes 135 crore+ vaccination doses, one looks back at the journey we, as a nation, undertook. In January, we were but a dejected lot; waiting for a vaccine to miraculously save us all. Today, India has at least 4 vaccines boosting our immunity against the Coronavirus. Much water has flown in the Ganges ever since. India rose with vaccines, stumbled during the second wave and rose again by inoculating maximum of its population.

The road to success was not easy for India. Our nation exported vaccines to about 100 countries. For India, it was a Seva and not statecraft. We looked for ways to be self-dependent and were ultimately successful.

One exigent fact is the leadership India has. From waiting for 30+ years for a Polio vaccine to developing multiple Indian vaccines against COVID; it is a fine example of leadership marvel and political will. Generations will be thankful to Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his active role and aggressive promotion of the vaccines. I still remember people would lose hope when enlightened folk and media would predict India’s inability to vaccinate its citizens. Today, India shines bright as the savior of the world. Indians united with a shared vision of a better, healthy future.

[This Blog is written by Shresth Tiwari, MyGov Saathi]

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