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08 Aug 2014

Through the citizen-centric platform MyGov, join hands with the Government of India to tackle the unemployment issue.

Being in the grip of slowdown, India’s Job market needs stimulus. (1st) To turn the current tide with uptrend in hiring and new opportunities, the Narendra Modi Government is seeking people’s suggestions on policy reforms and ground level changes through ‘Job Creation’ Group.

Since the launch, the group has witnessed more than 42,000 members voicing their concerns and suggestions regarding job creation in the country.


More than 3,000 members have shared their opinions on checking the ‘brain drain’ as the country is losing some of the brightest minds to other nations due to lack of suitable opportunities here. Also, members have suggested ideas on creating more opportunities to encourage citizens of India. Discussion on creating better employment opportunities in rural areas also exhibited valuable suggestions from people. From encouraging entrepreneurship to developing industries and infrastructure, many useful suggestions have been shared through discussions.

Some of the suggestions are:

  1. Decentralization of industry can helpful to outcome from brain drain and more spiritual to small town development. Talent from rural India can work from nearest industrial area instead of travel to metro cities.
  2. Addressing the ‘brain-drain’ issue at root/local level and providing people/entrepreneur the platform and incubation; where they can do a LIVING with their IDEAS. Importance should be given to retaining BRAINS in their area, since ‘brain-drain at district/state level also brings imbalance to the uniform development within country. Provide financial support to college pass-out.
  3. Brain Drain can only be stopped by providing better work culture and satisfying salary.
  4. Developing infrastructure in remote areas will discourage migration to the cities.

Your contribution can make a big difference! To help the Government of India create more job opportunities for brighter prospects, please login at MyGov; take part in the discussions and undertake the tasks assigned.

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  • Krishna Murari - 8 years ago

    Dear Sir;
    I would like to draw your attention to pathetic condition of Faridabad where there is no development and the living standard of people here is very low due to lack of jobs. Faridabad is only 20 KM from Delhi and no town in NCR so close to Delhi is so underdeveloped. There is no infrastructure and the city is full of garbage and slums. Request you to do something for this city so that it develops and comes at par with Gurgaon and Noida.

  • Bhanu Chauhan - 8 years ago

    SUBGECT : Rural employment without any direct financing from centre or state government !
    THE SCHEME It is a self help scheme between small scale industry and Indian rural mechanism which is farmer centric !

  • Krishna Kumar Saxena - 8 years ago

    3) If small manufacturer is harassed like this, where new job seekers will go, after getting training for skill development?
    4) And after all these things, Make in India, will be limited to only for big business houses, who do now want any competition from Small Entrepreneurs.

  • Krishna Kumar Saxena - 8 years ago

    2) Now they are saying that all LED lights must be BIS certified, I also agree on this, but there is total confusion, as no one knows what are actual parameters, very few testing facilities, and testing fee for each item (LED Bulb, Tube Light, Down Light, Street Light) is more than Rs.50,000/-, that is, if he try to get BIS for only one item in 4 different current ratings, he has to pay more than Rs.200,000/- ,therefore, if small manufacturer pay only for testing charges, how will he run his bus

  • Krishna Kumar Saxena - 8 years ago

    It’s very tragic, government is saying following things:
    1) Save Energy, use LED
    2) Increase jobs by skill development
    3) Promote Small Entrepreneurs for manufacturing
    4) Make in India
    But they are acting just opposite, let me explain how,

    1) Import duty for LED lights is 28.25%, which is highest as compared to other commodities.

  • sashidharan menon - 8 years ago

    Honourable PM,

    Certain key economic decisions will lead to quick results in greater investments activity and job creation.

    1. Please FORMALLY RESCIND (i.e. CANCEL) the RETROSPECTIVE TAXATION LAW that was introduced by the UPA.
    2. The Honourable Finance Minister’s attempt to tax foreign portfolio investors with retrospective effect has cost him a lot of credibility with foreign investors. His explanations carried no conviction in Washington. Please FORMALLY RESCIND this

    Best regard

  • narendra kumar_9 - 8 years ago

    there must be cyclic process of outcome money as from factory or company in details the gov should be open gov factory in each district of india minimum 3 . and should not give bajat of one year by this india will be a great country but pm modi are not looking in this side you promised io give job for each citizen but yet you are unable

  • Dibya Sahoo - 8 years ago

    DBT(Direct Benifit Transfer) may be considered for MNREGA(worlds largest Job creation program) to stop the erratic practice of leakage by using machine in place of people and later billing against fake laborer.

  • Vinit Gupta - 8 years ago

    Our Govt may invest money towards Research & Development for the nation.Some new initiative could be started in the form of New Ministry / Central Govt Institution where Govt may hire each sectors rich experienced persons so that they may short list very good and realistic ideas shared by public.Selected ideas may be awarded to keep public motivated & Govt may invest on these ideas, we never know just a single idea may even generate as much revenue as APPLE company’s cash in hand (Billions$).

    • Vinit Gupta - 8 years ago

      …cont to above … just few years back no one was even aware about smart phones while we were having microprocessors available…also several extra ordinary features in smart phone were also like impossible stuff its too common …similarly anyone may suggest very different & useful ideas in telecom/medical/electronics/chemical/manufacturing/space/automobiles/defense/communication/metal/banking/capital market domains/area.What is needed is just right selection & investment on execution

  • Amit Kumar_66 - 8 years ago

    My concern is for Faridabad, It was a time when Faridabad was growing rapidly then i was 6years child, but since then no one has done nothing for Faridabad, there are no Jobs in IT in faridabad, Roads are worst, Congress and INELO has just ruined it. Gurgaon has develpoed after that, Rohat and so on, but no one is doing nothing for Faridabad, I really have a lot of respect For PM Modi, I request you sir please do something for Faridabad, we have to go Noida Delhi Gurgaon for Jobs.