Smart City Davanagare Talk

20 Nov 2015

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  1. Agenda of the talk, date time and names of the speakers/panellists is as follows.
    1. Date : 9th Oct 2015
    2. Time : 4pm to 5pm 
    3. Venue: Meeting Hall City Corporation Davanagere.
    4. Name of the Speakers/panellists :
    1. Dr.H.S.ShanthaBhat,Senior specialist in OBG department (Rtd.) Health and family welfare department, Davanagere
    2. Dr.Veena kumara adi, Associate professor, post gradutedept of engineering Bapuji institute of engg and technology, Davanagere.
    3. Dr. E M Surendra Professor Dept. of emergency medicine, JJM medical college, Davanagere.
    4. Sri. N Revanasiddappa, Professor(Rtd.) UBDT Engineering Collegeand structural designs, Davanagere
    5. Er. G.N. SiddaBasappa Professor (Rtd.) UBDT Engineering College and architect, Davanagere.
    6. Sri Prasad, Lecturer (selection grade) Bapuji Polytechnic, Davangere
    7. Sri. Dinesh K. Shetty, Shivanahalli Ramesh Corporaters&Nagaraj ex Corporater, City Corporation, Davanagere.
  2. The following points pertaining to local city conditions will be discussed at length during the talk
    1. Improvement of UGD Network in Davanagere.
    2. a.UGD work requirement in the city

      b.UGD Scheme taken up by KUIDFC

    3. Improvement of water supply Network in Davanagere
      • Bhadra canal :- Capacity 20 MLD (1st stage)
      • Comprehensive water supply scheme to Davanagere city with Tungabhadra River as source. (2nd Stage)
    4. Solid Waste Management
    5. Rehabilitation and improvement of slum’s
      • Prioritization of slums leads to 3 modes of development
        1. Relocation
        2. In Situ
        3. Slum up gradation
    6. Tackling the problem of stray animals
      • PET DOGS:
      • STRAY DOGS
      • CATTLES
      • PIGS
      • OWNED PIGS
    7. Redevelopment of MandakkiBhatti
    8. Zonal Regulation
    9. Intelligent transport management and parking management in Davanagere
    10. Digitalization and IT Connectivity

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