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Result Announcement of DRDO Cyber Challenge

20 Mar 2018

An online Cyber Challenge – CTF was organised by Defence Research & Development Organisation (DRDO) as part of DRDO@60 celebrations. Indian citizens of all ages were eligible for the event. Individual participants had registered for the challenge on portal.  The Cyber challenge was a single stage online event that was conducted from 1200 hrs on 22 Dec 2017 to 1200 hrs on 23 Dec 2017. There were 25 challenges designed from various verticals of cyber domain namely, Cryptography, Reverse Engineering, Steganography, Forensics, Networks and Cyber Puzzles.

Out of 1489 participants who were online during the challenge, 239 participants could make it to the scoreboard. The highest score was 2050 out of 2250 and this was scored by the top two, namely, Aaditya Purani and Sanat Sharma. These two are not eligible for cash prize as they had not registered for DRDO Cyber challenge on MyGov during registration period.

The top 5 scorers eligible for cash prizes are as follows:

  1. Palash Bansal
  2. Sampriti Panda
  3. Swapnil
  4. Puneet Kumar Maurya
  5. Aarush Ahuja

The list of next 50 top scorers eligible for certificates is mentioned at the end. The large number of participation in the Cyber Challenge event indicated that it has been successful in generating awareness about DRDO and reaching out to young aspiring Indians.

The next 50 participants in the merit list eligible for certificates are as follows:

  1. Neil Tyagi
  2. Satyam Kumar
  3. Pushpender Yadav
  4. Aseem Shrey
  5. Abhishek Acharya
  6. Shishir Jindal
  7. Uday
  8. Bhishm Kumar Prajapati
  9. Jasraj
  10. Yashit Maheshwary
  11. Anubhav Chaudhary
  12. Kate Sai Kishore
  13. Ravinder Nehra
  14. Piyush Gupta
  15. Farhan Shaikh
  16. Gyandeep Kumar Kushwaha
  17. Yash Anand
  18. Ahmad Limbada
  19. Rounak Dhadiwal
  20. Sahil Khan
  21. Shubham Maheshwari
  22. Rishabh Raj
  23. Vinay Yogendra
  24. Arjun Krishnakumar
  25. Tanuj Dabas
  26. Viresh Gupta
  27. Megha Sahu
  28. Akash Chaurasia
  29. Shiva Ranjani
  30. Bhavyaa Rastogi
  31. Akshay Mittal
  32. Shubham Pandey
  33. Sriram Sridhar
  34. Harsh Kumar
  35. Sanchit Gupta
  36. Akash Shukla
  37. Rahul singh
  38. Anirudh Malhotra
  39. Shubham Agarwal
  40. Sathish
  41. Vikas Gupta
  42. Sureel
  43. Jerwin Nigosh
  44. Avinash Dhinwa
  45. Apurv Singh Gautam
  46. Shrimant Subhash More
  47. Som Nath Mishra
  48. Mayank
  49. Anirudh Valpadasu
  50. Saket Taneja

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