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Evaluation Panel for IICDC 2017 Qualifying Round – Phase 2

02 Jan 2018

Evaluations for IICDC 2017 Qualifying Round – Phase 2 of completed with 510 student teams entering the Quarterfinals. 74 evaluators from Industry and start-up ecosystem successfully complete the evaluations of Phase 2 of IICDC evaluations on MyGov Portal against a framework designed by TI and IIMB. The ideas were judged on the product or service they offered, impact they created on the socio-economic front and the clarity of thought, market potential, novelty and feasibility. The precision of thought and understanding of consumer need was given precedence over financial projections and costs.

Evaluator Profile Count
Co-Founder & Director 24
Management Consultant 5
Founder and CEO 4
Associate 4
Start Up Firm
Co-Founder & Director 30
Founder & CEO 3
Associate 2
Consultant & Mentor 2
Grand Total 74


List of Evaluation Panelists IICDC 2017 Qualifying Round – Phase 2

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