Protecting Privacy in AI: A Comprehensive E-Learning Course for AI Developers on Data Protection and Privacy

Team MyGov
13 Apr 2023

The development and use of AI systems often requires large amounts of data including personal and non-personal data. As such, this creates potential risks to the legal and ethical use of data as well as to fundamental rights including the right to equality, the prohibition of discrimination and the right to privacy. By spreading skills in AI ethics among AI practitioners, risks associated with the abuse of AI technologies can be mitigated from the stage of development.

DSCI, in collaboration with the German Development Cooperation (GIZ), Digital India Foundation, and Koan Advisory Group launched a handbook on Data Protection and Privacy for Developers of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in India to assist developers in building AI solutions that take into account ethical and privacy considerations. Drawing inspiration from globally recognised ethical principles, the Handbook aims at providing guidance to those in the AI ecosystem who have foundational understanding of AI/ML processes, such as startups. On the basis of the principles and processes highlighted in the abovementioned Handbook, an e-learning course has also been developed to encourage developers working with Artificial Intelligence to not just look at the technical aspects of AI, but also factor in the social impact of the products and services created by them.

In this AI developers and AI practitioners will learn about the importance of ethics in AI, different stages in which developers can intervene from an ethical point of view and the ethical principles that relate to AI like Transparency, Accountability, Fairness, Security, Mitigating Bias and Privacy to name a few.

The course is available on GIZ’s e-learning platform Atingi, and interested participants could enroll for their personal development or even for redistribution under the CC BY-SA 4.0 license.


Author: Ms. Shivangi Malhotra, DSCI and Ms. Namritha Murali, GIZ

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