Mann ki Baat: Nation Building through Jan Bhagidari

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27 Apr 2023

One initiative by the Prime Minister that has stood out of the many outstanding initiatives of his for the upliftment and better governance of our country is his programme, Mann Ki Baat.

India, that is, Bharat, completed 75 years of its Independence on August 15, 2022. Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave our nation and its rich civilisation the vision for its Amrit Kaal – the next 25 years till the centenary of its freedom in 2047, a period of infinite possibilities and transformation.

Modi has ushered in a new era of growth and achievements for our country through his vision and diligence in creating this remarkable path forward for all our citizens. One initiative by the Prime Minister that has stood out of the many outstanding initiatives of his for the upliftment and better governance of our country is his programme, Mann Ki Baat. It is a unique radio programme incepted in 2014 through which the Prime Minister has established direct contact with those citizens who are hardest to reach and the most downtrodden in our society.

Mann Ki Baat is wonderful because it directly connects the listener and the Prime Minister. One feels he is addressing them directly as their well-wisher and guide on intellectual, spiritual and individual levels. The Prime Minister has established this practice of addressing the nation without fail. No matter what the challenge was before us as a nation, he has never relented in discharging his role as a leader of our country. This transformative radio programme, ushered in for significant social and cultural mass movements in the country, started in October 2014 and is reaching the milestone of 100 episodes on April 30, 2023.

The Prime Minister heralded Amrit Kaal by laying down Panch Pran, i.e., five pledges every citizen of Bharat must take to lay the unshakeable foundation of the future Bharat. Each of these pledges focuses on inspiring action and facilitating nation-building. The Pran include the goal of a developed Bharat, removing traces of the colonial mindset, celebrating our heritage, strengthening unity, and focusing on our duties.

In the last decade, Bharat has recorded spectacular growth in its various sectors with the Prime Minister’s resolve to build an Atamnibhar Bharat. It is evident from the fact that during the unprecedented challenge of the Covid-19 pandemic, Bharat was able to produce indigenous vaccines for the benefit of its citizens and the world. During the pandemic, the Prime Minister urged Bharat on Mann ki Baat to become a self-reliant nation and a strong global economic force.

Bharat has resolved to excel in its civilisational goals, which include social stability, economic prosperity, cultural safeguard and evolution, which are contemporary with its roots. The Prime Minister has effectively conveyed and manifested the spirit of this resolve in the people of our country through his programme, Mann Ki Baat.

Prime Minister Modi has continuously inspired citizens to become agents of change and contribute to national development. Mann Ki Baat has been a stellar platform for promoting Start-up India campaign, fuelling innovation and entrepreneurship among young people in India. On the largest scale, our country’s digital revolution has been popularised through this medium. Mann ki Baat has been a bulwark in popularising all-around developments in the country. The programme is yet another tool for transforming the lives of our citizens, uniting them to contribute to the broader goal of a developed nation.

The Prime Minister recognises that our art, literature and culture are the pillars of structuring a new Bharat. He has taken the responsibility upon himself to inform the general public about the collective wealth of our society through Mann Ki Baat. He has also taken many initiatives to retrieve and rebuild our pillars of art, literature and cultural heritage.

Prime Minister Modi has shown his faith in the nation’s ability to take on the role of a global leader. Through his initiatives, he promotes the concept of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam on the world stage. This has positively impacted citizens who feel proud and motivated to work towards the goal of Bharat becoming a Vishwa Guru.

While giving the clarion call for Amrit Kaal to the nation, the Prime Minister said that this is the right time to embark on a journey of achievements based on our talent, resources and strength. He added the call of Sabka Prayas to the mantra of Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas, Sabka Vishwas, invoking the people to contribute to the journey of building an Atmanirbhar Bharat. The Prime Minister laid down the path of Amrit Kaal, setting the goal of ascending new heights of prosperity while bridging the rural-urban divide and promoting the mantra of less government and more governance.

It has been established that the rise of New Bharat can undoubtedly be ensured with the participation, dedication and commitment of every Indian. And Mann Ki Baat will continue to be a driving force in this direction, highlighting the nation’s progress through jan-bhagidari, thus bringing the nation closer to achieving its goals continually and perpetually instilling the spirit of nationalism and patriotism in India, i.e., Bharat. It will be interesting to see what the centenarian episode of this iconic radio programme, which will be live on April 30, 2023, brings forth.

AUTHOR: Justice K G Balakrishnan, Former Chief Justice of India

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