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MP MyGov – Engage, don’t complain

19 May 2020

Informed and participative citizens are the backbone of any country, walking down the path of development. When a citizen can connect with its government and can give suggestions on important decisions to be taken, real democracy is created. MP MyGov is the very step that the government of Madhya Pradesh took like other states to involve citizens and develop participative governance.

The core idea behind this portal is ‘Citizen Engagement’ and to bring a platform which works as a bridge between Madhya Pradesh government and the citizens. In the light of recent events, it was noticed that several citizens registered their complaints on the portal in the suggestions box. Well, it is imperative for us to tell you what this platform should be used for and where you can find help.

So, what you can do at MP MyGov:

Through this digital platform, the citizens can give their Feedback, Suggestion & Ideas on various Government schemes, policies and services. The idea is to involve the citizens in important decision making and take their suggestions into count when forming policies.

Since this platform is an open space for citizens to share their ideas, citizens can also participate without any fear and provide ideas for the betterment of governance. This will help the Government to stay connected with the state citizens.

This platform aims to bring every citizen from the different strata of the society to participate in the development of Madhya Pradesh. MP MyGov invites citizens to participate in the development and does not resolve citizen complaints.

So, where you can register your complaints:

As we said earlier, citizens are the backbones of any country and so of any state. For Madhya Pradesh, citizens play an important role and they give a major push to the state Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan in fighting difficulties. Which is why the Chief Minister has a separate calling number for complaints of the citizen- CM Helpline 181 for solving the problems of citizens. This single number has till now resolved lakhs of citizens’ grievances and is consistently working on the same.

Citizens come first for Madhya Pradesh and making our citizens informed is one of our priorities. So, Stay Informed, Stay Connected!

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