JSA Jalore Team kickstarts various water conservation activities

09 Dec 2019

Jalore is a dark zone district in Rajasthan where the extraction of groundwater takes place at a faster rate than its recharge. Although water from the Narmada canal is used for drinking purposes, there is insufficient water for agriculture and other uses, considering that the district receives scanty rainfall.

This was reported by the Jal Shakti Abhiyan (JSA) team comprising Central Nodal Officer (CNO) – Anuradha Prasad, Additional Secretary, Ministry of Labour And Employment, Government of India; Block Nodal Officer (BNO) – Chandra Kant Reejonia, Director, Ministry of Law and Justice; Technical Officers (TO) – Deb Jyoti Monda and Junaid Ahmad, Department of Water Resources, River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation.

The team visited the villages of Sayla, Bishangarh, Mandwala, Samtipura, Jaswantpura, Bharudi, Bhagalbhim, Bhinmal, Babri, Raniwara, Aladi, Chitroli, Ramseen, Bheswara, Ahore, Sanchore in the water-stressed district between 10th and 14th July, 2019.

Their task was to assess the water conservation measures of the district, and initiate suitable action to put in place measures to enhance water conservation and rainwater harvesting; rejuvenate traditional ponds and water bodies; ensure reuse of borewell recharge structures; and promote watershed development and intensive afforestation.

Having held meetings with the district administration and participating in plantation activity in a college campus, a rally to promote water conservation and plantation; they examined a roof top water harvesting structure in a school, and went on to prepare an IEC Plan as well as a District Water Conservation Plan.

Commenting on their visit, the CNO said that they are ensuring that every possible step is being taken to repair and maintain ponds and lakes for storage of water, recharge of wells and other structures, including watershed development.

“We are also creating awareness among public for water conservation, harvesting of rainfall and plantation of trees through special campaigns in schools and government bodies,” the CNO added.

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