The Three Wonders of Manipur

02 May 2023


Nestled within the stunning natural beauty, the three wonders of Manipur await to welcome travelers from across the globe. These remarkable attractions are the Ibudhou Marjing Polo Complex, home to the magnificent Polo statue, the Olympian Park at Sangaithel, a complex which honours the rich sporting culture of Manipur and the Sangai Ethnic Park, located beside Loktak Lake, the habitat of the one and only Sangai Deer.


The game of Sangol Kangjei, believed to have been introduced during the time of legendary king Kangba around 4th millennium B.C, remains one of Manipur’s precious gifts to the world as it is now played as the modern-day game of Polo. The Marjing Polo Complex was built, to ensure the legacy is preserved and to let the people know the remarkable history of POLO

At the heart of the complex at Ibudhou Marjing Hills, is the 122 ft tall statue, depicting a Sagol Kangjei player. This magnificent work of art serves as a symbol of pride for the people of the state, and a source of inspiration for visitors from all over the world.

Built at a cost of nearly Rs 40 Cr, this awe-inspiring monument is not only a testament to Manipur’s rich cultural heritage but also an essential destination for any traveler seeking to immerse themselves in the region’s unique history.

Come, explore the Marjing Polo Complex and experience the timeless legacy of Sangol Kangjei and Manipur’s Pony – a gift from Manipur to the world.


For as long as anyone can remember, the people of Manipur have a deep passion for sports. Despite its small size and population compared to other Indian states, Manipur has gained a distinguished reputation for its rich sporting culture, earning the moniker of “The Powerhouse of Sports in India.”

With champions like Mirabai Chanu and Nilakanta Sharma bringing home medals from the Tokyo Olympics 2020, the athletes of Manipur have achieved remarkable success on the world stage.

So far Manipur has produced 19 Olympians, three of whom have won medals, bringing laurels to the state and the nation. To honor the contributions and sacrifices of these Olympians, the Manipur Olympians’ Park was built in Sangaithel.

The park features statues of all 19 Olympians from the state and includes the iconic symbol of the Olympics: five interlaced rings of equal dimensions that represent the union of the five continents.

The Olympian Park stands as a sworn statement to Manipur’s status as a true powerhouse of sports. The blood of sports runs deep in the veins of the people of Manipur, and their love for athletics and commitment to excellence will continue to inspire generations to come.

Witness this stunning and befitting tribute to Manipur’s Sportsmen and discover why it’s known as “The Powerhouse of Sports in India.”


Manipur is a land of remarkable diversity with over 30 distinct tribes and a vibrant culture that captivates visitors from across the globe. Amidst this stunning tapestry of tradition and heritage stands the Sangai Ethnic Park, a unique destination that showcases the rich culture, tradition and history of the region.

Nestled next to the habitat of the Sangai, the state animal of Manipur, the park features a series of huts that represent the different communities of the state, offering visitors a first-hand experience of local traditions and historical background.

As an eco-tourism hotspot, the Sangai Ethnic Park at Moirang Khunou is a year-round attraction for cultural tourists, offering the region’s natural beauty and promoting economic growth for local communities.

This transformative development has already begun to benefit the people of the state, ensuring sustainability for their culture and traditions while fostering greater equality and cultural tolerance.

These three Wonders of Manipur, is evidence to the transformative power of intercultural tourism, inspiring a more wholesome form of knowledge, travel, and adventure. With so much to offer, from stunning natural landscapes to a rich tapestry of cultural heritage, Manipur is truly a must-see destination for anyone seeking an unforgettable travel experience.

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