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#PressForProgress to celebrate achievements of women

07 Mar 2018

On the occasion of  International Women’s Day, the theme for this year is #PressforProgress. Men and women are two halves of the circle, who are incomplete without the other. However, since a long period of time, we have seen that there is a huge gap between these two genders in terms of opportunities in various fields.

With women rights activists across the globe raising their voice against this biasness, gender discrimination has been reduced considerably in the present era. However, we have a long way to go and for gender disparity to be fully removed, both the genders are required to help grow each other by supporting them in their endeavours.

#PressForProgress motivates women to support fellow colleagues, friends and family and push them towards the path of progress. This involves identifying local talents and inspirational women from their localities and encouraging them to do better.

Motivating your friends, family, colleagues and the community as a whole will have a far reaching effect in urging everyone to collectively work towards gender equality. #PressforProgress can also be accelerated by nominating a woman from your locality who inspires you and her contribution towards society.

A gender parity mindset will not only accelerate progressive growth worldwide but will also challenge stereotypes and biasness. By bringing into limelight the contributions of women in various fields, we will be able to celebrate the achievements of our women and bring a wave of positive thoughts and ideas.

This International Women’s Day, let us celebrate the achievements of women throughout the world and also appreciate the   supportive men who stood by them and believed in their dreams and vision. Let your voice be heard and help each other grow.

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