MyGov Budget Talks with NITI Aayog – Setting pace for India’s growth and development

08 Mar 2016

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NITI Aayog, Government’s premier think tank hosted live talks on MyGov with Dr. Arvind Pangariya (Vice Chairman, NITI Aayog) and Dr. Amitabh Kant (CEO, NITI Aayog) to answer citizen’s queries regarding the Union Budget on 2nd and 3rd March 2016.

• When asked if levying cess will dent consumption, Dr Panagariya said that it depends on the person paying and receiving the cess. When the cess is actually spent, it raises the demand from another stakeholder.

MyGov user Amogh Mundewadi asks a question to @NITIAayog VC on the various cesses introduced in #Budget2016

• Direct benefit transfer for fertilizers is a pilot project. It aims at understanding the requirement of the farmer and thereby provides the necessary fertilizers at subsidized rates. Initially the farmer would pay the market price to procure the item, and then the difference between the market and subsidized rate would be transferred to the farmers bank account

• The state governments will play an instrumental role in the selection of Rurban clusters. At their level, the state governments are expected to drive citizen participation in this process. Overall, the central government appreciates and welcomes citizen engagement for all government activities.

@APanagariya talks on a question raised by Zunzar Patil on the criteria for Rurban clusters

• NITI Aayog is an institution for transforming India and the key to this is through focus on social sectors such as health, education, and other initiatives by the PM. NITI Aayog will work with various departments to ensure a better level of implementation. The organization also needs to work closely with the state governments.

CEO @amitabhk87 discusses the role of @NITIAayog in implementing the proposals of #Budget2016. Ask questions here

• The Cabinet has approved the Atal Innovation Mission that will challenge Indians pursue various innovations. It will further challenge the incubators and rank them based on their credentials. NITI Aayog will fund the best incubators from this group.

Somnath Mitra shares his view on ranking incubators under AIM and SETU. Get your views on #Budget2016 heard

• The MSME ministry has approved the Zero Effect Zero Defect (ZED) scheme, prepared by Quality Council of India. A pilot of this scheme has been completed. ZED aims at improving the quality of manufacturing in the MSME sector.

@NITIAayog CEO talks about the “Zero defect, Zero effect” scheme of the Govt


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  • krishan kumar_98 - 6 years ago

    PM sahab main aik fouji hun. mere village ke sarkari school ke bachhe aap se milna chahate hai. Lekin unke pass achhe kapre aur dress nahi hai jo bare bare school ke bache pahante hai lekin haq to unka bhi banta hai kyunki aap unke bhi PM ho. Agar aap ke pass time na bhi to to hum aap ke gate ke aage khare ho kar aap ko aate jate dekh lenege. main bachon ko sambjha dunga ki PM sahab ke pas time kam hota hai. Kya garib bacho ke liye aap itna kar sakte hai.-MA BHARTI KA Sepoy-KRISHAN KUMAR

  • Rachappa Kajagar - 6 years ago

    Land acquisition task hard today. So ensure public and farmers partnership for lifetime profit earnings.

  • Abhishek Sharma - 6 years ago

    Sir,not getting any benefits from the govt for my mentally ill (40%) wife suffering from F 20.0 gone to every door but in vain. Pls help Mr. P.M

  • Sandeep Bhandari - 6 years ago

    You are missing on to remove high denomination currency notes one after another, in a due course of time, i.e first remove 1000 rupee notes, then after some months remove 500 rupees then come to 100 rupees notes, by respective notification in advance. That will help in curbing the generation of new black money, corruption, inflation, and rupee devaluation.

    It Will Also pressurise black marketers to into the main stream of banking.

    USA, the largest economy also don’t print beyond 100 dollar

  • Dr Deepak Tripathi - 6 years ago

    We should have a highly publicised helpdesk number from the formulation point to the delivery point of all the policies. This would enable a bpl person to know of the policies and whom to contact at the delivery point near him.

  • Anup Krishnan - 6 years ago


  • Dr Madhukar BK - 6 years ago

    It is despicable that majority of the population is malnourished,starvation or junk food.

    great initiatives by promoting cleanliness and yoga
    Our great country can stay greater, not by spending more money on healthcare but by needing less for healthcare.
    Eating well is the best way to health we have started a HEAL – Healthy Eating Active Living program
    Stop diabetes epidemic by stopping sugar- most used artificial food on earth,promote stevia crop, use canesugar for ethanol

  • Mahesh Desai - 6 years ago

    I have been coming to india every year and witnesses some changes however they are not at international standard. I want to to donate to charity my checks have been rejected by local bank never experience worst banking in world for common people hate to see over seas Indian currency being drained by foreign country including airline traffic by lack of services by air india we travelled by biusness class and never experience good service compare to other airline . Just today my $10,000.00 charity

  • shiksha dahiya - 6 years ago

    mne jis bhi JATI k logo se baat ki h sb ne iss baat ka support kia k india se jaati k bases pr arakshn agr hata de to india ko bhot fayda hoga or iss govt. ko b hoga BJP party ko b bhot fyda hoga or agge k bacho ki life bnegi sb bjp ko support krenge
    budget me agr jati k bases pe se arakshn hata k ECONOMY k bases pr arakshn rakha jaye to bhot sari problems apne app khtm ho ajyegi INDIA ki bhi BJP ki bhi
    BJP Ka positive point ho jayega india ki history me, arakshn insan ko zrurt h jati ko ni

  • Shreya Sengupta - 6 years ago

    Growing amount of NPAs in Nationalized banks is one of the biggest challenges to our economy. So I request you to take necessary step to solve the problem.