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25 Nov 2014


The Incredible India! Group on MyGov has garnered participation of citizens through various tasks on exploring the untapped potential of the tourism sector. Here is a peek into the amazing contributions:

10 measures to make India the hub for Spiritual Tourism

Gauri Ranjekar: Few key factors 1. Promoting Yoga .2. Worldwide travel groups affiliation 3. Making Yoga hubs and promoting organic food 4. Branding is key, development of these tourist hubs 5. Maintaining standards 6. Making authorized Yoga certification centers 7. Creating Merchandise for more promotion 8. Training and development of city people 9. Renovation of old monuments 10. Feedback and surveys

Ankur Pandey: INDIA being the only country enriched with so much of ancient culture and spiritual knowledge with practical knowledge for ex transcendental meditation , the knowledge of yoga and many other thing should promote worldwide and attract by spreading spiritual knowledge.and its importance . being a college all i know about the topic i have covered each and every aspect according to me sprry for any mistakes

Promoting Rural Tourism

Nirmay Bansal: Khajuraho Dance Festival, Lokrang Festival, Lohri celebration etc are not the only known festival which attracts tourism, but small festival, local cultural event and annual celebration in Rural places is a Big opportunity to attracts tourism. For this the State wise tourist booklet should be available for free to Tourist online and in Tourist information centers. Book should contain festival name, description, history, and number of attendee in last few years, pictures and etc.

Ashish Sharma: As per the declaration of honourable P.M on 15 august, one thing should added in this yojana that the village developed by each Saansad should be appropriate and perfect. Then these villages should be promoted for rural tourism. These villages should be developed like real small towns with new facility. i mean developed GAON.

Share Glimpses of Incredible India

Sahana Prakash: Danuahkodi after tsunami, ramanadhaswamy temple Asia’s longest corridor… And pamban bridge…. Last pic is mysterious bridge believed it was built by lord rama (ramar palam)


Sambit Nayak: Bhawanipatna,of Odisha is a town of numerous temples dedicated to different deities of Hindu pantheon. The city has Phurli Jharan a perennial waterfall of 16 mtrs. high has a special charm of its own – 15 km. The old capital of the ex-State of Kalahandi, Junagarh was a well built fort with Oriya inscriptions on its temple walls- 26 km. The historic fort Asurgarh is only 35 km. ,Khanduala fall and Ambapani hills 77KM with its frolicking valley called ‘Haladigundi’ for viewing colourful wildlife

Ashwin Choudhary: One of the best unexplored places in North part of Goa-Dudhsagar. Best for people who love non-commercial places. Yo need to cross 16 tunnels to complete this trek. The thrill of valley on one side and water fall on the other is simply amazing and unmatched

Capture Incredible India with your Lens

Abhishek Mohan: Holy Lake Guru Dongmar, Sikkim is named after Guru Rinpoche, the founder of Tibetan Mahayana Buddhism who had visited the lake in 8 century A.D. This sacred lake is said to have divine powers to fulfill the wishes of devotees visiting the lake. It is said that a portion of the lake does not freezes even in -35 degrees and provides the sought after drinking water to Indian forces guarding the Sikkim border with China during extreme winters and is situated at an altitude of 17100 feets

Dinesh Malekar: Landscape on Ghoti-Trimbakeshwar Road near Nashik. Internal Road from Vaitarna to Trimbak.

Write a Travelogue on your journey across India

Sai Shanker: The might of the Himalayas, the reverberating sound of the Ganga all throughout the journey (Ganga is clean all throughout!!!!), the divine shrines of Kedarnath and Badrinath where you will be up close and personal with God, the enthralling and refreshing bath in the hot srpings and lastly the enjoyable tea at the last tea shop of India are the major reasons for which I chose to write this.

Sriram Warrier: It was in 2013 in middle of the scorching summer heat (in the month of May),I got a news from my school that some students were going to Himachal Pradesh for trekking. The trekking was having aduration of 10 days and was conducted by ATAL BIHARI INSTITUTE OF MOUNTAINEERING, DHARAMSALA. I gave my name to participate in this program. Its because it will be a change to stay away from the hot season as I live in Kerala. And also a great chance to explore the north.

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  • MAYANK AGARWAL_7 - 8 years ago

    There is a term called geo-tourism! This basically deals with various geologically made features which can be easily transformed into tourist places! These include the rocks, mountains, rivers, valleys, etc.! It can be an alternate form of tourism! Scenic beauties are awesome Bt this geo-tourism is different and and can help in attracting various tourist!4 ex-there r mountain which have a different color of rocks in different directions; its amazing to be a geo-tourist! Do contact me for detail

  • ashok gupta_4 - 8 years ago

    2) The luggage allowance in international flights and internal flights are not same. At least it should be same for international tourist.
    3) Flight network should improve for most destination. Even if someone can study just Bangladesh network. They run small planes but you can get flight for almost all their town.
    4) i m sure investment in roads or trains are secondary if want to attract more foreign tourist we should work on air services.
    5) the marketing of these facilities.

  • ashok gupta_4 - 8 years ago

    The biggest problem NRIs and International tourist face the internal travelling. Like:
    1) If any female is travelling alone they dont feel safe in trains and wish if they can travel by air to most of the places. Plus generally they do have time constraints and India is so big and beautiful they want to cover maximum possible.
    Money is not the issue but they cant use Air travel for many places (Non Metro) because of following reasons:
    a) The through check-in system is not available for most.

  • pratik jain_3 - 8 years ago

    I am a college student as i think that today in morden world the other countries have given a big tourism rate high by making big parks and amusement zones like in hongkong- disneyland in dubai – Ferrari world
    In Singapore their is sentosa universal studio in London – wax museum and London eye .
    Same like we should also build the worlds biggest park that will have tremendous growth in tourism as heritage tourism is going down with this it is my dream tomakeinINDIA Theworldsbiggestpark

  • Lalit Bisht - 8 years ago

    VISA/Immigration offices in India r not helpful at all. E-mailed an enquiry of US citizen who is my friend and willing to visit Kashmir in August end. He is planning to visit Srinagar, Sonmarg, Gulmarg and Pahalgam, but has a confusion regarding protected areas.But they r least bother to respond.Have Emailed the same enquiry to MEA email id’s available on their website. But very disappointed that no response been given from them also.

  • anurag mankad - 8 years ago

    Vadnagar your Home town sir…unfortunately had very bad experience in Hatkeshwar Tample..Pujaari forcefully asking for money for sankalp and then for Nij mandir pooja..also problem in trusty ship of tample..attention require for both these issues

  • Govind Pathak - 8 years ago

    Hidden Heaven of Latehar.
    Invites you to spend some time with nature

    Bas ek bar mera kaha maan lijiye,LATEHAR aane ki thaan lijiye.

  • shripal shah - 8 years ago

    Dear Motabhai,

    I am from gujarat..I have always one question that.. When the name " ahmedabad "" changed by Karnavati..?? it is our dream that our old " ashmita " to be restored again.. It is a perfect time for it.. Pl. do initiative for the same.. there are many names which shows pratiks of gulami.. PL. changes as many as u can.. please..

  • Ketan Garibe - 8 years ago

    I request you to please pay attention to the environmental problems faced by the Lonar lake, and solve them as soon as possible, because it is one the few similar lakes around the world having a great history.
    It can be tourist destination, and so i request you, sir, please kindly take steps to improve the tourism situation and facilities at the destination.

  • SHAILENDRA MISHRA - 8 years ago

    I request you to sir that in the tirupati tirumala devsthan board member are all political leader, or background. please give instructions to appoint board member from all over country and social and Hindu religious platform. because they can not solve problems outsider of a.p. state pilgrims.And the devsthan is already criticised due to financial misuse last some year.thanx sir.