RED FM 93.5 Radio interview for the Bhubaneswar citizen’s connect initiative

08 Oct 2015


Dr. Krishan Kumar, the Commissioner of Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation and the Vice-Chairman of Bhubaneswar Development Authority was invited to the Red FM 93.5 Radio Station to share his views on the Bhubaneswar Smart City campaign for all the keen listeners connected to the Radio.

He emphasised on the idea of “DOING MORE WITH LESS” as the strategy for making Bhubaneswar a Smarter City. He clarified to the audience that the smart planning initiatives will reduce the cost of living as opposed to the common misconception of higher cost of living in smart cities. He also urged the listeners to visit the website and participate in the polling – Citywide Smart Solutions and Smart Districts and participate in the ongoing contests to make the Citizen’s Connect initiative a success

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  • anand kumar_124 - 6 years ago

    Very good best of luck

  • Gagan Gouda - 6 years ago

    only speeches not work . honest and active people must be there to do for the mother land. lets see what n how its work!

  • SUBRAT SAHU - 6 years ago

    Smart city does not comply to BBSR,doing roads building institutions will not solve the problem,there should be industrial developments for employments,having lot of mineral we cant able to produce a industries.Big shorts are coming to grow orissa but oriya politics do not allow to grow because they are getting rice at 1 rupees so no need to work,govt is there to support live peacefully.Economical growth is required.oriya should not go outside the state.

  • KAMLESH SHAH_2 - 6 years ago

    mart city is very good concept but it can be materailizad only when be give priority to swalving main problems we are faching at present. are city school /collegs are lacking basic infrastructure in many fields like -sports, techonology etc… , so some stapes should be takes to improve this situation. aware ness campaigns should be organised to educate the citizens in matters of -hygiene, personal responsibility, contributions towards city progress , moral values be given primary importance.

  • Prakaash Gurjar - 6 years ago

    Respected Sir,
    I sincerely thank you for bringing about Social Revolution in Indian Society. Hereby I want to suggest a fact which is not noticed in India and i.e. Noise Pollution. As several Social cause initiatives initiated by you turned to be a mass movement and shaped as a culture among the citizens of the country. E.g Swachha Bharat turned to be a culture amongst the citizens that throwing garbage here and there is a sin and use of dustbins became a habit for them.

  • - 6 years ago


  • BHARAT DESAI - 6 years ago

    Global Warming will raise the sea level. Is it not foolhardy to build underground metros in coastal cities?
    Why can new inland cities on higher ground not be developed to relieve population pressures, instead of seeking active solutions like flyovers, which will cost more to maintain than pavements built on solid ground? There are tracts of land unsuitable for agriculture, e.g. rann, laterite soil,etc. Industry could be set up on such by providing power and water.

  • SANWER INDORE - 6 years ago