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Seed Bomb: An innovative way of plantation

10 Jul 2019

Trees play a crucial role in maintaining balance in the ecosystem. But, modernisation, urbanisation, population expansion, etc., have led to the rapid decline of the earth’s green cover. To counter this, numerous steps have been taken across the globe. There are various stakeholders including government machinery, institutions, environment groups, environment lovers in the initiatives to protect the environment. Assam is not lagging behind. ‘Seed bomb’ is a novel initiative adopted at a few places in Assam. Having a fertile soil, the condition in Assam is ideal for seed bombing. Being attractive, the process would also greatly help raise awareness for the need to protect the environment.


What is a Seed Bomb?

It is a technique of planting trees by embedding organic seed balls in the ground. It is also known as aerial reforestation. Vegetation can be introduced in any land by throwing or dropping seed balls in the ground. The best time to execute this process is raining season. Seeds planted through this procedure have a success rate of 50%.


How to prepare Seed Bombs

  • Wash and dry seeds but still maintain the moisture, which is essential for germination
  • Make a paste of soil and cow dung in 3:1 ratio
  • Slowly add water and roll the mixture in little balls
  • Collect seeds of various medicinal plants and fruits
  • Press seeds into the mixture balls and roll again
  • Let the balls dry in sun
  • Once dry, they are ready for ‘bombing’

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