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In and Around Dhubri

04 Jan 2019

Blessed with natural beauty and a rich cultural heritage, Dhubri has the potential to draw in tourists from far and wide. Here are a few tourist attractions in and around Dhubri town.

Chakrasila Wildlife Sanctuary (73.8 km)
Known for its golden langur population, Chakrasila Wildlife Sanctuary is the abode of several species of flora and fauna. Besides the endangered golden langur, leopard, porcupine, pangoline, flying squirrel, civet cat adjutants stork, python, cobra, turtle, etc., are also found here. The sanctuary is ideal for birding, wildlife photography and trekking, making it an ideal spot with nature enthusiasts.

Mahamaya Dham (30 km)
Mahamaya Dham of Bogribari is an ancient Hindu pilgrimage site in the east of Dhubri town.

Rangamati Mosque (25 km)
Built by Hussain Shah, the Governor of Bengal, Rangamati Mosque is a 17th century architectural marvel. The influence of pre-Mughal period could be seen in the design of this mosque. Rangamati was a fort of the Mughal army during its regime. It was also used as a prayer place by the Mohmmedan soldiers.

Gurudwara Sri Guru Tegbahadur Sahibji
Pioneer of Sikh religion Guru Nanak came to Assam from Dhaka in 1505 when he also met the great Vaishnavite saint Shrimanta Shankardev. In 17th century, the 9th Guru Tegbahadur visited the region and established the Gurudwara in present Dhubri town. Every year on the occasion of Sahidee-Guru-Parav, a large number of sikh devotees visit this place to mark the martyrdom of Sri Guru Tegbahadur.

Matiabag Palace (9 km)
Located at Gauripur, Matiabag Palace was used as a hawakhana by the royal family of Gauripur. It was the residence of legendary Goalpariya Lokgeet singer Pratima Barua Pandey, and Parboti Barua, the Elephant Queen.

Dheer Beel and Diplai Beel (74 km)
These are two popular wetlands known for their rich biodiversity. The beels are home to a large number of indigenous and migratory birds.
Other nearby places to visit:
• Netai Dhubuni Ghat
• Chandardinga Hillock
• Airport of IInd World War
• Soreswar Beel
• Dudhnath Mandir
• Ramraikuti

*Distances are from Dhubri town (as per Google Maps)

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