MyGov rolls out Internet Safety Campaign in collaboration with Cert-In and Google

26 Feb 2015

Internet Seafty

Digital India to Digitally Safe India

The First Round Table on Internet Safety was held at the Department of Electronics and Information and Technology. The event was hosted by MyGov in collaboration with Google and Cert-In.  Additional Secretary, DeitY, Shri Tapan Ray chaired the round table, which was attended  by Joint Secretary, DeitY, Dr. Rajendra Kumar, CEO MyGov, Shri Gaurav Dwivedi, Representatives from Google India, NCERT, CBSE, Cert-In, the New Media Wing of Ministry of Information and Broadcasting and Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT).  Measures to take internet safety practices to two target groups- government officials, children and young adults were discussed at the round table.  Over 650 ideas received from MyGov users were also presented during the discussion.

As a precursor to the round table, MyGov had announced a poster making contest and online discussion among teens and youth in India to celebrate Internet Safety Week from 10th to 17th February 2015. The winners of the contest were also announced at the Round Table:


1. Sahad A,
Thiruvilwamala Kerala

Satish Kumar, Delhi

2. Satish Kumar,

Saurav Singh, Delhi

3. Saurav Singh,

Additional Secretary DeitY, Shri Tapan Ray, while speaking at the round table, laid out the vision of the Department in promoting Digital India which is also Safe Digital India and complimented MyGov’s efforts in inviting suggestions from citizens in educating the youth on how to be digitally safe.  As part of the Digital Literacy and Internet Safety Campaign initiated by MyGov, Shri Ray suggested a year round programme to raise awareness of key policy makers on issues of internet safety. The programme would include roundtables, workshops, Security Cafes, and contests for young adults, policymakers, and NGOs.

Speaking about the initiative, MyGov CEO, Shri  Gaurav Dwivedi stated, “We are happy to partner with Google and Cert-In in the cyber security education and awareness campaign.  The Internet offers many opportunities to explore, create and collaborate. We are starting a nationwide campaign sensitising our youth and policy makers in Mission Safer Internet. Google and Cert-In are our partners in this effort and are committed to keeping our users safe and secure.”

Chetan Krishnaswamy, Head Public Policy India, Google commented, “The Internet has brought a number of incredible things to the world. But it’s also important that it be a safe space for families to explore, learn and enjoy together. To enable this and ensure that families and young people across India are safe, we’re working with CERT In and MyGov to get the word out about good Internet practices and how to keep users safe online. “

MyGov, in collaboration with all stakeholders, will also issue awareness guidelines on various safety measures which can be followed by Government Officials, schools, guardians and other vulnerable sections.
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  • kulbir singh_1 - 8 years ago

    my self just say persions which are facing problem i computers/adhaar card and other will contact us

  • deeksha saxena - 8 years ago

    I want to tell that the youth and the children using the net . No doubt we download music and at the sites there are usually porn photos and links to such site and similarly many other site moreover in social media one can very easily upload an objectionable pic it not an easy way for our future to have an encouraging way of loosing character

  • Manish Aggarwal - 8 years ago

    Myself Cyber Crime & Security professional.Doing my level best with hard efforts to make our nation aware about there countermeasures. But am so sorry to say that indian government is not taking any decisions to improve cyber security in our country.As intranet world cyber crime is growing up day by day at very high rate. I can teach Cyber Crime & Security hassle free.

    Hon’ble Prime Minister of india it is requested to plz have a look at this field too so that we will also be secure.

  • PK Bhardwaj - 8 years ago

    While Modi Ji is busy strenthening India with Digital India and Internet Safety like Campaigns there are companies like Planet M alias Alias Technokart who through their online shopping portal looting people everyday. Search Google "Planet M Complaints" and you will find thousands of complaints against this company. Their modus operandi is very simple. They purchase junk / defective / broken piece from market and sell it online through TV/Online marketing, thereafter they don’t care

  • Sayan Roy - 8 years ago

    Eastern zone is suffering for high speed internet since a long time maximum time no internet access problem we are facing. But nobody is looking and trying to solve this problem. Except south circle internet speed is too much slow and paying the same amount we are getting very slow speed.This way Digital India dream will become dream only. Here Bsnl is providing the poorest service in west bengal again and again i am giving complain but no action is taken.why difference between saying and doing?

  • Vinit Gupta - 8 years ago

    Very basic but useful & essential step which must be taken by our Govt,initially Central Govt may start for its all class 1,2 and 3 employees of all departments – every employee must have his/her official mail id and communication could be made digital which is currently happening on hard copies.

    Above has n number of benefits majorly corruption control,manual intervention free processes can be developed & all mail communications would be considered full & final like in MNCs.

  • jayesh sadanand bhoi - 8 years ago

    in today’s modern world the means of communication are changing very fast,both in speed and technology,the internet is the future and has become very important in all the transactions of the common man , it’s very important to provide the person with internet connection,in future it will be the basic need of an individual,the PM. narendra modi’s vision of digital india can be completed when everyone gets internet connectivity,and every basic and IMP. things need to be protected by government

  • Meetu Jain - 8 years ago

    Andhra Pradesh Director Genral Of Police is in deep slumber as regards information technology and internet use. Specific information of errant officer was given through email and subsequently through fax but no action was taken against officer. Sir if department and its official do not know to utilize internet services and information technology then should the public money be wasted in mere ornamentation of the depratment with such fast information methods. kindly respond.

  • Meetu Jain - 8 years ago

    Sir Internet security is the cause of concern there must be digital medium to curb creation of fake and annoynamous ids. In one such id a police officer(IPS) misused his position to harrass and bully me however information through email to the superior officer was given but no action has been taken. Sir, what is a purpose of digitization of Police departments when no action is taken on information given through email. Woman and children are soft targets. Kindly respond. Meetu Jain